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 Act 3 Scene 2: Confusing Times for Vicky Clarke

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PostSubject: Act 3 Scene 2: Confusing Times for Vicky Clarke   Mon Apr 04, 2016 8:11 pm

Act 3 Scene 2

Vicky Clarke's parents' house. It is now somewhat near two in the morning.  Mr John and Mrs Wendy Vale and their daughter June are standing in the hallway while Helen Clarke has a quiet chat with June's father.

Helen Clarke: I'm so sorry to drag you here in the middle of the night. To be honest I'm a bit worried about Vicky, she's been out all night and came in with some far fetched fantasy story about June being dead and David Bowie kissed her.

John Vale: How strange. I was under the impression that David Bowie died in some months ago.

Helen Clarke: That's just what I mean. It's not normal is it? The most obvious explanation is that she's been taking drugs but she assured me she hasn't. And she was insistent that June was dead, I thought if we can bring June here then we might get to the bottom of things. I just don't understand what's got into her, she normally so sensible and is always back home before 9 at night.

John Vale: She says she hasn't taken any drugs?

Helen Clarke: So she says.

John Vale: Do you think she's telling the truth?

Helen Clarke:Well I think so, but what other explanation is there for what she's saying? It's like she's out of her mind.

John Vale: Well there might be one other explanation. I'm going to put my professional hat on for a moment, I work with many young people who for whatever reasons, have been momentarily thrown off balance by some personal event and as a result, sometimes lose touch with reality. Now Has Vicky been under any particular stresses recently? Can you think of any particular upsets or traumatic events that you know of which might have had a marked detrimental effect on Vicky's psychological well being?

Helen Clarke: None that I can think of. This has all come completely out of the blue. If anything she seemed to have no worries in the world at all, she's doing well at school and she's been working hard to prepare for her part as Hero in the school play Much Ado About Nothing.

John Vale: Hmmmm. Maybe this could be the cause of the stress. It can be very difficult particularly for young people to prepare themselves for getting up on stage in front of so many people. Learning all those lines, I remember when I trod the boards for Saint Bart's drama club how fearsome it was learning all my lines for the Easter musical, not only that but getting the intonation right and remember all my cues. It's certainly no easy task, just the kind of trigger which might send a young self conscious teenagers into a sudden and unexpected spiral of fear, anxiety and then..... well. Why don't we show her that June is very much alive and well and see if she sets her delusions aside.

Helen Clarke: But she doesn't seem mad, just profoundly upset.

John Vale: Well we don't really use the word mad, it's a word which doesn't tell us anything about someone's condition, and is so full of the horrors of Bedlam and the lobotomy. Psychiatric is a much more precise instrument nowadays and there is no condition which cannot be improved without the appropriate medication. In fact I have brought a mild sedative should the need arise and with your consent of course.

Helen Clarke: surprised Oh, I don't know about that, do you really think it will come to that?

John Vale: Well we'll have to see, not without your consent of course, I can only advise at this stage.

Helen Clarke: concerned Oh dear, I almost wish she had been taking drugs, at least then we'd know what it was and it would just wear off.

They open the living room door and move into the room with June behind her parents.

Helen Clarke: Vicky, we've got some visitors.

Vicky Clarke just stares at Mr and Mrs Vale.

Wendy Vale: Hello Vicky, we hear you're not feeling too well.

Vicky Clarke: Er, I'm fine, I mean, there's nothing wrong with me. Suddenly she starts crying I need to tell you the truth Wendy. We were going to the woods at midnight to become witches, and then June disappeared and when we got to the Deadfield we saw June's body, someone killed her. Then I went back after hiding and her body was gone.

John Vale: Are you sure about all this Vicky?

Vicky: Of course, I saw it all myself.

John Clarke: But June isn't dead, far from it. She's right here and she's been with us all evening.

June comes forward from behind her parents and looks at Vicky.

Vicky: puzzled We saw you, you were dead and covered in blood.

June: laughing What are you talking about Vicky? You haven't got in with the Greebos  have you and started smoking Spice?

Vicky: What? June, I saw you, you went with us to the Deadwood.

June: What would I do that for?

Vicky: You said we were going to become witches and you said we could wink at the headmaster.

John Vale: quietly addressing his daughter It's alright June, I've got some experience with this kind of thing. Listen to yourself Vicky, June is here, she's alive and she's been with us all night.

Vicky: You're lying.

John Vale: Really? And why would I do that?

Vicky: seems perplexed but suddenly has a revelation Because you're part of it too. Just like the headmaster at school.

John Vale: exchanges concerned looks with Helen Clarke Vicky, you don't sound well. Have you taken any drugs or been drinking anything?

Vicky: defensively No. And I'm telling the truth.

Helen Clarke: We're trying to help you sweetheart, we can't make sense of what you're saying. It's crazy-talk she looks at John Vale and corrects herself I mean, it doesn't make any sense, your condition isn't normal love. Something's happened to you. Something's happened to your mind.

John Vale: Now wait a minute Helen, it's a little too early to make a diagnosis, but we are concerned Vicky.

Vicky: I'm not lying, June said we were going to be Children of the Temple and become witches, and we had to meet in a secret place in the Deadwood, and there was a flare which told us where to go. Laura was there with us but she disappeared.

John Vale: You say your friend Laura was there with you?

Vicky: Yeah but she disappeared.

June: I'm going to text her. June quickly sends a text message to Laura. After a few seconds she receives a smiling smiley face message. She shows the message to Vicky. Look, she's ok.

Vicky: How do you know she sent it?

June: Because it's her phone.

Wendy Vale: Do you think you could give her a ring since she's awake?

June: Ok mum. She presses a button on her phone and instantly her call is answered. Hey Loz, hope I didn't wake you up, it's Vicky, I'm at Vicky's house, she's.. doesn't know what to say well, she wants to talk to you. She passes the phone to Vicky.

Vicky: So you got back ok? What happened to you? Huh? Not you as well, you came with us to the Deadwood remember? What? But you were there, and you disappeared, we were all going to become witches remember? It was all June's idea. What do you mean you went to bed at 10, you were out with us? No, I'm fine, it's you lot who have all gone crazy. She gives the phone back to June, and suddenly starts crying.

Vicky: Mum, I don't know what's happening. Everyone's lying and I don't know why.

Helen Clarke: Now Vicky, everything will be alright, all you have to do is own up and tell us what drugs you've been taking and who gave them to you.

Vicky: But I haven't taken any drugs mum, never. I never have. Something weird and horrible is happening and I don't know what it is.

Helen puts her arms around her daughter to comfort her who is sobbing in her arms.

John Vale: I think we'd best be getting off, taking out some tablets do you think you'll need something?

Helen Clarke: No, I don't think so, let's see what a good night's sleep does, I'm sure it'll help.

John Vale: Well you have my number, I can be here in less than 10 minutes, don't be afraid to call if you need help.

Helen Clarke: Ok I will. We're all just tired out and want to sleep, I think everything will be better tomorrow.

John Vale: Looking at Vicky, he places the tablets on the mantelpiece I'll leave these here just in case. Remember, you can call me anytime you need extra help.

Helen Clarke: Thanks, but I'm hoping this will sort itself out.

John Vale gives Helen a look which indicates that he isn't of the same optimistic opinion. They leave while Helen continues to comfort her daughter.

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Act 3 Scene 2: Confusing Times for Vicky Clarke
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