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 Act 7 Scene 5: Coming out of the Lavatory.

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Act 7 Scene 5: Coming out of the Lavatory. Empty
PostSubject: Act 7 Scene 5: Coming out of the Lavatory.   Act 7 Scene 5: Coming out of the Lavatory. I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 10, 2018 7:52 am

They take refuge from Sting in the CND backstage nuclear bunker where they take a momentary holiday from reality by smoking some top quality Moroccan pure pollen hash. Once the air is clear from the pop fallout they cautiously emerge to return to the festival.

Crew: That’s the great thing about hash, you get high, but not too high.

Steve: That was a close thing. We nearly got caught listening to Sting. We got here just in time, we’d have been totally irradiated by mediocrity otherwise.  

John Hampton: What’s on now will probably be no better.

They hear a voice from the main-stage announcing the Love the World HARD celebration.

Alan Cottage: Ladies, gentlemen, transgenders, lesbians, gays, intersexuals, asexuals, animal lovers, necrophiliacs, rapists and paedophiles, you are all welcome. We love you all.

A famous left wing Marxist singer then comes on to sing one of his hits from the 90’s ‘Sexuality’.

Alan Cottage: The gay and child-love activist continues Your laws do not apply to us. We do what we like to whoever we like. You can’t stop us. You can’t legislate against the power of love, or even stop us enjoying a casual knee trembler. We are campaigning with the United Nations to bring worldwide equality to the age at which we are allowed to love each other. In Sweden the age of consent is 15, in Brazil it is 14, in Argentina it its 13 and in Mexico it is 12. So why then in this country do people have to wait to be 16 years old before they are legally allowed to love. It is ridiculous and an affront to human dignity and our right to free choice and free expression.  We demand world equality in the freedom to love.

There are cheers from the now drunken and largely confused crowd whose critical faculties have been firmly set to OFF by the lulling stupefying banalities of Sting.

Alan Cottage: And to help bring this worldwide equality of love we have brought ten special gay and other-sex ambassadors from every country in the  world. Give a warm welcome to the world’s only truly fully International Gay Pride march.

A line of nearly two thousand gays and lesbians makes its way towards the main-stage, they are blowing whistles and dancing, some of them have no clothes on. Some are dressed in leather gimp costumes, others are dressed as fairies. None of them have made any attempt to appear to resemble normal people for some reason.

A representative from the Pride march comes up onstage.

Man from the pride march: I am from Botswana, in my country it is illegal for me to make love to my boyfriend, they call it ‘a crime against the order of nature’ and I can be punished with seven years in prison for my love-crime. Although no one is currently in prison for being homosexual and the law is not actually enforced it still remains a threat to anyone who would like to freely engage in homosexual love. They say we should be careful because of aids but I am not afraid to die for love, because when I want to do it, nobody can stop me. You can’t stop me from doing it. If I can’t do it, then I am not free. I want to be free to do it, again and again to all the men I want, all the time. 

Another man comes onstage and starts to engage in a simulated sex-act with the other man. More and more men from the gay pride march come onto the stage and start similarly engaging in sexual antics of various kinds until the stage is full of men and some women from all the countries of the world all engage in homosexual acts of varying kinds.

There are cheers and some tears of emotion from the simple minded sheeple in the crowd.

Steve: Jesus Christ, it really is Sodom and Gomorrah time, what do you think of all this Stookie Bill?

Stookie Bill: It’s disgusting. Best place for that kind of a carry-on is the public lavatory. In our day we had it right and that’s where we kept ‘em. Then when they came out of the lavatory it turned out that most of them were nonces or Soviet spies in any case. It’s better to lock ‘em up from the get go, or at least, send 'em all back to the lavatory and keep 'em there.

Steve: Well you’ve changed you tune from earlier this afternoon when you said you loved Sodom and Gomorrah when you were on the main-stage.

Stookie Bill: Well I was trying to get on wasn’t I? I’m not fool enough not to know that these poofters run everything and if you want a break you have to bend over for them occasionally. Now I’m stuck with you lot none of that business matters any more I suppose.

Crew: So you don’t have any principles or beliefs of your own?

Stookie Bill: I’m a wooden puppet. What do you expect from me? Communion wafers and the seven pillars of wisdom?

The international gayness carnival eventually clears the stage.

Alan Cottage: You international gay and other sex representatives will take a gift back with you to your own countries, a gift that will allow your countries to breath again and give a better quality of life to future generations. Just make sure you all drink the Hype Ade. Ladies and Gentlemen if you haven’t had your Hype Ade yet now would be the right time to do so. We have lots of people in the audience giving away free samples and it is strongly advised that you drink your Hype Ade because once the gay-pride rainbow fag-flag chem-trail fly-over begins it will be too late and there will be no chance for you to benefit from the health giving effects of our new experimental Cola. I see many people out there now without blue lips and I strong advise you take a drink before it’s too late. You will regret not experiencing the unique life saving taste of Hype Ade cola.There isn’t much time left.

Crew and Steve notice many more people going through the crowd giving out free cans of Hype-Ade cola. People from the main stage and security guards at the front of the stage are also hurriedly distributing them out to the audience.

Steve: Sod it, I give in. I’ll get one for you too John. Steve grabs two cans of Hype-Ade, I assume you won’t be needing any of this muck Stookie Bill?

Steve and John drink the Hype Ade.

John: God I hate coke. 

Alan Cottage: It’s nearly time, for Saint Winifred’s school choir and the invocation to the Horned God of nature. We all need to be suitably prepared, if we are to live to see tomorrow. Drink your Hype-Ade now, before you miss your chance. Remember, you only need to have drunk one can.

Alan Cottage leaves the stage and for several minutes there is some frantic last minute consumption of Hype-Ade which is being breathlessly distributed among the crowd. After a while the activity dies down and there are several minutes of silence from the main-stage.

Then a disembodied voice speaks out over the festival.

Voice: Grandfather Time. We honour the old trees of this ancient holy site and wish to return the Earth to its former glory. This small magical woodland and this hallowed holy clearing, now a lonely island in the midst of fields, mercilessly ploughed year upon year, the ancient fecundity of the Earth; the very sacred fertility of mother Earth herself, which the country once worshipped and gave thanks to in their rituals is now part of a profane industrialised world and part of an endlessly devouring process, a process which will soon end and the fields will be allowed to breathe again and nature will rest and recuperate her strength which us humans have so sapped. We used to honour the Earth with sacrifice to renew her spirit. People would keep her in their minds and devote worship to her throughout the year. Now mother Earth has become exhausted and old, she strains under the weight of her many billions of children who constantly expect to be provided with all the bounty of the Earth with no thought to where it comes from. The Temple is the Earth which we must protect at all costs and we are its guardians, we are the high-priests of this holy Earthly temple and we are ready to act to save her.

A group of little girls dressed in pink accompanied by a nun and a young woman with a guitar take to the stage.

Choir: singing           Thee we invoke by the moon led sea
                               By the standing stone and the twisted tree
                               Thee we invoke where gather thine own
                               By the nameless shrine forgotten and lone

                                       Come where the round of the dance is trod
                               Horn and hoof of the goat-foot God
                               By moonlit meadow on dusky hill
                               When the haunted wood is hushed and still.

                               Come to us who gather below
                               When the broad white moon is climbing slow
                               Through the stars to the heaven’s height
                               We hear thy hoofs on the wind of night

                               As black tree branches shake and sigh
                               By joy and terror we know thee nigh.

                                       Vision fade not from our eyes
                               Of the pagan paradise
                               Past the gates of death and birth
                               Our inheritance of the earth.

                                       Our life with all life is one,
                               By blackest night or noonday sun
                               Eldest of gods, on thee we call
                               Blessing be on thy creatures all.

Suddenly sound is heard, a roaring sound, all heads instinctively turn to the source of the sound, in the distance a formation of six jets is seen advancing towards the open skies above the festival. In a moment the skies above are heavy with the colours of the gay rainbow flag which is sprayed like directly above the festival crowd.

At the same time a helicopter comes into view and lands on area next to the stage marked with a H. Sir Nob Dogbeard holding a big heavy looking briefcase walks onto the stage.

Sir Nob: Hello Hype-Aid. How the fock are you? It’s focking great to be here, saving the world again. I want you to repeat after me after three, ‘fock global warming’ can y’ focking do that?

The crowd respond in the affirmative with a cheer.

Sir Nob: 3,2,1 Fock Global Warming.

The crowd roar Fock Global Warming.

Sir Nob: Ok, can we go again with Fock the Brexit? 3,2,1.

Again the crowd roar back with one voice, Fock the Brexit.

Sir Nob: I’ve brought something with me. It’s a very special piece of focken technology that will save the world. Would you like to focken see it? The crowd naturally shout their assent.

He opens the briefcase and takes out the pink laser device. At the same time a couple of military scientists come on stage and help him to set the device up.

Sir Nob: This focken thing will solve all our problems once and for all. It’ll take us all to the Lovecraft dimension where we can meet the ruling Archons of the dark universe and they will help us stop global warming and stop the focken Brexit once and for all. Are you ready Hype-Aid? We’re gonna take over the whole focken world with the help of the Dark Circus and the sexy sexy focken blackness. That’s where I’ve been since I started working in an abattoir in Ringsend. Slaughtering animals for a living focken changes a man y’know. And no Ringsend ain’t some gay-thing either. I’ve never been one of that lot. It’s a fucking shite God forsaken suburb of Dublin. Anyway, before the Lovecraft Archons turn up and help us change the world forever, we’ve got something to show you.  

The curtain of the 4d biomass screen is rent asunder to reveal the strangeness of the glass tank the size of a multi-storey car-park.

Sir Nob: This is the headline act of the show ladies and gentlemen. This is where dead-popstars get to play their last gig. The great gig in the sky but here on Earth at the Hype-Aid festival.

The giant 3d cubic Holovision screen suddenly comes to life and is illuminated with a strange ghostly green glow and a loudly audible hum.

Crew: That shit is weird. Looks like they’re going to keep a Spice Guild Navigator in there.

John: God knows what’s in there. I don’t know what they’ve got planned.

Stookie Bill: Oh I do, I know what they’re up to.

After a moment.

John: Well don’t be shy Stookie Bill, spill the beans.

Stookie Bill: There’s no beans involved. It’s something they call Holovision. They have all these holograms of dead popstars that they’re going to use to make people think they’re still alive and they control them.

The giant 3d cubic Holovision screen suddenly comes to life and is illuminated with a strange ghostly green glow and a loudly audible hum. There is swirling movement from within the huge glass tank and a vague human shape is formed. Suddenly a human form with long hair appears, then leather trousers are visible and then the clear physical and facial features of Jim Morrison.

Crew: Hey! It’s Jim Morrison. Shouting at the phantasm of Jim Morrison Hey Jim it’s us! Jim Morrison doesn’t appear to notice them or take any notice of Crew’ yelling. The people around Steve and Crew make a little space and look at Crew as if he’s insane.

Steve: In a low undertone. Crew mate, it’s not our Jim Morrison, the real Jim Morrison, it’s just a hologram.

Crew: Awww, so while we have the real Jim Morrison they just have a pretend one.

Steve: I suppose so.

The holographic Jim Morrison appears to be a well rendered and animates digitally recreated version of Jim Morrison who sings along to pre-recorded audio of Jim Morrison and the doors and when the music is over pre-recorded audio footage of Morrison speaking is played. The illusion is highly convincing. Another swirling form appears and to everyone’s surprise and delight Jim Morrison is joined onstage in the 4D screen by Amy Winehouse.

Steve: Who owns the rights to dead Amy Winehouse anyway? 

John: She's with Sony.

Crew: But she's dead.

John: Makes no difference as long as there's still money in her public image. Dead or alive she is still a valuable commodity.

Steve: Weird. 

John: Nowadays record companies make most of their money from dead pop-stars. If they can be said to have an Earthly soul then it thoroughly belongs to the record companies. If it wasn't for dead-popstars they'd all go bankrupt.

Crew: John Lydon was onto something when he sang Public Image, I guess his smart punk brain was one-step ahead of the corporate pop-necrocracy.

Amy Winehouse and Jim Morrison are slowly joined by the whole cast of the 27 club which includes Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones and finally, Robert Johnson who walks out from the mist of a digitally recreated 3D midnight crossroads. The show continues now with a whole chorus line of dead popstars which materialize one after the other. The whole show is rather convincing and the fact that the 3d images appear wholly solid and correctly coloured gives the illusion the semblance of reality. 

John Hampton: Ok, let’s get to the control desk of this 3d shit screen thing or whatever it is, whatever it is that’s supposed to happen next won’t happen at all unless we get into gear and do whatever we’re supposed to do with Stookie Bill. Right Stookie?

Stookie Bill: If you say so. To be honest whatever they’re planning hardly matters to me, though I suppose you’re the closest things I have to friends,  well apart from Mr Socrate’s ghost we’re in this together. Let’s do this. Whatever it is we’re supposed to be doing.

Steve: I hardly know myself, but whatever it is, I suppose it’s pretty important that we do it.

John: Wait a minute, who’s Socrate’s ghost?

Steve: The real Socrates? Or is it just a name for a house spider you used to live with in Soho.

Stookie Bill: Eh? Oh you know that Greek fellow, some kind of philosopher or something.  It is certainly the real Socrates, he’s a very old old fellow, thousands of years old and I wonder why he hasn’t moved on and he said he just wanted to stay here and see how it all turned out in the end. He said it required a very strong stomach in a manner of speaking, to see the things humans got up to, and he noticed a very clear trend that every era was much much worse than the preceding one but he refuses to move on until he has seen the final chapter of the human-race.

Crew: So is he still around and can you speak to him?

Stookie Bill: Of course, but I’m not a cheap novelty arcade machine where you put a coin in my ear and I play a tune. I’m not letting you speak to Mr Socrates anyway. He’s from a more refined time, he hasn’t spoken to any of you humans for over a thousand years in fact and has no interest in doing so, he finds you appallingly uncivilized.

Crew: Oh, well that’s a bummer.

Stookie Bill: Well yes, it is, whatever that may mean. But Mr Socrates won’t talk to any of you or anyone under any circumstances, but he does like to watch.

Crew: Ooooh saucy.

John: Really? Is he watching us now?

Stookie Bill: I’ll just check. Goes silent for a moment while his mind is elsewhere No, he’s not here right now.

Steve: Probably just as well. The thought that Socrates, the greatest philosopher the world has known, is watching us bumble around getting waylaid by cider and gay pop pianists might be somewhat off-putting.

Crew: John couldn’t he be induced to help us?

Stookie Bill: Why would he help you? He’s not on your side and he wants to see the human race destroyed once and for all so he can get on with his life, or death. For Socrates this is the perfect opportunity to end this silly and bloody human drama which he says was a poorly written farce from the start. That’s what he tells me. But it’s such a fascinating spectacle he just can’t turn his back on it and move on, so the end of the world would be welcomed as the final curtain on a dreary play which he just feels he has to watch to the bitter end, then he can finally leave the theatre and go out and into the great beyond.

They get to the mixing desk of the 4d Intervision Bio-screen which is now manned by a military scientist wearing a white coat. John walks towards the man who is manipulating some of the output levels and monitoring the state of the Einstein condensate.

John: This is pretty interesting equipment.

Military scientist: Who are you?

John: Just a seeker.

Military scientist: What do you seek?

John: The sacred stones.

Military scientist: I am a friend of the lord of frogs and toads.

John: And Samael is my Lord, the angel of Edom and Essau is my master.

Military: Who is the one we curse?

John: Saint Patrick is the one we curse.

Military scientist: Why is he thus cursed?

John: Because he drove out the holy Serpent priests from their own land.

Military scientist: Well then, welcome brother Abrasax.

John: I am welcomed. So how does this thing work?

Military scientist: I hardly know. I just have to turn this knob here whenever this needle reaches this point, then it falls back down. It’s some kind of venting system which maintains a low temperature so the thing works properly, and doesn’t explode like a giant balloon made of glass and freezing gas possibly killing and injuring most people in attendance here.

John: I see. Anything else?

Military scientist: Well that’s about it. Here is the fail-safe button, of the plasma starts to overheat and doesn’t respond to venting then turning this key while pushing down will cause the whole floor of the screen to collapse into a pre-constructed underground pit 75 feet deep, which should be enough to stifle the explosion. But hopefully it won’t come to that.

John: Ok, thank you. You are relieved of duty.

Military scientist: What? You’re joking.

John: Not at all, I’ve been sent here to take over.

Military scientist: But you haven’t been trained, you don’t even know how it works.

John: You just showed me the essentials, don’t worry about it, if I need you, you’ll be sent for by our superiors.

Military scientist: appearing flustered Well, if they’re the orders.

John: They are. Be seeing you. Arduus ad solem.

Military scientist: in reply Ad vitam aeternam.

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Act 7 Scene 5: Coming out of the Lavatory.
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