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 Act 3 Scene 1: She didn't sound very dead to me.

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PostSubject: Act 3 Scene 1: She didn't sound very dead to me.   Fri Mar 04, 2016 2:29 am

Act 3 Scene 1

Vicky Clarke's house. The lights are all out, it is nearly 1 am in the morning.

Suddenly there is the sound of sobs and swiftly moving footsteps and Vicky Clarke appears at the front door, she tries the door and finding it locked starts banging wildly on the door.

She is visibly distraught with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Vicky: shouting Mum, mum open the door, quick!

Suddenly a light is turned on upstairs, then after a moment another light in another window upstairs come on, followed by a light downstairs as Mrs Clarke makes her way downstairs. The door opens. Vicky steps quickly inside with relief.

Mrs Clarke: concerned and surprised Vicky, what's going on? What are you doing out there? becoming angry and chiding  How did you get out you're supposed to be in bed? You'd better have a damn good explanation for this.

Vicky Clarke: Mum you've got to help me, they've killed June and David Bowie kissed her dead body.

Mrs Clarke: Killed June? What are you talking about? David Bowie? Who's killed June? David Bowie kissed her? Mrs Clarke gives Vicky a penetrating look Have you been out taking drugs Vicky because if you have you can forget about having any more riding lessons.

Vicky Clarke: No mum, I haven't taken any drugs.

Mrs Clarke: Then what on Earth are you doing out of the house at this time of night? She waves Vicky into the living room sit down, you're in big trouble young lady.

Vicky Clarke: distraught and nervous  I'm not on drugs mum, I'm serious. It was this weird club suddenly Vicky's mobile phone rings and she panics Mum it's them, they can hear me talking.

Mrs Clarke: Don't be silly Vicky. Who have you got ringing you at his time of night? We've got a lot to talk about my girl, you're fifteen years old, you're still a child. You shouldn't be out at midnight and getting phone calls in the middle of the night. Aren't you going to answer that phone?

Vicky Clarke: I'm scared to, I don't know who it is.

Mrs Clarke: Enough of this nonsense Vicky I'm starting to lose patience, looks to me like you've been carrying on behind my back up to all sorts. You're grounded Vicky, from now on you're not leaving my sight for a second. Give me that phone, I'm in no mood for games, and if this is some boyfriend of yours then that's your cracker, I can tell you. Mrs Clarke takes the phone which says unknown caller and is about to answer when suddenly it stops ringing. Hmm lucky for you.

Vicky Clarke: takes her phone It's a secret club that we wanted to join so we could become witches and the head master winks at you but when we got there June was dead and they took Loz away too and  at that moment she receives a message, It's them again mum, Vicky nervously checks the message which has an attachment which she open and it shows a picture of Smiley Mindless posing with a finger over her mouth in  a 'shushing' gesture. It's from THEM mum.

Mrs Clarke: Who's them Vicky? All you've told me is a crazy story about David Bowie and a winking headmaster. Show me that message! She looks at the picture again and notices the sender. Look, it's from your friend June, you said she was dead! What is this nonsense Vicky? I'm starting to get annoyed. 

Vicky Clarke: But it's not really her. Someone else sent it. I saw her, she was dead and covered in blood.

Mrs Clarke: Well I'm going to get to the bottom of all this. She presses a button and calls June.

Vicky Clarke: Mum, DON'T. She knocks the phone out her mum's hands.

Mrs Clarke: Right! That's it. she calls out Jim.

Jim Clarke: coming downstairs I can't get any sense out of her, and she's knocked the phone out of my hands. Says David Bowie kissed her friend June who was killed and covered in blood. I think she's been taking some drugs but she says she hasn't. Won't let me find out who's calling her. I'm going to lose my temper in a minute.

Jim Clarke: firmly Call them Vicky, I want to know what this is all about.

Vicky Clarke: But you can't.

Jim Clarke: raises his eyebrows What do you mean 'can't'?

Vicky gives him the phone.

Vicky Clarke: resignedly Press this button to call.

Jim Clarke: Right, let's find out what's been going on shall we? Then we can all go to bed.

He calls the number and waits. After a moment there is an answer.

Jim Clarke: Suavely polite Sorry to disturb you at this time of night, I'm just returning a call, may I ask who I'm speaking to? Uh-uh. Ok. Would it be possible to speak to your parents, it's quite important. Ok thank you. Good evening, sorry to bother you at this time of night, we seem to be having a slight problem here. Can I just pass you onto to my wife for a second, I think she'd like to speak to you.

Mrs Clarke: Hello. Oh I see. It's my daughter Vicky, she's just come in saying some incredible stories and I wondered if you knew anything about it, she said something terrible had happened to June. Oh, really, that's very strange. I wonder what made her say that. It is odd. Well I wonder what's been going on. Well if you say so, I'll have to speak to her then, see if we can get to the bottom of this. Ok, so sorry to bother you, looks like I'll need to keep my eye a bit more tightly trained on her from now on. Thanks, bye.

Mrs Clarke: stares at Vicki That was June's mother. After a pause and flatly She says June has been with them all night. She's far from dead. 

Vicky Clarke: What? But that's not true, we went out to the woods.

Jim Clarke: losing his patience What were you doing out in the woods at this time of night? Have you completely lost your mind!

Vicky Clarke: But I saw her dead on the ground.

Mrs Clarke: Yeah, with David Bowie, don't forget that bit.

Vicky Clarke: They're lying. She came with us, it was all her idea, she told us we could join, then she disappeared and the next thing we saw she was dead. She's dead, I saw her.

Jim Clarke: angrily Dead? I've just spoken to her. She didn't sound very dead to me.

Mrs Clarke: You'll be dead in a minute Vicky if you don't pack this up.

Jim Clarke: Ok I'm going to see if we can settle this once and for all. He picks up Vicky's phone and redials. Sorry to bother you again, could I speak to your mum again. Thanks. Hello again, look I don' know what's been happening with Vicky or what she's been up to but she still says June is dead. I'm a bit worried something might be wrong. Uhuh. Oh would you mind, oh that would be a great help, I'm so embarrassed I can't believe this, I didn't think being  parent would put you in so many embarrassing situations. Ok, see you in soon. Turns to Vicky. Well, June will be here soon so you'll be able to check whether or not she's dead. Is that ok with you Vicky?

After a moment there is a knock at the door and June and her mother are at the front door.

Mrs Clarke: Come in, come in, I'm so sorry about all this.

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Act 3 Scene 1: She didn't sound very dead to me.
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