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 Mark Passio: New-Age Bullshitter.

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PostSubject: Mark Passio: New-Age Bullshitter.   Sun Dec 28, 2014 1:50 am

Mark Passio is a bullshitter. He raves on about how great the Rosicrucians are.... when they're just a Masonic secret society and the Rosicrucians are ALL about the New Age. Here: *edit video removed

All he brings to the table ultimately is just an empty rant against religion, when religion is the least of our problems here on earth. It is the rise of scientism and satanically inspired atheism which is leading us into an immoral and cruel world.

Passio is New Age ..... He's doing the same thing people like Tsarion do, bullshit you and avoid the real culprits to pick on an easy scapegoat 'religion'.

He's also a revolting fan of Crowley and preaches Thelema. 

It's a trick. He claims to expose the occult but he IS rooted in occultism and SUPPORTS the very secret societies which are the root of all the world's ills.

All these fake gurus do the same thing I've noticed. Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion and Mark Passio.

They introduce themselves as being against the Illuminati and Satanism.....then they subtly discard this and focus their whole talk on dismissing and criticising religion...

I've nothing against people criticising religion, but what gets me is that they present themselves in different terms, it's a classic bait and switch....such as being against secret societies but then they start blabbing on about religion...but these people spend NO TIME criticizing freemasonry, satanism or any of the other REAL evils.... but just laying the boot into religion.......

Talk about flogging a dead horse..... I mean what power does religion have? Our governments and leaders are not Christians but satanists, Marxists, wiccans and freemasons.

The kicker is wankers like Mark Passio who claim the evils of the world come from religion, then he makes a video about how great secret societies like the Rosicrucians are and how Aleister Crowley is a spiritual hero. 
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Mark Passio: New-Age Bullshitter.
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