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 Does the book of Enoch refer to a 'black hole'?

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Does the book of Enoch refer to a 'black hole'? Empty
PostSubject: Does the book of Enoch refer to a 'black hole'?   Does the book of Enoch refer to a 'black hole'? I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 02, 2018 1:08 pm

Quote :

ENOCH 18:10-16: (See also En 21 & 108; This is actually a BLACK HOLE.) "...And I saw what was inside those mountains--a place beyond the great earth, where the heavens come together. And I saw a deep pit with heavenly fire an its pillars; I saw inside them descending pillars of fire that were immeasurable in respect to both altitude and depth. And on top of that pit I saw a place without the heavenly firmament above it or earthly foundation under it or water. There was nothing on it--not Page | 18 even birds--but it was a desolate and terrible place. And I saw there seven stars which were like great burning mountains Then the angel said to me, `This place is the ultimate end of heaven and earth; it is the prison house for the stars and the powers of heaven. And the stars which roll over upon the fire, they are the ones which have transgressed the commandments of God from the beginning of their rising because they did not arrive punctually. And he was wroth with them and bound them until the time of the completion of their sin in the year of mystery."' THE STORY OF AHIQAR 7:27: "0 my son! You have been to me like the pig who went into the hot bath with people of quality, and when it came out of the hot bath, it saw a filthy hole and it went down and wallowed in it."

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Does the book of Enoch refer to a 'black hole'?
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