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 Act 3 Scene 6: We're your only friends now.

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Act 3 Scene 6: We're your only friends now. Empty
PostSubject: Act 3 Scene 6: We're your only friends now.   Act 3 Scene 6: We're your only friends now. I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 29, 2016 9:52 pm

Vicky Clarke's house. Vicky is alone watching the television while her parents are cooking in the kitchen.

News reporter: We are at the scene of the latest episode in a night's senseless and tragic terror in London. According to initial reports, fifty minutes ago a teenage girl walked into a busy cinema as the audience were leaving a late showing of the new version of the film Psycho, and in an apparent reenactment of a scene from that film, pulled out a knife and stabbed cinema goers with such force and frenzy that left six people dead and 13 more required hospitalisation before the girl in question was apprehended.

This is the latest in a night's unaccountable and deeply irreconcilable crimes specifically said to involve children, all of whom appear to be under the ages of sixteen. Earlier this evening several  churches in West London have been the site of a highly sophisticated seemingly premeditated  arson attack apparently involve flammable liquids and a group of girls seen running from the scene of the crime.

A girl from the bystanders notices the camera and walks over and stands in front of the camera, starring into the lens unblinkingly.

News reporter: Here we have a young lady, and who knows maybe she can offer some insight into what has been taking place throughout London tonight. Addressing the girl Can we ask you a question about the night's events? What do you think might be making these girls do these terrible things?

She completely ignores him and continues to stare into the camera.

News reporter: Do you know anything about the night's events and what has caused this strange explosion in teenagers committing terrible crimes all over London.

Once again she ignores him and continues staring into the camera.

News reporter: addressing the camera Apparently not, this particular young lady seems to have no comment.

Suddenly the girl opens her mouth and starts to speak in such an uncanny and non-human voice that the news-reporter is struck silent.

Strange girl: I can see you.

She lifts up a finger and points directly into the camera, her finger pointing out from the TV screen.

Strange girl: VICKY!

Vicky is too scared to react. Her eyes go wide and she continues to watch the screen transfixed.

Strange girl: Play with us Vicky, we're your only friends now.

Vicky screams involuntarily. Her parents rush into the room.

Helen Clarke: What is it? What happened?

Vicky: turning to her mother The girl on the TV spoke to me.

Helen Clarke looks puzzled and looks at the TV only to see that the girl has gone.

Helen Clarke: There is no girl Vicky.

Vicky: But there was a second ago, she said my name straight to the camera and said 'we're you're only friends now'.

Jim Clarke: Vicky, you can't say things like this. It sounds like you're mentally ill.

Vicky Clarke: But I'm not mentally ill, it's just that suddenly everyone is behaving strangely.

Jim Clarke: Vicky, from our point of view it's you who's behaving strangely.

Vicky Clarke: Something's happened to the world, everything's suddenly turned evil and it's all controlled by these weird gangs of people, except noone knows anything about them.

Jim Clarke: No love, something's happened to you, it's you who's changed.

Helen Clarke goes to the kitchen and makes  a phone call, she can just be made out to hear,
'now she's saying the television's talking to her'.

After a moment Helen Clarke comes back into the room.

Helen Clarke: Vicky my love, I had to call Dr Vale, we're worried about you and we aren't in any ways equipped to help you with what's happened to you.

Vicky Clarke: What do you mean Dr Vale, he's just June's creepy dad, why are you suddenly calling him 'Dr' now? Just to impress me with his credentials? He's part of it too. It's obvious now, as soon as people like me find out about them then they need to shut us up by claiming we're mentally ill.

Jim Clarke: Vicky, you told us the TV was talking to you?

Vicky Clarke: But it WAS. It's all connected, their people are everywhere.

Helen Clarke: I can't take any more of this Vicky. It's breaking my heart to see you like this, Dr Vale will help you now and soon this will all be a distant memory. You will get better Vicky, but only with professional help.

Vicky Clarke: But there's nothing wrong with me mum.

Helen Clarke: The other night you were outside in the garden in your nightie in the middle of the night talking to David Bowie again, and you tell us there's nothing wrong with you?

Vicky falls silent and starts to consider if maybe she is mentally ill and needs help.

After a while there is a knock at the door and Dr Vale arrives.

Dr Vale: Hello Vicky, I'm here to help you. We need you to come to the hospital with us to see how we can make you better. You don't need to do anything except come with me, everything is taken care of, your mum will bring the things you need later, we don't have any time to waste if we're going to make you better.

Helen Clarke: It's for the best Vicky.

Vicky feels cornered and doesn't know what to do.  

Jim Clarke: Yes Vicky, you need help now that we can't give you.

Vicky with sickness feels utterly powerless and has nowhere to turn, she thinks for a moment of running out the house and trying to escape, but how far could she get before they caught her? Where could she even run to? With a shrug of defeat she goes with Dr Vale.

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Act 3 Scene 6: We're your only friends now.
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