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 The Zombie-Army are coming for you....

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PostSubject: The Zombie-Army are coming for you....   Wed Apr 29, 2015 6:39 pm

When your self esteem goes all the way down to zero you can be possessed.

In fact this is what the Masons, OTO, Wiccans all the other odd ball crazies do to initiate their members and sow the demon seed.

What they do is ritual humiliation and embarrassment, they attempt to make the person doubt themselves and then at the crucial moment they reveal themselves and the surprise is often enough to trigger psychosis and brain chemistry change, otherwise known as Illumination (schizophrenia to you and me).

There people are everywhere. Perhaps even friends and family of yours. All part of these secret groups which appear to be different but all share the same secret.

The secret of the Schizoid-Hive consciousness, fleeing the light, bathed in darkness and confusion. The only respite coming from physical pleasures.

That's why they're all fucked up pervs or addicted to something. That's really all these sad fucks have got to live for because they are simply hollow inside.


This is more or less exactly what happens in the movie Shutter Island which details the methods of mind control.

In fact this is much more common than many people think. People would be genuinely surprised at how many people are operating in society with precisely this level of mind control. However they are not lobotomised at the end. They are in fact the agents who suck more people into the same mass-mind hypnotised mind control state. Either through Masonry, Wicca (and boy is there a lot of witches around these days, you can hardly move for them some days) or even corporate training or NGO training. This is precisely what Common Purpose does.

It's old 'magic'. It's been the key to the secret society and cult system for thousands of years.

And these people are everywhere.... But they keep it all very quiet. In fact secrecy is a key ingredient in the 'ambush and surprise' technique they use.

They can be people you know, and maybe even have known for years. But perhaps one day, if the group decide to 'draw you in' then they will see what was under your nose all along and it will astonish you. Most people it seems are absorbed into the mass psychic consciousness which seems to possess these people. I seem to be the only one writing who seems to have managed to walk away. I think this is because the awareness of what you have seen 'behind the curtain' is so astonishing (namely fully psychic demonically possessed people) that most people either attempt to dismiss it or not think about it, or they do think about it and it makes them crazy and incapacitated.

Of course these culty dupes in Satan's parlour thought they were being 'new-age' or 'modern' or 'spiritual' but what they all have in common is a hatred or total non belief in God. This seems to be part of the chains that bind them as the only power they can call upon to save them they either disbelieve in or deem contemptible. They sign up to this because there are two carrots they use. For the materially minded they offer easily available sex with fellow members, to those metaphysically inclined they offer the key to unlocking the mind's 'special powers' so they think they're getting psychic powers, or being a cool witch, or Hugh Hefner, or even gaining an advantage in business, but in reality they have sold their souls. Or at least, they think they have. They are so mired in the inner darkness, sadness disillusionment which their 'dream' has become in reality, that they tend to be easily commanded and controlled by the demonic darkness consciousness.

Sadly they start to fail to recognise Goodness and the light, or are even repelled by it, because of their own inner angst, darkness and confusion, at becoming a psychic relay station and Earth invasion portal, for the demonic dark 4d powers.

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The Zombie-Army are coming for you....
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