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 The basics of psychic self-defence

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PostSubject: The basics of psychic self-defence    Sun Dec 28, 2014 9:46 pm

Basic psychic self-defence involves strengthening your concentration and blocking the signal from reaching you.

Create your own stronger signal to knock theirs out of your mind. Ideally the signal should contain no words or verbal thoughts or emotions, it should just be like a force field or a brick wall. Pure will.

If necessary use psychic weapons to get those bastards out of your thought space.

Some people become partially psychic as a result of various experiences and life-stresses, though it's not as much fun as it might sound. It can be reversed though..

What I mean by psychic weapons are weapons you make in your own mind to use on people who are trying to get into your thoughts and attack you psychically/astrally (which amounts to the same thing).

Fortunately I used to play a lot of computer games when I was a kid so I have a very powerful imagination full of big loud explosions and incredible weapons...  

It may sounds odd but it works. Every thought has an energy impact to go with it, negative thoughts directed at people have a draining effect on their energy (black magic)...

If you are constantly being harassed then you have every right to protect the sovereignty of your own mind. Maybe start playing some video games to see what kind of thing I'm talking about.

Liero is a great fun little game for two players with some awesome and imaginative weapons, you can play it with your friend and then transport the weapons and damage into your imagination to use on your enemies.

I'm sure all this sounds very silly to most people but it works.

I used this technique in psychic battles I used to have (don't need to bother anymore) and also on a tree full of very noisy birds which used to wake me up at dawn every day until I started imagining myself firing arrows at them until they shut up (I know, poor birds)... anyway they piped down then stopped coming to that tree all together.

I know it worked because I rigorously tested it. As soon as I would fire the mental arrows the birds would stop, when they started chirping again I fired another salvo and noticed that they seemed to stop at that point.

It did seem a bit vicious but hell I needed that sleep! Without sleep you have no way to focus your will.

But please don't use these techniques on innocent people..... You have to be justified and righteous in your actions otherwise you will be held accountable at a later date..... by your higher self, and that cat knows things even you don't know!

There's always one tough little bird that sticks it out....

I was asked if I wanted to join MI5 over the phone. Well what actually happened was a person in the background asked 'would you like to join MI5' and I had to give my answer to the person I was talking to (both of whom were friends of mine).. I said 'no' and she said 'are you sure?' and I said 'yep'.

Shortly after I put the phone down I felt a bit weird and floaty then I got this guy who I suppose was a mason chanting a spell in my mind, they were trying to make my body cramp up or something, like Propero's pinches from the Tempest....

I didn't know what was going on....

Then I realised it was a kind of attack..... so easy as pie It was like I'd made him swallow a landmine... I just completely blew him to pieces...

'Now leave me the fuck alone' I thought at them... 'do that again and I will destroy you all'...

Once they're in your mind they're sitting ducks to be honest.... They're taking a major risk to themselves communicating like that to you....


Then I heard what sounded like a room full of people clapping and cheering at me, like I'd done something really good.

I said 'fuck off' and I threatened them again.

And I've never had any more bollocks like that since....

You have to have a powerful mind and a very strong capacity for RAGE.

If you're not an angry person and you're under attack I suggest you start becoming one..

You need to move from being reasonable to be rowdy and start kicking ass.... OR... you could try to release them from the astral (if they are dead, some of these astral walkers are living humans with psychic powers)..

I did this once with a spirit, he told me about his life and why he couldn't escape from hell so I said 'it isn't your fault' 'You have to forgive the person who did this to you', and just like that! He ascended up in a ball of light.....


They should be scared of you, in fact they are but they have so many ways of making US afraid through tricks and illusion and once we are afraid then we've lost.

Remember FEAR is


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PostSubject: Re: The basics of psychic self-defence    Sun Dec 28, 2014 9:47 pm

We are always in the astral, just that most of us don't know it. There's always invisible stuff floating around us we are ignorant of.

If 'they' are talking to you then they've homed in on you and are all around you. They see easy pickings.

You've just gotta kick fucking ass!

'Stern' isn't gonna cut it. You're not disciplining a naughty dog, you're fighting for your soul. Be TOUGH!

Change your attitude. Learn to be stronger.

The best way to lose a fight is to think you're going to lose.

I suggest a healthy dose of Rage Against the Machine's 'Killing in the Name of' to be taken 3 times a day!
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PostSubject: Re: The basics of psychic self-defence    Sun Dec 28, 2014 9:48 pm

Try some or all of the following:

Get some powerful music on your ipod and listen to it alot at high volume out and about in town.....
Get your energy levels and vibes up...
Go out in the sunshine,
go for long runs,
smoke a little dope get real high and sleep all day and night...
Start meditating: spring clean your mind.
Talk to someone who really understands you for a change.
Laugh more, take the piss out of yourself and others.
Turn the tables and haunt those who are haunting you, try to discover what is the problem with them and look for a solution. Then publish your findings on this forum.
Pray to God for the strength to be free.
Increase your self esteem by any means necessary!
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PostSubject: Re: The basics of psychic self-defence    Tue Jan 27, 2015 9:39 pm

Some people talk about using astral psychic attacks on these entities. Well, you can't fight violence with violence, and expect not to be compromised by it.

I used to do psychic-self defence very beligerently.

But if you engage them psychically in attacks, you will appear to score victories, but in reality the combat stress and anger levels, are actually working to dim your light.

Fighting this force in the astral realm is giving them attention, which they love. Guarantee if you make contact with them, even by apparently psychically kicking their ass, which I have done many times, you are merely creating a communication gangway for them to access you in the future.

Honestly, take it from one who tried it.

I learned that nothing beats communicating directly to the light, and you need to find it within you first, and using your human aspect on earth with your divine connection to the source, to help bring more light into the world.

I hate to say it, but it is all about love and light......those cheesy newagers got that bit right at least.

But the light, when I say it, isn't a throwaway new age stand-in for 'kisses and hugs', I mean the REAL light of all creation, which we are all part of and connected to in 4d. The connection to the 4d light realm is strongest when born as they have just left it upon being born and brought 'out of themselves' but we can tune it up as we go through life and try to keep happy.

It's all about being happy.

If you're happy you can find the light. It's what's making you happy.

Otherwise you have to do zen meditation to tame your mind and emotions.

If you succeed in Zen meditation then the final 'nirvana' of pure being will make you very happy. You can then proceed to the light of God by focussing on it. Manifesting in your mind's eye for instance, a sunny day in a Brighton. If you can picture that in your mind and feel the sun on your cheeks then you have succeeded.

You are in the light. Life is awesome, if you're ready to kick ass and make it awesome.... But so few people are.

However I do believe there are the odd few astral missions to be run. I seem to be getting sucked into the odd one or two from time to time.

Which though lucid and in all full colour 4d, I scarcely can recall upon waking up. They just seem to exist as battered particles of light and dust, and dim remembrances of high places.

I think the amnesia barrier genuinely protects from knowing too much about our true selves.

When involved either voluntarily or involuntarily in astral combat there are several ways to escape a tricky situation. Personally I teleport, but some choose to fly for example.

Also once, a black vortex opened up in the dreamscape within an incredible FPS/Hollywood movie backdrop. Basically, my place of work had assumed massive proportions, but it was under attack, it was a lot of fun to experience all the fun of a Hollywood movie/FPS in 4d reality and it was amazing.

But I realised at one point that I had become 'enclosed' in the 4d state, and basically it was like a shrinking box, falling apart with explosions and random fires, just like an FPS and Hollywood movie does, so I saw this black vortex in front of me, but I realised it was a portal, the darkness scared me, but there is nothing to fear in darkness itself. It is the void. It's what you make it.

So I jumped into it and it was like peeling back an onion skin. A step back from a fantasy reality but now grounded in 4d hyper-reality.

It is certain electromagnetic states in the human mind which attract and impel the dark forces, if you seek the darkness you will find it quickly, it is the easiest and stupidest thing to tie yourself up as bait and offer yourself to Satan and Aleister Crowley.

But you can tune your mind far higher, far beyond silly sex-magick.

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The basics of psychic self-defence
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