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 Split personalities - manipulation.

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PostSubject: Split personalities - manipulation.   Tue Jul 04, 2017 10:18 pm

These days it just hit me that those who manipulate are recruiting people with split personalities or actually split them by themselves.

I was surfing the internet and just found some info that leads to this.

There's a point that says : "become the demon", for me, it actually means that you delete the core personality and become a new one.

Also this video :

Offtop : like I joke I could say that therapist is a lizard, just to make people think that he is actually a lizard and make peopleĀ go crazier than they really are

Katty Perry says that she is actually Catherine and there's this personality Katty, the singer, to which I can conclude that those who recruit new singer are forcing them to split personalities and easier to manipulate, a personality for the society, this personality could be easily be a doll.

What I'm trying to say that this is what mason/illuminati are actually recruiting, they are trying to split/make you crazy and believe everything they say and only then you might be king of kings or kind of.

My question is, how?

Only when you know how does it work - you'll know how to protect.
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PostSubject: Re: Split personalities - manipulation.   Wed Jul 05, 2017 12:00 am

I can't really answer the above question,but there seems no doubt that the recent pop stars of the last 10 years or so have reached depths of strange darkness that couldn't have been perceived at the turn of the century although i'm sure dark tendrils were attached to stars before then.
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PostSubject: Re: Split personalities - manipulation.   Wed Jul 05, 2017 5:34 am

I'm reading a book called The Fractured Mind by Robert Oxnam at the moment.

It details the self discovering, with the help of a clinical therapist, that a successful man's alcoholism, mood swings and black outs, are actually caused by MPD.

The crazy thing is it wasn't until he was 50 years old that he actually was diagnosed.

In one instance he is in a bad mood and about to start his therapy session, when he sees the therapist and starts chatting. Then suddenly the therapist says, 'ok, time's up'. And Oxnam says he's just arrived. It turns out that 'Robert' lost consciousness and one of his MPD took over, one called Bob.

It turns out that Bob had been dominant most of Robert's life.. and was responsible for making him rich and successful. Also Robert Oxnam seems to walk in elite circles and has offered private tours of China for people like George W Bush and Warren Buffet.

Clearly he's elite bloodline, and so unsurprisingly we find MPD/schizophrenia.

His therapist discovers 11 distinct personalities and in fact they all write a chapter in 'Robert's' book.

SimplyNobody, you asked how it's done?

Well one of the personalities which is part of Robert Oxnam is 'the witch' and she is present in Robert's mind as a malevolent force. Then when they try to find the source of Robert's pain they discover the 'baby' alter which is a 1 or 2 year old baby which actually explains that a witch physically and sexually abused them. We presume that 'the witch' is someone in his family who was looking after him, though we don't actually find out explicitly who it is.

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Split personalities - manipulation.
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