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 Act 5 Scene 5: Adam and Eve and a black helicopter.

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Act 5 Scene 5: Adam and Eve and a black helicopter. Empty
PostSubject: Act 5 Scene 5: Adam and Eve and a black helicopter.   Act 5 Scene 5: Adam and Eve and a black helicopter. I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 05, 2017 4:38 pm

John Hampton is driving down to London with Sarah Clarke and Jenny Clarke in the backseat. John looks up and notices what looks like a military helicopter hovering fairly low above the town.

John Hampton: There’s as many military bases as there are crop circles round here.

Sarah Clarke: Maybe there’s a connection.

John Hampton: Maybe there is.

After a moment of silent contemplation while Hampton watches the movement of the helicopter.

John Hampton: Just about to come into Avebury. Over there are a couple of megalithic stones known as the Adam and Eve stones. Eve was part of ceremonial stone avenue and Adam was part of a smaller stone circle or cove reported by William Stukley as being called the Devil’s Coits which connected with the larger stone circle at Avesbury which we’re going to pass through in a moment. The whole village built within a series of concentric stone circles. Weird place, always full of tourists. Back in the past this was a place most outsiders stayed away from. Funny really. The avenue and cove was in place until at least the late 14th century, having survived since the early Bronze Age. They say that the stones were removed by villagers for building materials but the truth is the local people deliberately destroyed the cove and avenue stones to remove the geomantic power which has been used by dark forces for thousands of years. After removing most of the stones from the avenue and dismantling the cove, a man was struck by a falling stone in the process of removing it and buried by it there on the spot in the pit he had dug for the stone. Couldn’t get a Christian burial and remains buried there to this day. Then not long afterwards the Black Plague struck and wiped out half the village. People left the stones alone after that.

Sarah Clarke: How do you know all this?

John Hampton: I was born here.

Sarah Clarke: Really? Where?

John Hampton: Inside the stone circle itself.

Sarah Clarke: What? That’s weird. Part of some weird pagan midnight ritual?

John Hampton: Not exactly. My mum’s waters broke at the Red Lion pub. By the time the ambulance arrived I was already a fait accompli. They were on a camping holiday of Wiltshire and Dorset at the time.

Sarah Clarke: I was gonna say. For a second I thought you was some kind of spooky ritual.

John Hampton: Maybe it was. Maybe we can be involved in rituals without knowing it. Something beyond any human activity but directly involving the mysterious forces of the cosmos.

Sarah Clarke: You think so?

John Hampton: Why not? The clincher is my name Hampton which is an abbreviation of my great great grandfather’s surname Beckhampton. My parents discovered that the old Neolithic stone processional avenue which leads to the stone circle at Avesbury is known as Beckhampton avenue.

Sarah Clarke: Coincidence?

John Hampton: There’s no such thing. Everything has meaning, saying coincidence means it has no meaning and also seeks to offer no explanation for the statistical anomaly which a ‘coincidence’ represents. In fact right now we’re driving on my great great grandfather’s namesake road. Bloody hell!

The military helicopter passes low directly over their heads as they drive towards Avesbury.

Sarah Clarke: Do you think they’re after us? What are the legal ramifications of what we have just carried out?

John Hampton: Who knows? Who cares. I always find it best to ignore paranoia. Even if you’re right it does you no favours knowing that they ARE out to get you. Sometimes ignorance creates a shield. Anyone who has been pestered by a town centre wino understands this process. But I’m not quite sure what the legal ramifications might be, but we really didn’t have time for any paper-work. To Vicky Clarke How are you doing back there?

Jenny Clarke: Who had been hitherto silently staring out of the window Why are you calling me that? It’s not my name. I’m Jenny.

John Hampton: without missing a beat You alright in the back Jenny?

Jenny Clarke: I think so. I feel like I’m flying. It feels quite nice.

Sarah Clarke: I really think that chopper is after us you know?

John Hampton: One way to find out I suppose.

John turns off the main road and parks his car near the two standing stones.

Sarah Clarke: What are you doing?

John Hampton: Playing Pacman. Sometimes the ghosts chase you and sometimes you get to chase the ghosts. Stay in the car Vicky.

John and Sarah get out of the car and John stands to face the military helicopter which is flying roughly 50 feet above them. He takes out a compact night scope from the glove compartment.

John Hampton: Unmarked black helicopter. It’s possible that it has nothing to do with us. There was something in the Wiltshire Times last year about locals seeing unmarked helicopters in the Trowbridge area. Don’t know why the UK military favour this area so much, though I doubt it has much to do with a fondness for leylines and Arthurian legend.

After a moment of observing the helicopter.

John Hampton: It’s moving away. Can probably see me filming it and doesn’t like having its privacy invaded. Some choppers are extremely camera shy, particularly secret military ones.

They walk towards the two megalithic stones.

John Hampton: I’ve just got to make a call.

John moves away and takes out his phone and makes a call.

John Hampton: Hey guys, I need a big favour. We’ve got a little girl here who has been under mind control, seems to be connected to Crew’s mission from Hicks, she needs a safe house. 

There is a surprised but assenting noise on the other end of the line.

John Hampton: Thanks. But here’s the problem, she’s a little girl. Needs the comfort of the familiar. Got room for Sarah Clarke, it’s her auntie. Ok good. Tidy the place up will you? Little girls are used to clean houses and someone who actually does the washing up. I know I’m imposing but in a war there are bound to be casualties. The washing up and the cleaning. It’s got to be done and before we get to London. ETA around two hours. Oh and one more thing, no weed: you don’t smoke weed, never did and know nothing about it.

There is an incredulous roar on the other line.

I knew you’d understand.

Suddenly from nowhere there is a large bark and a deep growl as a large Alsatian dog bounds towards them.  

Vicky Clarke: Look out! Let’s get out of here.

John Hampton: Stay exactly where you are. Know what the two worst things to do when a dog looks like it’s going to attack you are?

Sarah Clarke: No.

John Hampton: Well you nearly did both. Don’t be afraid and do not run, no one can outrun a dog and it’s pointless trying and turning your back on him won't make him go away.

The dog continues barking and growling and continues to run towards them. John Hampton remains standing and fixedly looks at the dog as runs towards them.

The dog runs to where John Hampton is standing and after barking and growling stops about six feet from John and Sarah.

John Hampton: languidly asks the dog Well? What do you want?

After a moment of indecision the dog looks at both Sarah and John gives a small bark and promptly turns around and disappears back to where he came from.

Sarah Clarke: Did you know he was going to do that?

John Hampton: Most dogs take their cues from you. If you run away they get the cue to chase you and attack you. If you threaten them they get a cue to attack you. If you languidly ask them what they want they don’t know what to do with themselves, so they leave you alone. Nine out of ten times at least.

Sarah Clarke: Glad we’re running with the odds tonight then.

They walk back to the car and get inside. John starts the car and they move slowly away from Adam, Even and their canine guardian.

John Hampton: So what happened in the hospital? What was the treatment all about?

Jenny Clarke: puzzled and trying to think I can’t remember.

Jenny Clarke: Where are we going anyway?

Sarah Clarke: We’re going to stay with some of my friends in London. You like London don’t you?

Jenny Clarke: I suppose so. But are we allowed to go? What does mum say?

Sarah Clarke: Er.

John Hampton: I think we should try to tell her the truth.

Jenny Clarke: Tell me the truth, what’s going on?

John Hampton: I don’t really know where to start. Put it this way, the world is sometimes a very bad place and there are some very bad people in it. We are trying to get you away from some very bad people.

Jenny Clarke: But what about mum and dad?

Sarah Clarke: I’ll phone them when we get to London darling, but they don’t really understand what’s happening. They only tried to help you but the thing is, Dr Vale is a very bad man and he does very bad things to little girls like you.

Jenny Clarke: But he was only trying to help me. That’s what everyone says.

John Hampton: searchingly How was he trying to help you Vicky?

Jenny Clarke: My name is Jenny. Stop calling me Vicky are you trying to make me go crazy?

John Hampton: Why do you think your name is Jenny Vicky?

Jenny Clarke: And why are you trying to tell you my name is Vicky Bob?

Vicky Clarke: But we’ve always called you Vicky Jenny. You can remember that can’t you?

Jenny Clarke: Of course I do and all along everyone was playing a trick on me. Call me Vicky when my name was really Jenny.

John Hampton: So everyone, including your mum and dad, all your school friends, teachers and even your auntie Sarah were playing a trick on you? Does that really sound likely?

Jenny Clarke: It’s what Dr Vale told me so it’s true.

Sarah Clarke: But why do you believe anything Dr Vale has to say, he’s just a creepy old man.

Jenny Clarke: But he’s my best friends dad and he knows everything.

John Hampton: He doesn’t know everything Vicky, he just wants you to think he does so he lied to you and scrambled your brain up.

Vicky Clarke: Can’t you see that love. He was trying brainwash you.

Jenny Clarke: But he’s a doctor. Petulantly Are you a doctor? No you’re not.

Sarah Clarke: I might not be a doctor but I am your auntie Sarah and I’ve seen you grow up from a tiny little sprout into a nice little sweet clever girl called Vicky, and that’s what you mum dad called you. You’ve always been Vicky and you always will be. Some creepy old man in a creepy place you never should have been sent to has put some poison in your head and if we can get it out, everything will be better.

Jenny Clarke: What am I supposed to believe auntie Sarah? I just don’t know anymore. One minute June was dead then the next minute she wasn’t, then I saw dead David Bowie, then a little girl on the TV started talking to me. That’s all crazy and if I think it was real then I’m crazy. But if my name is Jenny like the doctor said I can forget about it all and start again. That’s what I want to do. I want to forget about it all and start again.

Sarah Clarke: But we can’t start again. We are who we are and we can’t just change our minds halfway through and pretend to be someone else.

Jenny Clarke: But I have to otherwise I will be crazy.

John Hampton: Don’t worry about it. I’ve got some friends who might help you understand this David Bowie business and even the TV talking to you. In fact they’ve just been working on a machine to talk to dead pop stars, my friend from university helped make it and that’s science, so sometimes there is a rational explanation for some of this stuff. The key is not to be scared and confused when things like this happen but find out why they’ve happened and what it all means, that’s how you don’t go crazy. Going crazy is basically letting fear and confusion take over but intelligence can beat confusion and I know you’re an intelligent girl.  Anyway for my friends in London dead pop stars and talking TV’s is pretty normal for them. But then they do smoke a lot of weed, but they seem to do ok. They even saved the world from an alien invasion once as a matter of fact.

Jenny Clarke: What? Alien invasion? What are you talking about? Now that sounds crazy.

John Hampton: Well Vicky, I don’t know what to tell you except, yes, a matter of fact the world is a little bit crazy but it can’t be helped. The problem is when someone, someone like you starts to notice. Then they call you the crazy one and hide you away somewhere. Like the nefarious Dr Vale’s institute of brain scrambling. The important thing is we got you out of there and if you trust me and your auntie then we can help you feel normal again and maybe you could even help us to try to save the world again.

Jenny Clarke: Are you serious?

John Hampton: Absolutely. You seem to have contacted something that is known as The Dark Circus which is a name for all the evil dead popstars and they are working with a group called The Children of the Temple.

Jenny Clarke: startled The Children of the Temple! That’s the group June said I could join if I came to the woods with her. So it really happened? That’s when everything started. When I wanted to join the Children of the Temple.

John Hampton: Then that’s your answer. Everything that has happened to you is connected to them. And they are the same people me and my friends in London are trying to stop. So perhaps you can work with us against them. Maybe it’s time for the prey to become the hunter. Let’s give these creeps a shock eh Vicky?

Vicky Clarke: Yes. They tried to make me crazy and confused didn’t they?

John Hampton: That’s exactly what they tried to do. Let’s find a way to get our own back on them. What do you say?

Vicky Clarke: Sounds like a good plan.

John Hampton: Excellent.

They join the M4 at Swindon West.

Suddenly a large black shape flies across the car and there is the sound of helicopter rotors as the helicopter passes within a few meters of them, and then it is gone again.

Sarah Clarke: screams Oh my God!

John Hampton: remaining calm Well that’s unprecedented.

Sarah Clarke: It’s like something you’d see in a movie.

John Hampton: Let’s hope this one has a happy ending. The helicopter swings down again and forces John Hampton to suddenly swerve then desperately straighten up to avoid a possible collision.

Vicki Clarke: What’s happening auntie Sarah?

Sarah Clarke: I don’t know sweetheart but it is really quite exciting isn’t it?

Vicki Clarke: Are we going to get killed because it seems like we might.

John Hampton: You misjudge the gravity of our predicament young lady. Suddenly he swerves again to dodge what appears to be a charge from the helicopter We’re just in a tight spot which has the appearance of some danger I will grant you, but I am mostly on top of the situation, well I will be a minute.

Vicki Clarke: What happens in a minute?

John Hampton: When I figure out how we get out of this.

Suddenly John slows down and changes lane and brings the car to halt on the hard-shoulder.

The Black helicopter is nowhere to be seen and there is only the occasion flashing of passing cars.

Then suddenly almost from straight above them the helicopter appears. A door opens in the helicopter and someone makes to get out. John takes out his mobile phone and starts assiduously filming everything.

John Hampton: shouting up to the helicopter Hey guys! Say hi to my friends. You’re on John’s Cider Dreams Live Stream! I’ve only got 90 viewers but when they find out there’s a black military helicopter trying to provoke car accidents on the M4 I expect it might go viral. Speaking into the phone We want to see this go viral don’t we Cider squad? It might just save someone’s life.

The door of the helicopter promptly closes and disappears hurriedly into the night. John remains standing in front of his phone and continues speaking.

John Hampton: See, I told you I’d think of something. Secret government military operations don’t like the idea of going viral on the internet.

Sarah Clarke: Why were they after us? The only thing could be they were after Vicki but how can it all be connected?

John Hampton: Probably because it IS all connected.

Sarah Clarke: Really?

John Hampton: The ICE institute is probably a military mind control operation acting under the fairly benign camouflage of scientific research which in turn is acting under the even more fairly benign guise of healthcare provider. It’s the cunning onion, or Russian Doll approach. Dress something very secret up as something a little bit secret dressed up as something hardly secret at all. So the discovery that the ICE is actually harvesting masses of data and even performing psychological experiments, will be explained within the context of scientific progress and helping those with psychological impairment, and not for its true purpose, namely to weaponize psychology and seek to find ways to harm rather than heal. I suspect that if the ICE announced itself as a military research and psychological warfare operation then few unsuspecting doctors and family members would be sending them any patients and without patients their cover would be blown since bad as things may be right now, we are still not quite at the level where people can be openly sent to a government military facility for conditioning, yet in fact covertly that’s exactly what we do have in existence, which is why they’ve sent a secret military helicopter to chase is and retrieve their patient.

Vicki Clarke: But what about them?

John Hampton: Who?

The question is answered by a car which has been driving alongside them tucking in quickly behind them and flashing their headlights. The car accelerates suddenly behind them and John has to accelerate in turn to avoid contact. Two more cars then accelerate from nowhere to ride up alongside their car in the two lanes beside them.

John Hampton: Hullo? New friends to play with eh?

The two cars drive alongside for a moment until John accelerates, the cars match the acceleration keeping John between them.

Vicki Clarke: Why are they doing this auntie Sarah?

Sarah Clarke: momentarily lost for words I just don’t know.

John Hampton: I’ll tell you why they’re doing this, because these are bad people who need to keep their secrets of how bad they are, and if there’s any risk of someone revealing their secrets then they will come out from all corners of the world and work together and with one mind to stop them. Fortunately I’ve already beaten these people once and I fully intend to do it again…..SHIT!

John is taken completely by surprise as another car swerves from his lane further up the road and slots into place just ahead of John Hampton’s. The two cars ahead match his speed and prevent his escape from between them.

John Hampton: Brace your legs against the back seats. Now.

They do as John suggests.

John Hampton: If this car gets a scratch I’m going to go nuts.

The car ahead slows down then matches John’s pace, John’s car is hemmed in behind and on both sides.

John Hampton: Something tells me this is not an official police escort.

Suddenly there are simultaneous blinding flashes from the back seat of the car in front and the passenger seat of the car to John’s right.

John Hampton: They've done a Henri Paul on me. Can’t see a thing. This is going to be tricky. He slams down the clutch and quickly jerks the steering wheel in while bringing up the handbrake. The car performs a tight handbrake turn and John finds himself blindly driving but free of the three escort cars while the car behind now swerves out of his way. Wow, I’m still alive.  Is everyone still alive? Sarah and Vicki make assenting noises. I can’t see a thing, if anyone can see can you tell me what’s happening ahead of me.

Sarah Clarke: Now we’re driving the wrong way up the motorway. Gradually veer right until I say stop and we will be driving in the hard shoulder. John slides the car over to the hard shoulder until Sarah indicates that he should continue straight.

John Hampton: Are they following?

Vicki Clarke: looking behind I can’t see any trace of them.

John Hampton: after a moment of driving I can’t keep this up, I still can’t see anything, I’d better stop.

Sarah Clarke: What was that?

John Hampton: An attempt to kill us using extremely overpowered disco lights. My sight is returning. I seem to be able to make out vague shapes. I can see the road but it’s all a blur.

After a few moments John eyes seem to have overcome the temporary blinding effect of the lights.

John Hampton: Shall we try that again?

Sarah Clarke: Do you think it’s safe?

John Hampton: My feeling would be that they’ve tried their hand, and that they would tend not to hang around once they’ve failed. They know that in a public setting like this they only get one shot at it. At least let’s hope that this is their policy. All the same I’m going to keep my eyes open. Unless they try to blind me again.

Sarah laughs nervously as John turns the car back around and they continue on their way to London.

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Act 5 Scene 5: Adam and Eve and a black helicopter.
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