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 Act 4 Scene 3: Gothic Cliches.

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PostSubject: Act 4 Scene 3: Gothic Cliches.    Tue Jun 28, 2016 8:18 pm

John Hampton is driving his black juiced up Ford Fiesta at urgent speed out of London following an urgent phone call.

Within an hour he finds himself rolling into Wiltshire and onto the village of Pensively. He parks up at the Barge-In and takes seat in the beer garden with the dusk reflecting in the canal.

He walks towards a seated figure who is wearing a hoodie. John Hampton sits down quietly without speaking for a moment. After a silence.

John Hampton: Would you like a drink?

Sarah Clarke: No, dreamily I'd love a smoke though.

John Hampton: He takes a bag of weed from his inside pocket, will this do? Some friends of mine find this odorous herb to be of some value, personally I abstain these days. I don't enter that dimension any more.

Sarah Clarke: Right now I want to stay there. She takes the weed and silently rolls up a joint.

John Hampton: with a gravity which surprises even himself  What has happened Sarah?

Sarah Clarke: Lighting up the joint and taking a draw. Vicky's been certified.

John Hampton: involuntarily Oh my god! How? Why?

Sarah Clarke: I don't know where to start. She was found talking to herself with David Bowie outside in the garden in the middle of the night.

John Hampton: Talking to herself with David Bowie? curiously Was he there?

Sarah Clarke: What do you mean 'was he there?', David Bowie is dead John, you know this.

John Hampton: No I mean, was it..... stops himself  never mind.

Sarah Clarke: She came back one night at 2 in the morning ranting about her dead friend, a secret witch club, and David Bowie. Again.

John Hampton: David Bowie again. I wonder why Bowie's mixed up in this.

Sarah Clarke: confused Well, er, it's nothing really to do with Bowie, it's all in her head, she silently mouths the letters M,A, and D.

John Hampton: How did this happen? This doesn't seem like Vicky at all.

Sarah Clarke: Brother says that it might be stress of the exams.

John Hampton: I don't like this, not one bit. I need to see her.

Sarah Clarke: We can't.

John Hampton: We can't be damned! Who says we can't?

Sarah Clarke: Her doctor. I feel like I've entered a sinister Jane Austin novel, where family members suddenly disappear into Bedlam.

John Hampton: This can't be right! How can a doctor deny family visits?

Sarah Clark: It is his 'method' apparently. He is known for the process he using of treating her. He says she is dangerously insane and could kill herself. He says he has seen this mania before and knows how to treat it, and some parents who didn't allow him to treat their daughters killed themselves soon afterwards.

John Hampton: We must see her!

Sarah Clarke: We can't. It's the treatment.
John Hampton: Now you sound like a gothic cliche! Stop it. We can see her and we will see her.

Sarah Clarke: What if she kills herself?

John Hampton: Gah, it's all hookum. A threat, to give him more control. He's slick.

Sarah Clarke: Really? But he's well respected, he's a trustee of the Royal College of psychiatrists.

John Hampton: All the worse for us and Vicki. The higher up they are up in the food-chain, the closer they are to the mouth. The operation may require a moment's thought and a few local friends. Where is she being held?

Sarah Clarke: At the Doctor's special residential centre. 

John Hampton: Special residential centre? She hasn't joined the territorials, what is this?
Sarah Clarke: It's part of her treatment. Stops herself  Oh there I go again on about the treatment, brainwashed, it becomes like a way to explain everything when really it explains nothing. What has happened? Where has she gone? Now all we hear about is 'treatment', 'she must be treated otherwise I cannot be responsible for the consequences.' so he says. Keeps saying. 

John Hampton: We must find the location of this centre and rescue Vicky.

Sarah Clarke: We can't rescue Vicky.... can we?

John Hampton: Yes, of course we can. But we must do it at once. Or at least, wait until I make a few phone calls. How do we find out where his lair is?

Sarah Clarke: His lair?

John Hampton: I mean, his 'centre'.
Sarah Clarke: Oh well that bit's easy, it's signposted from Aldershot to Cheltenham. The I.C.E. The Institute of Cognitive Education at Sells Green. Some say all roads lead to it, wherever you go you can see the signs. It's hardly a secret lair.

John Hampton: Of course! Implanting the centre into the population's consciousness, then if they should happen to meet any escapee then they'll know exactly where to drop them off.  Hidden in plain view. I need to make a phone call. On the phone Are you busy? No, that's good, we need an emergency Pizza Protocol at the I.C.E in Sells Green. You know it? Good. ETA for us is about an hour, what's your ETA? Good. Progress to stage two then wait for the signal. Puts the phone in his pocket. We've got work to do.

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Act 4 Scene 3: Gothic Cliches.
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