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 Act 2 Scene 6: I am not a Pair of Old Tennis Shoes.

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Act 2 Scene 6: I am not a Pair of Old Tennis Shoes. Empty
PostSubject: Act 2 Scene 6: I am not a Pair of Old Tennis Shoes.   Act 2 Scene 6: I am not a Pair of Old Tennis Shoes. I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 19, 2016 7:53 pm

Dr Kemble: sitting in a chair, awake and accepting a cup of tea from Crew Good Lord, when my friend John here told me that he had access to John Logie Baird’s actual schematics for a machine to contact the underworld, I was intrigued and curious as to what insight into Baird’s renowned eccentricity this might shed light on, I hardly thought I would be venturing into the underworld myself and sharing a room with its indicating the bag rather peculiar inhabitants.

Stookie Bill: From within the bag Who are you calling peculiar? Take me out of this bag at once I am not a pair of old tennis shoes. I am an anomaly. The first TV star! One of a kind!

Crew: correcting him TWO of a kind.

John Hampton: Take him out of there Crew, let’s see what kind of anomaly we’re dealing with here.

Stookie Bill: removed from the bag Dealing with? Dealing with? I am not a petty crook or ruffian, I’ll have no more of this tone of disrespect. In my day we spoke civilly and respectfully to our elders.

Crew: But you’re a puppet. Since when did anyone treat puppets with respect?

Steve: No, he’s right Crew, there’s no need to hurt his feelings.

Crew: But he’s such a grumpy churlish thing Steve. And he offered me cakes when he didn’t have any. I still haven’t quite got over that.

Dr Kemble: addressing Stookie Bill So you’re an inhabitant of the underworld?

Stookie Bill: I don’t know about that professor. I’m mostly an inhabitant of Soho, which may well amount to much the same thing.

Dr Kemble: So you knew John?

Stookie  Bill: Of course I did. But let’s talk about me some more. I know everything that old lunatic knew. His knowledge sort of infused into me like psychic osmosis.

Crew: Psychic Osmosis. Good band name there Steve. Steve chuckles.

Dr Kemble: I must say I can’t make much sense of this blueprint, can you explain the principles of this machine Stookie Bill?

Stookie Bill: Well yes, I’ll try to make it simple professor.

Steve:  turns and winks at Dr Kemble He’s always like this, don’t take it personally.

Stookie Bill: It’s like this, the metal plates contain an isotope: radioactive Americium 241 and the usual alpha decay will be almost infinitesimally perturbed by the existence of astral energy. Ghosts to you laymen. The difference between the expected rate of alpha reception and the measured rate is then converted into an electrical charge and sent through these vacuum tubes, then the arc discharge is measured and the plasma flow is reversed at the same rate, and in this way it creates a high voltage feedback loop which is then discharged onto a small black glass screen.

Dr Kemble: How strange.

Steve: That goes without saying.

Dr Kemble: It appears from what our disembodied friend here says that Logie Baird invented the smoke alarm. This machine appears to work in almost exactly the same way, instead of detecting minute particles of smoke it is detecting minute variations in some kind of field. In fact this machine appears to be a cross between a smoke-alarm and an electrical television set. It’ll be easy enough to construct, just seems surprising that no one else thought of it.

Stookie Bill: Not really, most scientists don’t believe in ghosts so they don’t go about looking for them.

Dr Kemble: Yes, I suppose you’re right. How interesting. I wonder if science actually started looking for such things how much it might suddenly discover.

John Hampton:  I believe Nikola Tesla was of a similar opinion.

Dr Kemble: What is all this about John, why are we doing this? Entering the underworld like this?

John Hampton: It’s like this, but I warn you, this is going to get metaphysical: There are many human beings on this planet who are, what is termed, possessed by demonic spirits. Most of them don’t even know it, the worst and most evil and dangerous people on Earth, the murderers and child abusers, they know it. The rest, have no idea. They just stumble through life, being mean for no reason, sometimes they suddenly erupt into violence or abuse at the least provocation. Sometime the demons leads them into self-destructive habits, alcoholism, drug abuse and sex addictions. It does this because the demon itself enjoys these sensations so it stimulates the mind of the human it is infecting to indulge in them as often as possible. Now this is a fact of life and life goes on more or less. However when a critical Mass of human demon possessed  zombies is reached, when over half of the Earth is demon possessed, the system collapses under the weight of its own evil.

Because whatever they try always ends in disaster and widening entropy because there’s just too much evil in the system and evil begets only more evil. Only natural goodness can create and generate structure and continuing life. Most of the politicians and rulers of the world governments and corporations are demonically enchanted. This is how they reach their level of success, the demons all work together to insure that ‘their’ agents are in control.
The Zombies are everywhere they always have been and once their numbers get out of control we have war in order to reduce the number, sadly the good people also perish in the same numbers as the zombies so it’s a phyric victory for humanity as a whole and a losing game as ever year the Zombies are more and the good people are fewer and fewer.

They feed off the rest of us, and they generally look for someone with light and imprison him within a psychic framework: most commonly a Job, and since they are the bosses they have a variety of ways of subtly torturing their employees which they never will suspect and it is this torture which becomes anxiety and stress which feeds the demons and also, can help trigger the transformation of the employee themselves into a demon possessed agent. So their agents then slowly attempt to destabilise, persecute, harass, annoy,  and otherwise attempt to weaken this person drawing his energy and they use this to create negative events and power wars and terror attacks because they themselves have no power to manifest events. And this is how the world works and how no matter how much things change, conditions for life on Earth don’t actually seem to get better. They may appear to  with new technology and medicines, but all of this just creates more entropy.

Every cynical negative act performed by these people locks itself into a permanent patchwork of error like a structure made of broken blocks. The tower grows and appears to be strong but looking at it there is an awareness that it is warped and maintains it position and stability only through an interconnectedness living membrane of terror and fear. It is the souls of the tower’s builders who maintain the tower’s structure. One block out of place, one person within the structure can bring the whole thing crashing down to Earth.
We have to stop them reaching critical mass, which this time, won’t just result in war, but in the end of the world and the human race itself.

Suddenly there is an odour of whisky in the air and soft singing... this is the end....beautiful friend...

Crew: Hey it’s Jim!

Steve: Just in time, I thought I was going to drown in that lecture.

Jim Morrison: Materialising in whisky form I always tried to tell them.... but they never cared about my poems:  a place where ghosts reside to whisper into the ears of travellers & interest them in their fate.
Steve: raising his eyebrows Wow, that’s actually pretty good.

Jim Morrison: Of course baby.....but Bobby couldn’t make ‘em scan with the music so I had could only write basic lyrics for the songs. I mean ‘come on baby light my fire’ it's not exactly Wordsworth.

Steve: Another mystery solved.

Jim Morrison: Well you got it, Jim is here and all the doors are opened. Addressing Dr Kemble So professor, can you build that crazy magic machine?

Dr Kemble: slightly at a loss at addressing a Jim Morrison made of whisky The principle is surprisingly simple, so yes, whether it actually works or not is another question.

Jim Morrison: Oh, it’ll work baby. When you switch it on better man the switchboard because there’s a lot of my friends want to break on through to you guys. We’ve got a lot of work to do, we’re gonna take this planet back from the plastic pop and mark the return of the mighty lizard men of rock n’roll. They always said rock n’roll was the devil’s tune, but that ain’t true. The things I’ve seen in the name of pop music make even the mightiest rockers of the far-side blush with shame and weep with pity for the future of the human race.

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Act 2 Scene 6: I am not a Pair of Old Tennis Shoes.
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