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 Act 3 Scene 3: Only Monsters Play Here.

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PostSubject: Act 3 Scene 3: Only Monsters Play Here.   Tue Apr 05, 2016 1:40 pm

Act 3 Scene 3

Vicky Clarke is in bed trying to sleep. She is lying in bed and feels a cold draught in the room and her hair starts to be move as if a breeze is passing through it. She gets up and goes to see if the window is open but sees that it is firmly closed.

She is puzzled and goes back to her bed. As she lies there the cold breeze slowly starts up again. She closes her eyes and suddenly sees in her mind a pair of bright demonic eyes shining into her consciousness. She opens her eyes, wide in terror. She settles herself for a moment and tries to sleep again, the breeze again passed over her hair and as she closes her eyes she sees the same dazzling demon eyes in a skeletal pale face. She opens her eyes wide, despite her fatigue she tries to keep them open but each time she closes them she sees the same demonic face and sees also that the cold breeze is the demon itself.

She gets out of bed with terror in her eyes and goes to her mum's door and plaintively calls out.

Vicky: quietly and plaintively Mum, mum.

After a moment Helen comes out of her bedroom.

Helen Clarke: What is it Vicky? then she notices the look of fear on Vicky's face What is it baby? What's happened?

Vicky: I keep seeing demons everytime I try to sleep and I feel them on my skin.

Helen Clarke: Wait a minute. She goes downstairs to the mantelpiece and takes one of the tablets. She comes back upstairs with a glass of water. Take this Vicky, it will help you to sleep.

Vicky: But June's dad left them and he's part of it.

Helen Clarke: I'll hear no more of that Vicky, take this and just get some sleep and you'll feel better in the morning.

She takes the pill and swallows it with the water. She hugs her mum and goes back to her bed. After a few minutes she is fast asleep.

Vicky finds herself back in a field approaching the Deadwood, there is a full blood red moon in the sky. She realises that she doesn't want to go into the wood so she turns away to make her way in the opposite direction, as she walks she finds herself moving closer and closer to the trees, she changes direction several times but still finds herself moving towards the Deadwood. She stops moving altogether realising that is whichever way she moves she only comes closer to the dark place. Upon stopping she sees that she is still moving towards the trees, she realises with horror that the wood has surrounded her and is now moving towards her. She screams soundlessly and finds herself sitting up in her bed.

She looks around, it is the middle of the night and there is a blood red moon shining through the window.

She hears a noise coming from outside, she is afraid but is determined to confront her fears. She looks out of the window and sees a strange dark shape seeming to shift and move over the lawn. She stares at it trying to discover what it is. With a cold sudden fear she sees that it is a black demonic figure floating over the ground, suddenly it is joined by another, she screams.

She goes out of her room and downstairs into the garden. She opens the door and goes into the garden and approaches the two black figures. 

As she approaches she sees that they suddenly start to move faster.

With the terror of someone approaching their own death she is irresistibly drawn towards this dark mystery. She gets closer and hears a howling wind in the air and sees a sudden swaying in the trees, she looks before her at the two figures and now sees what they really are.

Vicky Clarke: under her breath 
Just a couple of black bin bags.

With a momentary relief she considers her fear and overreaction and laughs. But her relief is cut short as she looks to the trees being blown by the wind and sees, with unaccountable terror that the trees are moving towards her.

In an instant she is back in the Deadwood with the blood red moon now peering at her through branches which are all around her.

Vicky Clarke: Am I awake or asleep? Is this real?

A Voice: Tricky Vicky told on us.. Tricky Vicky ran away and couldn't keep her mouth shut. Now she's half way in and half way out. Up to her neck in it.

Vicky Clarke: trying to master her fear Who's that? Come out here and show yourself.

David Bowie: Hello there again you bad little girl. It's little old me again. 

Vicky Clarke: But you're dead.

David Bowie: Dead? Alive? Or somewhere halfway in between. It doesn't make much difference once you're part of the gang.

Vicky Clarke: I'm not scared of you.

David Bowie: You should be, because I am. There's so much to be afraid of here in the serious midnight of the Deadwood. All the monsters hide here looking for new tricks to play.

Vicky Clarke: Are you a monster?

David Bowie: I suppose I must be, but I only ever wanted to be a rock'n'roll star, though the way they make arrangements you can't be one without the other.

Vicky Clarke: Why not?

David Bowie: This world is a great stage under the perpetual twilight management of The Dark Circus. Anyone who wants to get up on the stage has to make a deal with the Management, and they're all monsters. They only let you play with them if you're a monster like them. When they've made you more like them they give you your lines to read... anyone who strays from the script or wants to play their own tunes Bowie makes a hand sign cutting his throat they have their contract terminated. 

Vicky Clarke: How do they make you into a monster?

David Bowie: Shhhhhh! I'm not allowed to tell you all the secrets, some things you have to find out for yourself. The way things are going you'll be a monster soon too.

Vicky Clarke: Never, I'm not a monster.

David Bowie: Then why are you talking to one? Only Monsters play here under the blood red moon in the Deadwood and once you're in the Monster's club, you never find your way out.

Vicky Clarke: What are you talking about? I'm not in any club.

David Bowie: considering Well that's a shame.The world could be yours, anything you want, the world's stage at your feet Vicky. Are you sure you won't join us, now you're so close?

Vicky Clarke: I'm sure, it's weird and creepy.

David Bowie: Well, in that case, they'll have to take you away somewhere quiet where you can't tell anyone about us. Have fun with all the madmen Vicky, and remember, you could have had it all.

Vicky Clarke: I'm not mad.

David Bowie: We're all mad here Vicky, but the trick is not to get caught being mad out there.

Voice: Vicky, Vicky. Is that you? Who are you talking to?

Suddenly Vicky realises she is not dreaming but is standing in the back garden of her house with her mother standing before her.

Helen Clarke: Oh Vicky? What's happened to you? 

Vicky: I don't know mum, am I going mad?

Helen Clarke: I wish I could help you Vicky but I don't know what's happening to you. I'm going to have to phone June's dad in the morning.

They stand outside for a moment, Vicky seems catatonic and Helen Clarke is crying silently.

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Act 3 Scene 3: Only Monsters Play Here.
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