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 The three main types of Freemason you may meet.

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PostSubject: The three main types of Freemason you may meet.   Wed Jul 29, 2015 7:11 am

There are three main types of Freemason as far as I have observed.

Initially only two main types of personality or character stood out but I realised there was a third type which is less common and less easy to define but all the same is one of the main types of Freemason you might meet.

The first two are the most noticable and often contrast strongly with each other.

It is this contrast which might make it harder to identify a Freemason or know what one is up against.

I will add that these personality types are a result of being a member of the Freemasons and doing the things which Freemasons are forced to do. Most particularly, child abuse, which every Freemason of any weight, standing or responsibility, is either tricked or coerced into at some stage in his Masonic career.

The reason is so they keep the secrets of Freemasonry. It used to be engaging in homosexual acts with brother Masons but since homosexuality is now socially acceptable and there no little to no social stigma, shame, or indeed illegality or fear of prosecution, then the stakes and ante has changed and the Freemasons now use child-abuse and paedophilia to compromise their initiates and guarantee their compliance and secrecy.

As a result of engaging in these shameful and illegal acts one finds the person's personality changes once they become involved in Freemasonry.

The first main personality type of the Freemason is what I would call:

The Lurker.

This Freemason is quiet, restrained in all things he does. He seems grave and serious and seldom smiles. He will not talk to strangers and even in a social or professional setting is taciturn and uncommunicative unless with brother Freemasons in which case he appears normal because after all, he has nothing to be ashamed of with them because they are the same as he.

With non-Masons however he is decidedly shifty and elusive and can appear unfriendly. Indeed he IS unfriendly because he has nothing he wants to discuss with a non-Mason unless he is specifically targetting them for membership.

So this type of Freemason is shifty, may appear guilty, as if carrying a burden, suspicious and uncommunicative. This type is very common and is a reaction to them concealing the shame of their sexual exploits with children. I would say that person still has a residual moral sense and knows he has done wrong, but only feels this shame with non-Masons, because he may suspect that they could find out about him somehow, or he is just uncomfortable with normal 'innocent' people who are still 'in the light'.

The other principle type of Freemason is the polar opposite:

The Gobshite

He is loud, brash, confident, assertive and cocky. He is usually the centre of attention in any social or professional context. This is because this is his role. He is an organiser, leader and director and it is important that he behave as a leader.

Psychologically this person is a psychopath, or progressing to that character. He knows he has done wrong and knows he will continue to do wrong, as a result of his Masonic career, but he doesn't care. He has no fear of consequences and no fear of being discovered, possibly because he is so well entrenched within the Freemasonic fraternity that so powerful, that he has become fearless.

This is what is desired from this type of Mason as a steering role is what the brotherhood require of him so it is essential that he at least create an outward show of geniality, good humour and confidence.

However this is just a mask or facade which he adopts and these people, inside, are sometimes conflicted and are often the type to suddenly commit suicide if they come close to being exposed, or suffer a sudden and dramatic nervous breakdown (or what used to be known as Masonic Apoplexy) much to the total surprise of everyone (at least the non Masons) around them.

Depending on to what extent this person has developed psychopathy will dictate how they deal with failure of their plans, being challenged by a stronger personality and/or being exposed. A psychopath will never crack or break because they are wholly evil and have no shame at being exposed, and will become dangerous. They will continue unchanged and undaunted until they end up in prison or on the streets.

A non-psychopath who has a social steering role however, is under much greater risk of nervous breakdown or personality collapse however, when they fail and/or become exposed.

There is a third type, and I suspect this is the less common Freemasonic personalty type.

The Dodderer or Bumbler. 

These people are those who are Freemasons, and may have engaged in shameful and unpleasant Freemasonic acts, but to some extent they have put it behind them and the no longer involve themselves in Freemasonic work anymore. The shame is present in their characters by their slightly scatty or confused way of dealing with work or business, or even family and social affairs, but they function relatively normally with no noticable extremes and little to no risk of personality collapse, anger or psychopathy.

These people are actually quite pleasant people and they're the type of Freemason to whom I personally have the least aversion and I even find them good company because they are fairly well educated and informed, at least within the prescribed topics which interest them and their viewpoints are usually conventional but well researched and erudite.

I have noticed that these three, particularly the first two, seem to appear so frequently at work (both in the UK and abroad) and these type of people are almost always revealed to be Freemasons therefore I realised that this must be the result of shouldering some kind of shame or secret and indeed, psychologically, these are typical reactions: either quiet shame or reckless abandon. 

The first personality type of 'quite shame' is useful because these people keep their mouths shut and just get on with their tasks while the other extreme of 'reckless abandon' is useful because this acts as a motor to fuel this person's vivacity and extroversion which is useful to the Brotherhood to drive their social and professional agenda.

I suspect the Masons monitor their initiates, in fact they obviously do, and they then decide on how to deploy them and what tasks to give them, depending on how they react to Masonic initiation and the various moral assaults Freemasonry makes upon them.

If anyone knows of any other personality which can develop as a result of Freemasonic involvement please mention it here.

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The three main types of Freemason you may meet.
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