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 Act 4 Scene 5 : You know who I am.

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PostSubject: Act 4 Scene 5 : You know who I am.   Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:23 am

Vicky Clarke is with Dr Vale at his Institute of Cognitive Education.

Dr Vale: Now Jenny. I’m going to be recording this conversation in order to monitor your progress as this process continues. 5,4,3,2,1 and record.

Vicki Clarke: Startled My name’s Vicky.

Dr Vale: Sorry about that. Now, Jenny.

Vicki Clarke: I’m Vicki, you know who I am.

Dr Vale: You’re Jenny aren’t you? He holds up a form  It says here your name’s Jenny checking the form Yes,  Jennifer Victoria Clarke. Victoria’s your middle name.

Vicki Clarke: No it isn’t, I’ve always been called Victoria, I don’t have any middle names.

Dr Vale: Are you sure?

Vicki hesitates for a moment.

Vicki Clarke: Well, I…… I’m sure my name is Vicki.

Dr Vale: But it says here your names Jennifer and Vicky’s only your middle name. I think we’d better do things properly and professionally in the sensitive circumstances we find ourselves in. I will have to continue to call you Jenny. Or Jennifer if you prefer.

Vicki Clarke: But you’ve always called me Vicky before, when I used to come round for tea and stay over.

Dr Vale: looks at her strangely I don’t think so.

Vicki Clarke: What do you mean? What is all this nonsense? Vicki starts to feel angry  You know my name. I know your name. I’m mates with your daughter and I come round for tea sometimes. You know who I am.

Dr Vale: Which daughter are you talking about?

Vicki Clarke: June.

Dr Vale: June? June you’ll change your tune….no, doesn’t ring any bells. I don’t know anyone called June at all let alone a daughter.

Vicki Clarke: with a quizzical expression What are you talking about? Of course you have a daughter, she’s been my friend for years.

Dr Vale: How many years?

Vicky Clarke: struggling to think Er, I’m not sure. Maybe five years, since primary school.

Dr Vale: Now Jenny, I don’t have a daughter called June. My wife and I used to have a daughter, her name was Sarah. He stops for a moment fighting with strong emotions, tears start to form in his eyes and run down his face and he quickly wipes them away with a pocket handkerchief but she died of meningitis when she was still a baby.

Vicki Clarke: Are you serious?

She sees the tears in his eyes as is momentarily shamed at doubting him, then confused that he would lie about it.

Dr Vale: Why do you say I have a daughter called June? That’s strange. Maybe the name has a significance for you of some kind.

Vicki Clarke: But I saw her just the other day, you all came to my house. Then with a sudden inspiration that’s why you put me here in the first place, because I said June was dead after we’d gone to the woods to become witches, then she came around to my house to prove she wasn’t dead, then she lied about everything saying she’d never gone to the woods, or died at all and she knew nothing about it.

Dr Vale: That’s an extraordinary story but I regret to tell you that’s not why you’re here.

Vicki Clarke: Yes it is, I remember everything.

Dr Vale: Are you sure Jenny?

Vicki Clarke: Of course I am.

Dr Vale: But that’s what you remember Jenny, but that doesn’t make it real. You created that memory in your mind to cover up the real reason you were sent here.

Vicki Clarke: Looks at him blankly I want to talk to my dad.

Dr Vale: Your dad?

Vicki Clarke: Yes, I want to see him. Or are you going to tell me that I don’t have a dad now either?

Dr Vale: Don’t be silly Jenny, of course you have a dad, but as part of the conditions for this treatment you can’t see him. He signed the papers. I’m sorry Jenny but we all really want to make you better. Especially your dad who loves you very much and has given me full power and authority to do everything and anything in my power to make you better again.

Vicki Clarke: You can’t do this to me, you can’t mess about with my mind like this.

Dr Vale: I’m not messing with your mind Jenny, I’m trying to make you better.

Vicki Clarke says nothing. Dr Vale sits back and looks intently at Vicki.

Dr Vale: What was all that you said about becoming witches? That’s the strangest story I ever heard. You know that witches aren’t real don’t you?

Vicki Clarke: petulantly No.  

Dr Vale: Well, there used to be witches so I understand, medicine women and healers and that sort of thing, but they were all killed by the Christians. And of course they are popular in certain types of children’s story. Whether trying to eat children or flying around on broomsticks. I can’t really keep up with most of it, suffice it to say it’s the kind of thing which is squarely in the realms of make-believe and fantasy.

Vicki Clarke: So what about the Deadwood at midnight and the winking headmaster and David Bowie, they’re all part of it. I know all about it. That’s why I’m here isn’t it, because I know too much about all your secrets.

Dr Vale: David Bowie is dead Jenny, and as for the ‘Winking headmaster’ I’m sure you really do realise how unlikely that sounds.

Vicki Clarke: I want to speak to my dad.

Dr Vale: Jennifer, I’ve already explained that you can’t speak to you father. It’s part of the treatment.

Vicky Clarke: I’m not fucking stupid you know. You can’t just fucking kidnap people and fuck with their minds.

Dr Vale: Now Jennifer…

Vicki Clarke: Fuck off you twisted old cunt, my name is Vicki.

Dr Vale: Now Jennifer, I’ll have to administer a sedative if you’re going to be aggressive.

Vicki Clarke: Just you try. Vicky suddenly stands up and picks up the chair she was sat on, she raises it high over her head. I don’t know what this is about but I’ll fucking smash this chair into your face if you don’t let me speak to my dad right now.

Dr Vale: Appearing unruffled This is deeply regrettable. You have just put back any hope of making any progress by several weeks. Do you want to spend the rest of your life here Jenny because that would be all so easily in my power.

Immediately the door opens and a couple of heavy set men arrive.

Heavy-set Psychiatric nurse: with his eyes on Vicki holding a chair over her head and seemingly intent on attacking Dr Vale Is there a problem?

Dr Vale: languidly surveilling Vicky holding a chair above her head She’s just a little emotional. I can understand. Her illness has all come on a bit suddenly for her. She just wants to speak to her father. Turns to the psychiatric nurse askance although it will set the program back goodness knows how many weeks. Addressing himself There’s always an ethical concern in this work, between what is morally right and what is truly effective. It seems our dear Miss Vicky or whatever she thinks her name is these days, would prefer to preclude herself somewhat from the realm of effective treatment and into the domain of the demand for the immediate satisfaction of her rage. Indicating Vicky as if her position is a perfect indictment and perfect justification of himself Ok, with irony if violence is your means of operation then we will have to acquiesce to the power of your aggression naturally.   
Vicki Clarke: Does that mean I can see my dad?

Dr Vale: It means you can speak to him, but briefly.

Dr Vale takes out his mobile phone and dials a number.

Dr Vale: Hello Jim it’s John. We seem to be having a little more trouble than anticipated. Well, let’s just say she’s holding a chair in the air and seems to be intent on bashing me over the head with it. In addition to the language she used. No, it doesn’t look good does it. So it was this or the sedative. And in accordance with your wishes, and since she seemed so desperate to speak with her father… Yes I know. It’s probably set the treatment back a bit. I hope we can get right back on track.

He hands the phone over to Vicky.

Vicky Clarke: Dad. You’ve got to get me out here. He’s mad. He keeps calling me Jenny. Huh? What? She is suddenly frozen and holds the phone limply. To Dr Vale What have you done? That’s not my father. He’s as crazy as you are, he called me Jenny too.

Dr Vale: Crazy isn’t a term we find useful in our profession Jenny. But if you will observe I am the doctor and you are the patient and we are both presently in a cognitive education facility so you might be wise to reconsider your prognosis in light of the circumstances you find yourself in. The sooner you accept the facts of your situation the quicker we will be able to treat you and hopefully get you out of here.

She hands the phone to Dr Vale.

Dr Vale: That was brief. Well don’t you want to speak to your father anymore? You didn’t even say goodbye.

Vicki sits on the floor with her legs drawn up to chest and starts quietly crying.

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Act 4 Scene 5 : You know who I am.
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