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 Act 6 Scene 1: Perfectly reasonable, faultless logic.

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PostSubject: Act 6 Scene 1: Perfectly reasonable, faultless logic.   Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:31 pm

A meeting room on the top floor of City of London skyscraper. Four people are sat in meeting room with a panoramic view over the whole of London.

Bald man with glasses: So we will begin the mass mail-out immediately and if those on the mailing list haven’t made their appointment within two days after the concert then the offer will have expired. This really is our final deadline. A shiny pink faced man laughs. The concert will raise awareness of the offer and we anticipate that anyone receiving an offer will take it up and have an appointment within no more than a couple of days.

Man with grey hair and glasses: What if those on our priority client-list haven’t made their appointments by the time the offer closes?

Bald man with glasses: Like I said, then the offer will have expired, no exceptions.

Man with grey hair and glasses: Absolutely no exceptions?

Bald man with glasses: None. Consider it part of the selection process  and if fate decrees that so and so doesn’t make their appointment date and misses out on our offer then we have done all we can, anymore would bring in only diminishing returns at great effort and expense.

Man with grey hair and glasses: Even if it’s the Queen of England herself.

Bald man with glasses: She’s not on the list.

Man with grey hair and glasses: Really?

Bald man with glasses: Of course not. I do hope your Royalist sympathies are not offended.

Man with grey hair and glasses: Not at all. Just came as quite a surprise, of course it makes perfect sense.

Bald man with glasses: Naturally.

Man with grey hair and glasses: It’ll just take some getting used to, this new way of thinking.

Bald man with glasses: Well, you’d better get used to it quick. It’s scheduled to happen less than two weeks from now.

Man with grey hair and glasses: Of course.

A middle-aged woman puts up her hand. The bald man with glasses permits the question.

Middle-aged stern-looking woman: Would you kindly just go over the typical conditions which were required to gain access to the offer?

The bald man defers to a younger, portly shiny pink faced man.

Pink faced man: We have used a points based system so as long as certain conditions were met within certain categories and the points threshold was reached, then they can access the offer.

Middle-aged stern-looking woman: Could you elaborate and give some examples if you have any to hand?

Pink faced man: momentarily shuffling through some papers until he finds what he’s looking for Ahh, yes here we are. Points were awarded or subtracted according to the potential client’s profession, skills, personal interests, general abilities, political affiliations and tertiary factors.

Middle-aged stern-looking woman: What were some of the tertiary factors?

Pink-faced man: Let’s see reading For instance, points were awarded for the following lifestyle choices: being vegetarian, maintaining a small carbon-footprint, voting Labour and having socialist views, giving to charity, membership of pro-active progressive groups, having a small automobile, having few sexual partners, extra points for being unmarried and without children. Conversely points were deducted for having tattoos, piercings and coloured hair, having more than one child, being in a two-car or more household, sharing non-progressive views online, excessive use of pornography, and, reading what’s this? oh yes, voting Brexit.

Middle-aged stern-looking woman: How on Earth was all of this information obtained?

Pink-faced man: Facebook. They’ve made our job wonderfully easy.

Middle-aged stern-looking woman: What about people with no web-presence?

Pink-face man: Automatically disqualified. Our reasoning is that if you’re not online you have something to hide. Basically if we don’t know all about your business and personal interests then we have the right to assume the worst.

Middle-aged stern-looking woman: Perfectly reasonable but are there no exceptions?

Pink-faced man: None.

Middle-aged stern-looking woman: Might this not exclude people of a certain age?

Pink-faced man: I consider that entirely appropriate given the circumstances.

Middle-aged stern-looking woman: nods her head in agreement What about some of our long-term supporters though? Our benefactors? The people who have supported our group since the beginning?

Pink-faced man: We can’t let self-interest and favoritism cloud our judgement in this instance. You do understand that don’t you?

Middle-aged stern-looking woman: Yes but….

Bald man with glasses: But what?

Middle-aged stern-looking woman: after a moment of silence Nothing. It’s perfectly reasonable faultless logic. There can be no exceptions, I see that. What are the anticipated number of offers which will go out?

Bald man with glasses: We have finalized a list of roughly five million adults.

Middle-aged stern looking woman: How on Earth will it be possible to manage so many appointments in such a short period of time?

Bald man with glasses: Oh it’s all worked out quite effectively and mathematically calculated to within an error limit of two decimal places. It will be a dramatically exploding exponential process since those who are first to receive their offers and undergo the treatment, will then help manage the appointments of those in their communities.

Middle-aged stern looking woman: Yes, of course, it makes sense.

Bald man with glasses: naturally We anticipate that we will have covered our share of the global quota within ten days of the first appointments being made. Such is the power of an exponential progression. From one to five million in ten days. Other nations will endeavor to adhere to this time-frame but as long as those on the preferred clients list have taken-up their offers, and they should since they will be the first to receive their offers, then should we lose some clients in the later stages of the program, we will just chalk this down to the will of fate. I won’t use the word God of course, but the force that guides our endeavor knows what it’s doing and we should not be ones to question its work.

Middle-aged stern looking woman: But what about those who do not have an offer and do not receive an appointment, might they not react negatively in some way?

Bald man with glasses: It hardly matters, there’s nothing they can do. At the end of ten days our five million will be in full control of every aspect of the country, at which point all we have to do is await the next stage of the program and at the point there won’t be any further issues.

Middle-aged stern looking woman: Can it really be so simple to carry out such a thing?

Pink Faced man: Well it’s not exactly simple, but once the events unfold then it is only a matter of time. The pieces have been put in place for the campaign to be a perfect success. 

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Act 6 Scene 1: Perfectly reasonable, faultless logic.
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