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 Schizophrenia the Shamanic Illness

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PostSubject: Schizophrenia the Shamanic Illness   Fri Jun 30, 2017 2:21 am

Does anyone here have schizophrenia? I do, and although most people see it as an illness, some people have suggested that it is the mark of a shaman in disguise. One example being Terrance McKenna who is well known for his research into psychedelic mushrooms among other things.

When I first did mushrooms, it was with my step brother. All was good and then suddenly when I looked at him, his face was that of a cat. I thought it was super cool, but just played it off as a hallucination. Then another time we did them again, this time when I noticed, I burst out laughing because it was hilarious at the time. For some reason when I see him with a cat face it makes me think of a traveler being of sorts like cat faced man with a travel pack on his back even though he didn't at the time. Some how that's funny to me on mushrooms, which makes sense because they do make you easily amused. The second time we did mushrooms with his friend as well and he had like a reptile/dinosaur like face.

A couple years later, I had some psychotic issues and eventually was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Part of the issues was because I realized he looked like a cat, and became interested in Gnosticism in which there are evil beings known as Archons that have the faces of animals. So I thought he was some alien out to get me.

It bugged me for years even though I was over it, and then I realized that it only happened to people who do mushrooms with me. It suddenly clicked that it's only by a shaman doing the medicinal plant with you that he can tell you your spirit animal! (those online quizzes are nonsense)

That made me think of people like Terrance McKenna who believed schizophrenia was a shamanic illness. It is only shamans who see spirit animals, for example my step brother didn't see me as animal faced. I'm not saying I am a shaman necessarily, because that is something of indigenous cultures, but somehow what schizophrenia is, is what shamans had.  Somehow shamanism is genetic.

The Gnostics only initiated certain people into their mystery schools, and since they saw the animal headed aspects of people, they must have only recruited people with schizophrenia, or shamans. It is believed that some gnostic schools would eat mushrooms, which is more often noticed in Mithraism which we don't know much about, but it seemed to have gnostic aspects. It has always been thought that Jesus represented the magic mushroom. Some believed the fruit of the tree of knowledge was actually a magic mushroom. A lot of Gnostics(there are many sects) believed that the serpent was their savior because it brought them spiritual knowledge through the fruit, and some even identified it with Jesus.

So Gnostics were essentially groups of schizophrenics who would do mushrooms and other such rituals. They were very cryptic in their writings, and most of what we know about them is through church fathers saying why they are wrong. Carl Jung thought of their story as being one of psychology, about the Demiurge the creator of the material world as being the ego and such.

Truthspoon has information on the website about a theory where the psychoactive effects of schizophrenia are caused by a chemical produced during periods of stress similar to adrenaline. The Gnostics used methods such as having a snake run down their body to cause a more spiritual state. This makes sense if the chemical related to adrenaline(adrenochrome) is psychoactive.

I've read before about people being used by some party(don't remember if it was the government or something) to enter a more spiritual state such as being able to astral project and such and they did it by causing intense stress and/or pain in said person. I don't know if it's true or not and I can't seem to find anything like it when I search... but how the party induced the states makes sense knowing other information.

So honestly I don't know what schizophrenia is... all I know is that it's something of a spiritual nature and that if the Illuminati or Elite or whatever exist... then they definitely use it to their advantage. I was once told after it started happening to me by some random guy that I would be a king of kings and that I could move guns with my mind and drink 60s while driving because the alcohol will process so fast... and he said I just need to finish my degree then I can work for him as a bodyguard. The thing is because of multiple reasons it just makes no sense why some guy would target me and say those things. Part of me wants to think he was just psychotic... but at the same time he owned a landscaping company with a sun with 13 rays for it's logo.. which is a symbol of the illuminati bloodlines... and for whatever reason he went up to me and said these things... His company had a website and everything, I checked and he apparently even has a degree in biochemistry.

So I don't know what any of that means either...

Anyways point is as much as most people with schizophrenia are driven crazy, sometimes it's for good reason and something weird is going on with it all. I've also had people with schizophrenia walk by me before and tell me "they're awake" as if they were people I could talk to.

I used to think maybe it's because I'm part of a bloodline because it's genetic, so maybe it's the mark of being in "cain's" bloodline (I say "Cain" because I personally believe the Illuminati are the bloodline of Seth, but I don't doubt Truthspoon's research, so I'm unsure at the moment). I actually believed it was the mark of Cain for a while, but am unsure of that as well. I'll make another post about what I believe the real Cain and Abel story is.

So yea just wanted to share my thoughts on schizophrenia. I actually have other stories suggesting I may be part of a bloodline that I may share some of a some point. However I have schizophrenia, so take what I say with a grain of salt! For example I used to use my family member with the cat face as a reason for being in a bloodline...but I think you all have animal faces now and that's why alchemists called animals ...animals because sol anima meant soul and the soul is the animalistic part of you. but even still there's other odd occurrences such as the king of kings thing.. that just drives me crazy. The worst part is there's a book written by guy named Nicholas De Vere who claimed to be part of the "dragon bloodline" which was the bloodline of Cain and that the king of kings was a title that King Arthur, Jesus, Cain, and others have held throughout history. For whatever reason a king of kings is chosen every once and a while.

So it really makes my head spin... so I don't even blame you if you don't believe any of my story, but all I ask is that you consider the part about schizophrenia being related to shamanism.
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PostSubject: Re: Schizophrenia the Shamanic Illness   Sun Jul 02, 2017 7:14 am

Personally speaking I am mostly in agreement with what you say....

High level Masonic 'scholars' like Manly P Hall talked about certain humans developing advanced psychic powers which represents the next level of human evolution.

This has been a key theme in the New Age for a long time.....Whether they call it 'ascension' 'enlightenment' 'kundalini' or 'Illumination''s all the same thing and it is all connected to what society calls schizophrenia.

Even movies such as Vanilla Sky, Jacob's Ladder, X-Men....and many more....all seem to be hinting at this 'transformation' into another way of thinking with improved abilities or new awareness.

Again it's schizophrenia.

My personal view however is that even if schizophrenia were somehow beneficial to humanity (which it potentially could be and has been in certain circumstances and points in history) that there's something about the condition itself and this planet which means that there is far too much negative input coming from both the physical and spiritual domain to actually achieve the precise clarity and knowledge of positive outcomes which is so important in dealing with any metaphysical or we could even say magical possibilities....

Also I have to judge the tree by the fruit....and the Masons and Illuminati....not to mention the various deranged prophets of these groups such as Crowley, Blavatsky, Charles Manson even....Jimmy Saville... they're not exactly the good guys....

And tragically I bet there are 'good guys' out there but the 'bad guys' have them all conveniently locked up in psychiatric hospitals....containing the opposition.... That's where the real X Men would end up in the real world while Magneto runs riot..... no coincidence he's actually Jewish as well....

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PostSubject: Re: Schizophrenia the Shamanic Illness   Tue Jul 04, 2017 10:08 pm

if we're living in 3D than schizophrenia is a part of 4D, I could write more but I hope this explains my point of view
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PostSubject: Re: Schizophrenia the Shamanic Illness   Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:54 pm

Blazetheways, I believe you because it happened to me and they had me locked up and diagnosed bi-polar II, with creative, artistic, blah, blah, blah. 

There were all kinds of "crazy" people popping out of the woodwork telling me things like I was the "greatest mother", a "saint", "one of the 13 lost tribes of Israel. When it first started happening, my "cabdriver", who was no ordinary cabdriver's name was Shem, which means purity. 

I had been given some heavy duty cortisone pills because it all started with shingles (intensely painful, like being tortured) on the base of my spine. 

I had one severely schizophrenic young man tell me I was his mother from the moon. Unfortunately, he was stuck on a replay, whereas I was able to maintain myself and move through it-except for the part where I broke all the windows and glass in my house, thinking someone was trying to control me. 

There is so much more, as you know and I do agree with you also, as Truthspoon said, for the most part.
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PostSubject: Re: Schizophrenia the Shamanic Illness   Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:55 pm

Oh yes, I did mushrooms more than once when I was younger.
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Schizophrenia the Shamanic Illness
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