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 Act 2 Scene 4: Down in the Deadwood at Midnight.

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PostSubject: Act 2 Scene 4: Down in the Deadwood at Midnight.   Tue Jan 19, 2016 6:58 pm

Act 2 Scene 3

It is Loz June, Vicky are walking towards the Deadwood with a red crescent moon in the sky.

June: Hurry we need to get to the deadfield before midnight and you must wear these. She gives them two red riding hoods. Loz and Vicky start fastening on their hoods.

Loz: To June Where’s your....suddenly she notices that June has gone Hey Where’s June gone?

Loz and June both start looking around frantically.

Vicky: I don’t know. But I suppose we’d better forget about her if we want to get to the Deadwood on time.

They hurry towards the darkened woods and enter the darkness within.

Vicky: Where are we supposed to go?

Loz: I don’t know, I feel daft wearing this thing.

Vicky: What time is it now?

Loz: she takes out her mobile phone 11:56.

Vicky: We’ve got to be at the Deadfield at precisely midnight, I can’t even see a field...We’d better start running otherwise we’re going to miss out. Come on.

They both start running through the widening wood until they can no longer see the point where they came in. 

Vicky: What time is it now? We’re not going to make it.

Loz takes out her phone to look at the time suddenly it rings:

Voice: Turn to the your left. Now run. After a they have gone a certain distance. Stop. Turn Right. Now run. They run in the required direction when suddenly they see a flare in the distance. Run in the direction we have just signalled. Quickly.

They spot a small empty clearing just ahead from where the flare had come from, and run towards it. When they get there they find a body covered with blood in the middle of the clearing.

Loz: suddenly panicked Oh my God. It’s June.

Vicky: starts crying What happened?

Suddenly they hear a voice in the woodland.

Distinctive Voice south London voice singing: June June, bloody June. laughs to himself.

Loz screams, she looks at Vicky but they’re both too scared to speak and both are crying.

Suddenly from out of the woods come a large assembly of figures all wearing black robes and red hoods each with a distinctive triangle and circle insignia on the chest of their robes.

Loz and Vicky look around in panic, the singing figure walks towards the body of June.

Singing figure: Juuuuune, you’ll change your tune....wait a minute that's not one of mine. He bends down towards the body and kisses it on the lips. Then he turns to the two girls.You’re face to face, with the man who sold the world....he lowers his red hood to reveal the face of David Bowie.

Loz screams: You’re dead.... You died in January.

David Bowie: We’re all dead here love..... Why do you think they call it the Deadfield?...laughs loudly and starts dancing around Ha ha ha, hee hee hee, I’m the laughing gnome and you can’t catch me!

Loz: whispering to Vicky We’ve got to make a run for it otherwise they’ll kill us too.

They both make a desperate run out of the woods, blindly in the dark. The hooded figures around them make a move to catch them but Vicky leaps desperately past them and keeps going, she looks back to try to find Loz but she can’t find her. Once Vicky is out of sight she hides and after a while she tries to find the Deadfield but she can find no trace of her friend, the hooded figures, David Bowie or of June’s body.

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Act 2 Scene 4: Down in the Deadwood at Midnight.
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