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 Was Dutch Election Fixed?

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Was Dutch Election Fixed? Empty
PostSubject: Was Dutch Election Fixed?   Was Dutch Election Fixed? I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 16, 2017 10:18 am

The puzzling aspect (and the reason for this article), is that a story is doing the rounds about some areas (of the 388 voting regions) have reported turnout of 100%.???

Does this mean that of all the people who registered to vote before the cut-off date actually turned up and cast their ballot? Apparently not one person died, not one person sat it out, not one person went away on holiday or business. This strikes me as a statistical impossibility.

Even North Korea only had the gall to suggest that 99.97% of voters turned up for the Dear Leader. In NK, they have military buses that collect people and take them to the booths regardless of ill health, yet Holland managed to beat even that!

While it is possible that the 100% figure is inaccurate, it’s worth asking how the polls got this so badly wrong. As mentioned, the Trump and Brexit votes were polled wrong because of data misuse (for establishment purposes) and the “Shy Trumper or Shy Brexiteer”. Who would be Shy about voting for the establishment candidate, the actual Prime Minister? It seems strange, it looks strange and it feels strange. Electoral fraud on any scale delegitimizes people’s democratic rights. This needs to be looked into.

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Was Dutch Election Fixed?
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