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 Act 5 Scene 4: Dragons and Miasmas.

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Act 5 Scene 4: Dragons and Miasmas. Empty
PostSubject: Act 5 Scene 4: Dragons and Miasmas.   Act 5 Scene 4: Dragons and Miasmas. I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 21, 2017 12:46 pm

A well known music venue in Soho Central London. The voice of a well known TV physicist sounds out from the depths of the pink light.

Voice: “When the stars threw down their spears, And watered heaven with their tears.
Did he smile his work to see? Did he who made the Lamb make thee?”

There is a pause.

Fellow humans. You have all been brought here for a special purpose.
The rarest material on Earth.
Yet not of this Earth.

There is a pause during which the mesmorised audience stand in mute receptive wonder.

It was thought that comets were bad omens signaling the death of Kings or noblemen.
They were known as sick or vile stars. It is they which influenced the Biblical allegory of bright shining beings falling down to Earth to join the lowly here among us from a more exalted sphere:

“How you have fallen from heaven, Lucifer, son of the morning! You have been cast down to the earth.”

In 1910, Haley’s comet underwent spectral analysis for the first time and its tail was found to contain the deadly poisonous gas Cyanogen. Terror swept the world at the comet’s approach and at any moment it was thought that millions would die as its poisonous tail enveloped the Earth with poisonous cyanide gas. Haley’s comet passed without incident but our scientists had started to learn something about comets which had previously remained within the realm of superstitious fantasy.
In 1347 the comet Negra passed close to the Earth and a fragment of the very comet itself, broke off and fell to Earth in the area of the Eastern Mediterranean. The fragment atomized as it entered Earth’s atmosphere and impregnated a broad area of the upper atmosphere with a deadly and inexplicable disease which took the lives of half of the population of medieval Europe.

The Black Death which ravaged half of the civilized world, was caused by an extra-terrestrial contagion which had travelled from the deepest depths for generations, to come to Earth.

The darkness which man had long looked out on with a query, a question and maybe a prayer, had answered him with death of the cruelest and most degrading kind. The disease was seen as a punishment from God for the wickedness of mankind.

The plague of Justinian of the year 541, was also preceded by the incursion of a fragment of Haley’s comet in 536 which led to reports in Europe of burning clouds, rains of fire, a dim blue coloured sun and persistent dust clouds which ravaged agriculture and led to drought and extended periods of cold temperatures. The plague was accompanied by reports of strange miasmas, dust clouds and unusual nocturnal lights in the dark skies. Whatever it was that the comet had left behind remained in the atmosphere for five years until it came down to Earth to deal its death blow.

It is this alien invader from another world which has caused so much death on a scale never encountered before or since.  It is these alien invaders which have caused the pandemic hemorrhagic fevers which subsequently became known as the first and second great plagues.

Subsequent bouts of bubonic plague which ravaged Europe every generation until the 17th century were something quite different and were caused by the fleas of the black rat Xenopsylla cheopis carrying the Yersina pestis bacteria and none of these bubonic plagues had anything like the same terrible destructive power of the alien bacteria born in the dust cloud of a comet’s tail.  

The plague outbreak which began in 1347 was very different to those later pandemics. Even countries and areas of habitation with neither rats nor fleas such as Iceland still experienced the death of two thirds of its population to the Plague. Areas which were too hot to support the presence of the Yersina Pestis bacteria such as North Africa and the Middle East in the midst of summer and areas which were too cold such as Norway in the middle of winter, still suffered from outbreaks of disease. Church records of the time indicate that the incubation of the disease until death was far longer than the relatively rapid movement from infection, exhibition of symptoms and death which the Yersina Pestis bubonic plague was known for.
A contemporary report from the time of Black Death stated: “There have been masses of dead fish, animals, and other things along the sea shore and in many places covered in dust.  And all these things seem to have come from the great corruption of the air and earth.”  Documents of the time speak of earthquakes, tidal waves, rains of fire, foul odors, strange colors in the sky, mists, even dragons.  

There is a long pause but noone moves, suspended as they are in the hypnotic power of the pink lazer light.

On the 7th February 1999 NASA launched the space probe named Stardust. In 2006 The Stardust spacecraft, having traveled a total of seven years to reach the comet Wild 2, returned to Earth in January 2006 with its cargo of material obtained from the tail of the comet. The sample was found to be made up of silica and magnesium based minerals, along with pre-solar cosmic dust possibly billions of years old. Additionally and most importantly life was discovered. Extraterrestrial life. The sample contained the same active hemorrhagic Black Death Virus which had arrived on Earth at those two crucial points in human history.

After another long pause.

We are now losing Earth species at 1,000 times the natural background rate and 150 to 200 species of plant, insect, bird and mammal become fully extinct every 24 hours. This is more destructive than anything seen on Earth since the sudden mass extinction event 65 million years ago which brought an end to the reign of the dinosaurs and changed the face of the Earth forever. This is more destructive even, than the Black Death itself.

The extra-terrestrial black-death virus which we discovered in the samples collected from the comet Wild 2 we now have in our possession ready to be fully aerosolized and delivered into the upper atmosphere under the cover of the United Nations Agenda 21 weather modification program designed to combat global warming.

We intend to use this extra-terrestrial virus to restore the balance between humanity and nature and halt the death and destruction of life on Earth by specifically targeting the most destructive influence on Earth: human beings. Humanity, at its present population rates, has become an engine of mass extinction, not only of other species of life on Earth, but also, its own. Albert Einstein wisely observed that “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.”

We are now at that critical point in our history. Bees are mysteriously dying in their billions around the world in a phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder. Without bees pollinating crops there will be no more agriculture. Time is running out, and while, Earth could rely on gravity and the timely arrival of comets to curb its population, now it seems, when we have developed the technology, we are now masters of our own destiny, no longer victims of the forces around us, but their masters. And now we have been given a choice in the destiny of the world and whether to continue life on this planet, but to do this we need to take action to again curb the human race by removing through the use of hemorrhagic plague, up to 90 percent of the present population of the planet.

The good news is, you will all be saved. You came here through chance but heard something vaguely about a charity concert. Amongst the mass of humanity outside in this city pursuing their own selfish interests you alone were moved by a different motive. You shall be saved. You will be the future. But there is one price which this gift of life will cost you. Your sense of self. Your minds will be ours and we will all be one. Working together and psychically connected to ensure a new species of humanity living in harmony with the world. Perhaps in this state, we are already on our way to return to the Garden and when the dust and bodies are cleared we will finally be reunited with the divine principle which is only waiting for us to remember who we are.

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Act 5 Scene 4: Dragons and Miasmas.
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