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 GP Serial Killer kills four times more than Harold Shipman...

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GP Serial Killer kills four times more than Harold Shipman... Empty
PostSubject: GP Serial Killer kills four times more than Harold Shipman...   GP Serial Killer kills four times more than Harold Shipman... I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 19, 2018 5:05 pm

Wow....I remember all the fuss over 'evil' Dr Harold Shipman who apparently killed 200 patients with diamorphine injections, but record breaking crazy murdering cunt Dr Jane Barton seems to have murdered over 800 patients....

She wasn't struck off in 2010 when question arose and was allowed to continue to murder....because NHS whamen murderers are protected by equal opportunities legislation and it's sexist......probably.

Quote :

[size=36]Did ‘Dr Opiate’ send 833 patients to early graves? Families to learn truth after 20-year battle

There were so many deaths on under the watch of Dr Jane Barton that the two wards she ran at the community hospital in Gosport, Hants, became known as 'the end of the line'

By Mike Ridley
19th June 2018, 12:10 am
Updated: 19th June 2018, 1:39 am

HUNDREDS of grieving and angry relatives will tomorrow find out if their loved ones were among victims of a GP nicknamed Dr Opiate.
Those attending Portsmouth Cathedral, four years after the start of a probe into 833 deaths at a Hampshire hospital, will include Gillian Mackenzie and her sister, Lesley O’Brien.


Dr Jane Barton is being probed over 833 deaths at the community hospital in Gosport, Hants
They have been fighting for 20 years to find out the truth about why their 91-year-old mum, Gladys Richards, died after going into hospital to recover from a broken hip.
Gladys, they said, had been “drugged to the eyeballs”.
Also there will be Debbie McKay, whose dad Stan Corby, a former Navy officer, was in hospital after a series of mini strokes.
The 65-year-old was in no danger or pain but was dead 24 hours later, his body filled with clinical heroin, known as diamorphine.


Cops began investigating 92 deaths in 2002 but there was too little evidence for charges


Under Barton's watch, the two wards she ran became known as 'the end of the line'
Dori Graham, 86, watched her husband die just minutes after being given an injection of “life-shortening” painkillers.
To this day she swears Leonard, 74, who was recovering from pneumonia, was not in any pain before he was injected with the drugs.
All three patients had been under the care of Dr Jane Barton, 69, who for nearly three decades has been under suspicion for prematurely ending the lives of her patients by prescribing deadly drugs.
There were so many deaths on her watch that the two wards she ran at the community hospital in Gosport, Hants, became known as “the end of the line”.


GP Serial Killer kills four times more than Harold Shipman... NINTCHDBPICT000414057963-e1529359412496

Elsie weighed 7st when she was recovering from a kidney infection.
She was “pinned to the floor by four nurses and given enough drugs to lay out a 6ft violent man”. She died in 1999.
Her family has led a 20-year campaign for justice.


GP Serial Killer kills four times more than Harold Shipman... NINTCHDBPICT000414056125-e1529359430239

The former fighter pilot went into hospital in 1988 and was prescribed diamorphine.
Doctors said he had pneumonia but stepson Charles Farthing insisted: “He went in to be treated for bedsores.
“There’s no way he was near death.”
An audit of the hospital’s death rate in 2013 reported “some of the elderly were scared to go to sleep” as they were “afraid they would not wake up”.
Despite three police investigations neither Dr Barton, nor any staff, were disciplined or charged with an offence.
Officers began probing 92 deaths in 2002 but prosecutors later said there was too little evidence for charges.
A General Medical Council panel did find her guilty of “serious professional misconduct” in 2010 over 11 deaths yet did not strike her off. She later resigned.
Since 2014, James Jones, the former Bishop of Liverpool, has been investigating how the 833 patients whose death certificates she signed met their end.
There is no suggestion that Dr Barton, who is now retired, deliberately took lives.
The £13million inquiry is expected to reveal that hundreds of patients had their lives cut short by Dr Barton prescribing diamorphine.
Victims are believed to include 92 elderly people who died after she wrote “please make comfortable” on their notes — a signal to staff at Gosport War Memorial hospital to prescribe powerful painkillers.


GP Serial Killer kills four times more than Harold Shipman... NINTCHDBPICT000000227215-e1529359451616

Referred for “gentle rehabilitation” after a hip operation, Edna was put on morphine within a day of her arrival. She was dead within a month.
Her son Mike Wilson died in 2009 without knowing the truth.
His widow, Beryl, 81, said: “He was blocked at every turn.”


GP Serial Killer kills four times more than Harold Shipman... NINTCHDBPICT000414377493

The ex-Navy officer needed rehabilitation after a series of mini-strokes.
He died 24 hours after being admitted.
Daughter Debbie said: “We hoped they’d get him back on his feet but the following day they told us he had taken a turn for the worse.”


Enid broke her hip in 1999. Nephew Carl Jewell said he found her “out of it” after she developed an infection.
Carl said she felt “a lot better” after her medication was cut – but she died a few hours later.
He said inquests into deaths at the hospital were “a farce”.
These are normally given to patients in extreme discomfort or on the brink of death.
Suspicions about Dr Barton go back to 1991, when two nurses reported that patients were being given large doses of diamorphine instead of the sedative diazepam.
Internal documents from that time reported deaths were being “hastened unnecessarily” but an investigation was dropped after just three weeks.
Seven years later, in August 1998, Gillian Mackenzie contacted Hampshire Police following the death of mum Gladys. She was given diamorphine on a continuous basis and died after five days in hospital.
Gillian and sister Lesley immediately complained about her treatment but a criminal case also petered out owing to a lack of evidence.
The sisters campaigned for an inquest into her death and in 2013 Gillian, now 85, gave evidence at the hearing.
She claimed nurse manager Philip Beed said: “I am going to make her life easier by giving her a shot of diamorphine.”
Gillian told him: “No, you will not. Are you talking about a case of euthanasia, as I will not tolerate euthanasia?”


Geoffrey died in 1998, nine days after being transferred to Dr Barton’s care.
His family’s lawyer challenged the GP on why the ward was “the end of the line”.
She said patient notes often referred unrealistically to a need for rehabilitation.


In need of rehab on her hip in 1998, Gladys was given very strong sedatives even though she was not in pain. She died days later.
Daughter Gillian Mackenzie said: “I think they wanted to keep her heavily sedated so they didn’t have to look after her.”
She said at the inquest: “I believe a decision was made, for reasons I do not accept, to reject treatment options which would have given my mother chance to recover.
“Palliative treatment was commenced and condemned my mother to death.”
Gillian, of Eastbourne, East Sussex, believes the lack of a proper investigation was “a disgrace” and said she welcomes tomorrow’s findings.
She added: “If we can finally get to the truth of the matter after all these years then I will be happy.
“It’s been a long, long fight and it has taken grit, guts and determination.
“I don’t want to pre-empt the report but I believe that will not be the end of it.
“I believe that Dr Jane Barton should face criminal charges for her actions.”
Stan Carby’s relatives were devastated to find him lying unresponsive on the ward with a tube in his back, later identified as a morphine syringe driver.


The retired engineer was recovering from pneumonia.
Wife Dori said Leonard received care from Dr Barton, then an injection from a nurse.
Dori said: “Len said he wasn’t in pain but they gave him the injection anyway. I sat there. Within a few minutes he was dead.”


Robert needed rehab on his shoulder. After refusing paracetamol, he told his family he was being drugged to death.
Son Iain told him he was not – but his dad was in a coma the next day.
Iain said: “I wish I’d trusted my instincts and got him out.”


GP Serial Killer kills four times more than Harold Shipman... NINTCHDBPICT000414377520

Jean was “bright as a button” when she went in after a stroke but was put on painkillers and sedatives. Within two days she was dead.
Her war veteran husband, Ernest, 92, said: “I truly believe my wife had quite a lot of time to go before she was put on those drugs.”
Doctors told the family they were letting “nature take its course” and he died 24 hours after he was admitted for rehab.
Daughter Debbie, 54, said: “It can’t be right for a man who was admitted to a hospital for rehab to die the following day.
“We knew something wasn’t right from the start.
“It has been a constant battle to have our concerns taken seriously.”


Families have been seeking the truth during a 20-year fight


Heath Secretary Jeremy Hunt is expected to speak in Parliament after the findings are revealed
Her sister Cindy Grant, 44, added: “It has been a long, long road but we are determined to keep fighting until we get to the bottom of this.”
Ann Reeves, whose mum Elsie Devine, 88, was killed by a powerful cocktail of opiates after she was admitted for treatment for a kidney infection, hopes the “brick wall” around what happened “will come tumbling down”.
Before the GMC findings in 2010, the panel was told of Dr Barton’s “brusque, unfriendly and indifferent” manner, “intransigence and worrying lack of insight” and “failure to recognise the limits of her professional competence”.
She told how she and other medics at the hospital were under “unreasonable” pressure.

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GP Serial Killer kills four times more than Harold Shipman...
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