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 Jews finding Jesus + 4d synchronicity.

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PostSubject: Jews finding Jesus + 4d synchronicity.    Wed Jul 05, 2017 6:56 am

Also there's an interesting example of 4d synchronicity with regards to the book 'Rabbi Jesus' which the woman received, then she phoned her sister that she had received the book after meeting the author and it turns out that her sister had just a magazine in her hand with a review about the very same book in her hand..... Pretty good stuff.

For me there are few things better to see than a Christian Jew.... it's like seeing the world the way it's supposed to be. Jews are smart that's for sure..... but could you imagine if with all their smarts they could all get spiritually back on the right track?

That would change the world for the better over night.

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Jews finding Jesus + 4d synchronicity.
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