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 Psychopath's brain-scan. Limited pre-frontal lobe activity. Conclusion...

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PostSubject: Psychopath's brain-scan. Limited pre-frontal lobe activity. Conclusion...   Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:08 pm

Prefrontal cortex. ... Many authors have indicated an integral link between a person's will to live, personality, and the functions of the prefrontal cortex. This brain region has been implicated in planning complex cognitive behavior, personality expression, decision making, and moderating social behavior.

Since the pre-frontal cortex is the decision making, will and personal focus area of the brain, then what we may be observing in the psychopathic personality is the person who is lacking a will, the ability to make their own decisions. 

So who or what is making those decisions for them?

My theory is that that person has acquiesced their will to......... extra-dimension beings? Demons? 

Well that depends on your politics..... but most people live their lives as driver's in a car.... but the psychopath, he is sat in the front seat, but he is not the one driving..........

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Psychopath's brain-scan. Limited pre-frontal lobe activity. Conclusion...
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