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 Banu Hashim. Dual Jewish-Arab blood line.

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PostSubject: Banu Hashim. Dual Jewish-Arab blood line.   Thu Jun 30, 2016 5:41 pm

Quote :
Banū Hāshim (Arabic: بنو هاشم‎‎) is a clan in the Quraysh tribe with a unique maternal bloodline of Israelite ancestry through Salma bint Amr of Banu Najjar. This makes Banu Hashim both an Ishmaelite and Israelite tribe. The Islamic prophet, Muhammad was a member of this Arab tribe; his great-grandfather was Hashim ibn Abd Manaf, for whom the tribe is named. Members of this clan are referred to as Hashemites. Descendants of Muhammed usually carry the titles Sayyid, Syed or Sharif, or are the Ashraf clan (synonymous to Ahl al-Bayt). Descendants of Muhammed through their mothers side usually carry the title Mirza.

Today, two sovereign monarchs - Abdullah II of Jordan and Muhammad VI of Morocco are considered to be a part of Banu Hashim.

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Banu Hashim. Dual Jewish-Arab blood line.
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