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 Zohar StarGate Youtube channel. Bullshit and brainwashing.

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PostSubject: Zohar StarGate Youtube channel. Bullshit and brainwashing.   Fri Oct 05, 2018 8:43 pm

Just spend a few hours batting out bullshit from the park on the following video that claims all sorts of horseshit about Petra.

I have visited the site and taken photographs which prove what they are saying about the mountains having room for thousands of people inside.

The carved rooms are small and what's more they are carved out of soft sandstone, not volcanic andesite as claimed.

I've looked into their channel and everything they say is weird bullshit.

The fact that they call themselves Zohar Star Gate makes me wonder if they're not a Mossad/Jewish psychological operation.

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Zohar StarGate Youtube channel. Bullshit and brainwashing.
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