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 Falling Masonry Website: List of Infamous Freemasons.

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PostSubject: Falling Masonry Website: List of Infamous Freemasons.   Wed Mar 09, 2016 11:46 pm

Quote :

Martin Buckroyd Jailed for stealing £18,000 in donation and lodge fees from Hastings lodge and Installed Masters lodge Leicester Mercury, 24 April 2001

Thomas Courtney Knight of St. Columba, convicted of drugging and raping two women Daily Mail, 1 Dec 1992

Aleister Crowley Magickian; Self-styled 'Beast 666' and Freemason His autobiography "The Confessions of Aleister Crowley" says he joined Anglo-Saxon Lodge #343

Benedict Doree Senior Freemason who bullied and sexually harrassed his colleagues Northern Echo, 13 April 2014; Acklam Lodge #6248

David Drage Accountant who shot himself before he was due to be questioned about £28,000 of missing cash BBC News, 31 July 2006

Joe Ellis Karate Teacher who quit Freemasonry, claiming that he was bullied and his wife insulted by senior Freemasons News 24 USA; Sharpers Hall Lodge #9196

John Fisher "Grand Dragon" of the British Branch of the Knights of the Klan Sunday People, 17 February 1980

Emily Fox Teacher at Royal Masonic School for Girls who had sexual relationship with 15 year old pupil The Independent, 6 September 2014

Gerald B. Gardner Father of Modern Witchcraft Jack Bracelin's biography "Gerald Gardner, Witch" says that Gerald Gardner joined Sphinx Lodge, Columbo

Lennie Gibson Criminal Freemason involved in the Essex silver bullion hijacking James Morton's book "Bent Coppers" says he was Master of Waterways Lodge

David Glass Freemason jailed for stealing £48,000 from two Northumberland Masonic lodges News Post Leader, 3 August 2007

Sir Peter Green Underwriter, involved with the Lloyd's of London scandal of the 1980s Lutine Lodge #3049

David Griffiths Freemason convicted of swindling £90,000 from a care home, to pay off his credit card debts WalesOnline, 22 April 2013

Thomas Hamilton Dunblane killer and Freemason EDM notes Garrow Hill Lodge #1417

Keith Harding Former Membership Secretary of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) & Convicted child sex offender, made Worshipful Master of GCHQ's Freemason lodge in 2011 Mercurius Lodge #7507; Daily Express, 23 May 2015

Michael Harris College dropout who posed as heart surgeon to con victims out of money and sex Aigburth Lodge #4103; Liverpool Daily Post, 13 October 2011

Michael Hearn Builder who bribed Civil servants to get contracts from the Government's Property Services Agency Queenswood Lodge #4718

Fred Heyworth Jailed for life after pouring petrol through his ex-wife's letterbox and burning to death four children Daily Telegraph, 9 May 1997

Philip Huxtable Freemason Solicitor found guilty of swindled clients out of more than £280,000 BBC News, 13 July 2005

Arthur Hyne Convited of Bigamy and defrauding money (also 'Wanted' in America, where he was known as "The man with 100 wives") Cardiff Times, 1 Feb 1908

Rheinallt Jenkins Admitted stealing £9,000 from charity over nine years Trevor Kelway Lodge #8466; St. Elli Lodge #3942; Llanelli Star, 17 July 2013

John Kirk Cheated various sums of money from people, alleging that he was due an inheritance of £20,000 North Wales Express, 29 Jul 1904

Fred Lawlor Child abuser jailed for 15 years after forcing a 13 year old girl to have sex with around 50 men over a two year period Daily Post, 7 April 2006 (Trinity Mirror newspaper)

C. W. Leadbeater Theosophist, Pederast and Freemason Initiated into International Co-Masonry; author of "Glimpses of Masonic History"

James Lloyd Serial sex attacker known as the "Shoe Rapist+B216 The Telegraph, 18 July 2006

John Andrew McCutcheon Accountant who stole £72,599 from his local church, the Freemasons and a Post Office that he ran in Seven Sisters South Wales Evening Post, 13 August 2012

Kevin McGuigan Sentenced to 15 months for wife-beating, but Freemason pals him to serve the time at luxury Priory clinic. The Sun, 29 Aug 2000

Sir Peter Miller Underwriter, involved with the Lloyd's of London scandal of the 1980s Lutine Lodge #3049;Daily Express, 6 February 1991

Kevin Menzies Freemason caught sexually molesting a dog The Sun, 15 August 2008

William Modern Train Guard who stole £150,000 from the Chester Death & Retirement fund Liverpool Daily Post, 17 December 2010

Trevor Nicholls Hotel General Manager, who was in charge when two of his Freemason colleagues beat up two men that accidentally walked into a Masonic event Victory Lodge #3932

Kenneth Noye Brink's-MAT robber, Murderer and Freemason The Independent, 14 April 2000 (Hammersmith lodge #2090)

Gordon Park Freemason charged with killing his wife, when she threatening to divorce him Daily Telegraph, 29 January 2005

H.R.H Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh; 1st degree Freemason, but has risen no higher, because he considers it Silly Navy Lodge #2612; Bilderberg participant (1965,1967)

Robert Relf Started British branch of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1960s Encyclopedia of British & Irish Political Organizations

Cecil Rhodes Unscrupulous & violent racist who used forced labour as a means of founding the De Beers Mining Co. Apollo University Lodge #357

Sir Michael Richardson Robert Maxwell's stockbroker; Chairman of Smith New Court; Colloquially known as "Mr Privatisation" Daily Mail, 2 September 1993

Jack the Ripper Serial killer and Freemason Stephen Knight notes that the Ripper murders were Masonic

Simon Robertson Partner, Robertson Robey Associates LLP; Deputy Chairman, HSBC Holdings Bilderberg attendee (1996-97,2013)

Emma Rothschild Director, Centre for History and Economics; Fellow, Kings College, Cambridge University Bilderberg attendee (1995)

Evelyn de Rothschild Chairman, N.M. Rothschild & Sons Ltd Bilderberg attendee (1983,1998)

Sir John Sawers Former Chief, Secret Intelligence Service (MI6); Chairman and Partner, Macro Advisory Partners Bilderberg participant (2014-15)

Frederick Seddon Poisoner who was hanged for murdering Eliza Mary Barrow Stanley Lodge #1325; Stephens Lodge #3089

William Stirling Jailed for six month after terrorizing ten teenagers with a hunting rifle Daily Mirror, 24 Mar 1999

Martin H. Wolf Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial Times Bilderberg attendee (1999-01,2003-07,2009,2012-15)

Stephen Young Insurance Broker found guilty of shooting and robbing a car dealer and his wife Daily Mail, 17 December 1994
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Falling Masonry Website: List of Infamous Freemasons.
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