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 Act 4 Scene 4: Try not to get Drugged.

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PostSubject: Act 4 Scene 4: Try not to get Drugged.   Fri Sep 09, 2016 5:45 pm

Dr Vale's Institute of Cognitive Education (I.C.E.) residential centre.

John Hampton is driving his black Ford Fiesta with Sarah Clarke in the passenger seat.  
They follow a sign which indicates the directions to the I.C.E. After a few turnings they come to a dark country lane; turning off from this they come upon a security booth manned by a uniformed guard.

John Hampton: Ok Quark, plan A is he lets us in.

Sarah Clarke: And what's plan B.

John Hampton: He doesn't, and we have to improvise.  Follow my cues.

John: Winding down his window at the security booth. John eyes the man silently for a moment. Hey there! I found this stray nutcase out on the Devizes road. They tell me you get a lot of stray nutters and we should bring 'em 'ere.

Security agent: Ok wait a minute I'll have to report this.

John Hampton whispers something indistinct to Sarah.

Sarah Clarke: Suddenly starts fighting and screaming Don't take me back there, she lashes out with her hand and starts to strangle John. Take me back to the road or I'll kill you.

John: Ok buddy I ain't waiting for you to report this while I choke to death, this bitch is crazy. I'm doing what the young lady says unless you let me in now. I ain't riskin' my friggin' biscuit while you sit there making phone calls. Adios. put the car in gear and makes to reverse away

Security agent: Ok go through. He opens the barrier.

They drive down the lane toward the institute.

Sarah Clarke: Did you have to call me a bitch?

John Hampton: Of course. You tried to strangle me.

Sarah Clarke: You said to make it convincing.

John Hampton: Nothing personal. I measured the man, I had to think like him and be like him, because if I'm like him, he'll recognise that fact and trust me. Because if he thinks I'm like him with the same values and motivations, he will think I can be trusted and he won't for one second even suspect that we're trying to break-in to rescue your niece and if I hadn't called you a bitch he wouldn't have trusted me.

Sarah Clarke: Oh come on, that's pushing it a bit.

John Hampton: Not at all. The word 'bitch' conveys a lot of meanings, but it's pretty unambiguous and forceful and it's a word which provokes an immediate response or reaction whenever it is used. 'Bitch' was the alarm trigger I needed to get him to open the gate and let us in.

Sarah Clarke: Really? I'm almost convinced by your psycho-semantic wizzardry. But what do we do now?

John Hampton: Pyscho-semantic...that's pretty good. Well, we can safely assume that our compliant security guard has by now contacted whichever member of the medical staff is on hand, obviously he has no details except that an escaped female patient is being returned. It is possible however that there have been no recent escapees and all patients are accounted for, but the fact that security have just made a report of a female patient being returned by yours truly might give some pause for thought that maybe he or she perhaps doesn't quite know what's going on in this instance and is out of the loop. We shall act on this assumption.

Sarah Clarke: What do I have to do?

John Hampton: A little bit more acting. You're being returned to the last place on Earth where you want to be, they'll probably try to sedate you. I strongly recommend you attempt to resist I'm going to need you in tip top shape. So you must resist being drugged and the best way to resist being drugged in a psychiatric facility such as this is not to resist, be compliant but not too compliant. We just need a bit of time. All you have to do is try not to get drugged. As soon as we get out of the car you need to struggle with me again. Remember this is the last place on Earth you want to be but you don't want them to think you're out of control so they need to drug you.

Sarah Clarke: Are you trying to make a method actor out of me John?

John Hampton: If that's what it takes. I'm going to open my door and I want you to dash out and make a run for it, but obviously don't actually escape because I still need you on the grounds.

John gets out of the car as a duty doctor walks towards him. At the same moment Sarah runs screaming out of the passenger side and makes a run for the trees near one end of the compound.
She runs and leaves the doctor and John standing. The doctor looks on without concern.

John: She's a bit of a handful as you can see.

Doctor: Oh don't worry about that. We'll soon settle her down.

The doctor gives a signal with his raised hand.

Suddenly a search light chases Sarah and an unsuspected high look out tower reveals itself. The beam falls on Sarah and tracks her for a moment. A man in the tower aims something at Sarah and she instantly collapses.

Doctor: We get this a lot.

John Hampton: astonished What happened to her?

Doctor: X12 Taser rifle. He gives a thumbs up to the man in the tower who does a celebratory fist pump in reply. He loves it when he gets a chance to take down a patient with his X 12. Spends most of his time electrocuting rabbits and crows with it.

John Hampton: Looks totally surprised and a little put out Well who'd have thought it.

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Act 4 Scene 4: Try not to get Drugged.
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