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 Truthspoon Poetry, Music and stuff thread

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PostSubject: Re: Truthspoon Poetry, Music and stuff thread   Sat Aug 15, 2015 11:26 am

That's fantastic Chamber.


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PostSubject: Re: Truthspoon Poetry, Music and stuff thread   Wed Sep 30, 2015 12:59 am

Truthspoon wrote:
Quote :
Dinner time blues

What is this beef? 

Chicken necks giving me grief

Left over stonecold meatbones of disbelief

Me finding out what it’s all about

Being a WINNER

Not a Sunday dinner

Breakfast with Champions after midday

Space cadets with space-mountain crampons 

don’t need to feel the morning 

to know it’s going to be a bright day

The Sn and the mother and father

The Etymology of enlightenment

The road less travelled or rather

The path not went

To the Heaven sent event tent

Tripping in a field, 4d reality and stoner transcendence

Magic tickets

Two for one and one for the sorrow

Then later an ecstasy maze

Orpheus awake but lost in a dance-tent daze

And his love forever lost

Drop three for letdown comedown and disappointment

Perhaps these things happen for a reason

I expect they do

But they still hurt

To relive the moment of loss

And to experience love for only one season.

I feel that one.
That was good.
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PostSubject: Re: Truthspoon Poetry, Music and stuff thread   Wed Nov 25, 2015 5:59 pm

John Cooper Clarke, WHO ARE YA! Good shizzle mate Smile

My old band from sunny Cov
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PostSubject: Re: Truthspoon Poetry, Music and stuff thread   Sun Jul 31, 2016 10:31 am

Quote :
They Found God!

Guess what! They found god!
Took 'im down the station!
Gonna tell the nation!

Put him to use in the community and in the the world.

They found his secluded whereabouts,
A quiet west country village
Or thereabouts.

Can't stand the city
doesn't feel at home
Strung out by grief and pity
Feels too alone

Said he never did want to be a celebrity,
Doesn't even own a TV!

He's too old for this game
Walks with a limp and a cane,
Used to wrestle demons in his youth,
Before people turned their back on truth..

Wants to know what went wrong
Is starting to regret that the 'free-will' decision
Seem now we won't last long
The human model is up for revision,

You remind him of ants
They're always having wars,
But ants that write poetry
And open doors..

Personally I reckon it's just a smoke screen..
This God's just another has-been,
Another fat cat who won't take the flak
For screwing thing's up: just give 'im the sack!
Cos' quite recently the devil was seen.

There was Satan all smiling and bright,
Announcing his chat show appearance tonight.

A candid interview with the prince of darkness
The romps, the booze, the genocide, it's all quite harmless..

He is rising, the bright morning star
The smart media money say's he'll go far

He promises a bit of a scare and more of the same
He won't get bogged down on who's to blame

So do what you will and abandon dull care
But better watch out it's the devil's world out there..


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PostSubject: Re: Truthspoon Poetry, Music and stuff thread   Tue May 22, 2018 4:32 am

Just looking over the old Post a Poem thread on the High and Mighty Zhiba forum, and this one by Oioioi
stands out as a cracker:

Originally Posted by oioioi 
More of a rant than a poem...

There's no rubbish bins anymore at the train stations
But the terrorists aren't Irish now, apparently they're all Asians.
We were told to fear the Russians and now it's the Bin Ladens
We used to have backyards but now it's decking and terraced gardens.
We lived in the outskirts and went into town
Now for some reason it's the other way around
Out of town shopping and city centre dwelling
Urban living and suburban selling.
It's all Ikea now and C.G.I.
Time's running out for Rolf and M.F.I.
It's 2 n half quid a pint or 3 quid for a coffee
But I can't smoke a fag with me beer unless I stand outside the offy,
But then I'll get an asbo for hanging round me local
Cos being outdoors with me friends is very anti-social.

Where there's blame there's now a claim
J'accuse pop idol of peddling fame
It's not what you can do or even who you know
It's only what they can get from you to boost the ratings of their show
Christmas number 1 is the carrot that they'll dangle
"Is your Granny dieing? That'd give us an angle!"
Me mums got bird flu, me dad's got S.A.R.S.
I've carved your name in me arm, look at all those scars
I took to the razor, I had to do something vile
It was the only thing I could think of to get on Jeremy Kyle
Look at me mum, I'm on the box
Touching me cock and showing me socks
Took a D.N.A. test and lie detector
Me girlfriends got chlamydia but I swear I didn't infect her.

But there's hundreds of channels now that need to be filled
There's music for the teens and shopping for the weak willed
Cartoons for the toddlers, cars and comedy for 'Dave'
There's pixelated tits and muff for the sexually depraved
4x4s guzzling the oil that causes wars on foreign soils
Me TomTom's broke now I'm stuck on the drive
I've only got an A-Z, I'll never arrive
I've got WiFi, Sky plus and unlimited texts
It's amazing what you can afford when you consolidate your debts
The safest sex now is done by text
And if I want the real thing there's always the net
I've met this gorgeous girl and I know just how to please her
It's easy enough, I just give her the number for my Visa
But I can't get a lump sum cause I've got no equity
And child benefit's not an option since I had my vasectomy

There's peadophile lesbian immigrants living in Sale
I know this is true cos it was in the Daily Mail
I'm waiting for a minor operation on the NHS
I've got more chance of buying an interactive VHS
Nobody goes on strike anymore, there's nobody on the pickets
They've all got fluorescent jackets now and they ask to see your tickets
Clubbers used to be on ecstasy having one huge weekend love in
Now they sit in the corner paralysed by ketamine
I went to the bank to see if they'd extend me overdraft
They took a look at me credit rating then they just laughed
I was gonna go to Downing Street and stick it to 'the man'
but that's not covered by my insurance plan

If you're wondering why my outlook seems so dark
That's what happens when you stop smoking and listen to John Cooper Clarke

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Truthspoon Poetry, Music and stuff thread
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