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 How I first became drawn into the world Freemasonic network.

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PostSubject: How I first became drawn into the world Freemasonic network.   Sun Dec 28, 2014 1:32 pm

I first came upon the Masons in France. I went over with my French girlfriend. She was the daughter of a highly placed member of the French sporting world. And a thoroughly good bloke, but among my girlfriend’s friends there always seemed to be people giving me funny handshakes or saying strange things to me like ‘I know you’ when I’d never met them before in my whole life, or saying ‘Are you  Mark?’, either at job interviews or on other occasions.
The thing is the first time you hear things like this you don’t even think about it, you just assume it’s a case of mistaken identity, but when lots of people start to say them, and seem to be searching you with their eyes to see if you’re ‘one of us’ you start to wonder if there’s more to it than that, and that perhaps, this was one of many recognition signs. Like some kind of spooky group of CB radio enthusiasts going on about ‘burning candles’ and ‘siding on’.

I learned the Masonic handshakes because so many people were giving them to me. One guy, A Parisian fiancé of a friend, played my hand like an accordion once, pressing all the knuckles one after the other, I wonder if he was going through the different degree grips to see if I responded to any.

Then I kind of realised there was something going on, namely that my girlfriend seemed to know lots of masons for some reason, or at least that somehow, we were ‘in the loop’. Her friends also were Rosicrucians, a name I knew nothing about when I met my girlfriend in the late 90’s.  

All these odd spooks with their handshakes and mystical shenanigans vaguely interested me, but not really. I was totally disconnected from investigating the worldwide conspiracy at this point as I was living in a house on the edge of a magnificent forest and would spend my time getting high and cycling in the forest..... However I found myself dragged into taking a view and waking-up by the events of a special local residential  government course.

It was eight days long and it was basically a portal into French Freemasonry for young people in order to allow them to run summer camps and work with children and teenagers. These things are fairly prestigious in France and serve as a kind of civil force working for the government (on very low pay) in a quasi-charitable basis, but all the same organising trips for children after school and during the holidays, basically indoctrinating them with the ‘ethos’ of working-together, communal living, and surveillance. The whole thing smelt very communisty to me, and I suspect that the UK Common Purpose charity, uses the same invasive training methods to rapidly break down the ego of the trainee, then when properly moulded, prepares them to enter the Freemasons, or at least to hint very loudly that this is what is expected of them.

So I was incarcerated in this weird spooky holiday camp indoctrination course for eight days. All sorts of weird things happened during that time but by far the very weirdest was the radio messages I would hear on my Walkman radio. ‘Open the files on the FBI!’ ‘Keep it a Secret!’ The message was repeated endlessly and appeared all through the dial as I tuned through the radio.

I was pretty scared at the time to be honest and I actually started to wonder if I would even get out of it alive.  I was initially excited too, but my outrage took over and I finally abandoned the course. The head-trainee wanted to make a deal with me but I didn’t even wait for his offer, I asked my girlfriend to pick me up and off I went.

So far there is little to indicate any Masonic involvement of course. I didn’t know what I’d just encountered but I know I encountered SOMETHING. I thought at the time it was perhaps some kind of French Secret Service training and they wanted me to be a spy, hence the late night radio messages attacking America. But the cold war is over right? The French aren’t enemies are they? One thing is for sure, the ethos they were inculcating during the training course was abandoning your individuality. Solitary pursuits were frowned upon and the ideal of the group and groupwork was endlessly promoted. The ideas of an individual were worthless and whenever I contributed anything it was ignored or rejected outright, because it had not come from the group and it’s secret ‘steering’ agenda.

It was all like play-acting. Using the Delphi technique where the individual’s beliefs are replaced by the beliefs to be inculcated.  So you would be in a team or a seminar and they would tell you what you were supposed to think about certain subjects. Some of the trainees themselves were actually steering the training, and because they were play acting at being your friend or training colleague, they could also ask you personal questions, test your reactions and basically run a full assessment of your character and personal beliefs. It was all very shady and creepy and that’ the reason I quit before the end. A because they were a bunch of creeps and B because I didn’t want to get sucked into anything secret and French if I could help it.

I’m not hugely proud of my own country, but I do generally feel that we respect a person’s individuality and personal beliefs a bit more, from what I observed of the French methods, they do not really care too much about individuals, it’s all about  the glorious French patrimony which supercedes the individual.
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How I first became drawn into the world Freemasonic network.
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