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 Act 1 Scene 6 The serpent owns the whisky bar and he won’t serve me a drink.

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Act 1 Scene 6 The serpent owns the whisky bar and he won’t serve me a drink.  Empty
PostSubject: Act 1 Scene 6 The serpent owns the whisky bar and he won’t serve me a drink.    Act 1 Scene 6 The serpent owns the whisky bar and he won’t serve me a drink.  I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 17, 2015 8:30 pm

Act 1 scene 6

Thursday, the night of a full moon.

Steve and Crew have 10 bottles of nice whisky.

Steve: Oh well, here goes. Steve cracks off the seal of the first bottle and pops out the cork, as soon as he does this there’s a sudden burst of low music brought with the wind it seems.

Steve: Can you hear that?

Crew: Yeah, sounds like Riders on the Storm.

Crew: Jim is that you?

Crew opens another bottle and pops the cork.

Jim: singing  Love me two times, Love me twice today. Waow, c’mon.

Crew: He seems to come through each time we open a whisky bottle Steve.

 Crew: Hi Jim. Waving around him to wherever he thinks Jim Morrison might be.

Steve opens a third bottle.

Jim: stoned  Hi guys. Break on through to the other side now. Yeah. C’mon.

Steve: say Jim, you sound like you’re having a good time there, they told me you needed a drink, I thought you’d be all strung out or something.

They open the bottles and pour them into the bucket and as they do Jim Morrison breaks on through to this side. 

Jim: No Sir! Plenty of acid here and lots of hashish, I think it's Moroccan. Dreamily It falls from the rainbow trees smiling in the sun.

Crew: Oh I see. So how come there’s no booze?

Jim:  petulantly The minotaur told the snake not to serve me any more.  The serpent slides into the endless night. Singing The serpent owns the whisky bar and he won’t serve me a drink. Won’t serve me a drink in the endless night. Endless night. Waow, yeah. C’mon. Singing The snake is in the night. And won’t give me a drink. Gotta break on through to the other side.... break on through, and get myself a drink.

Crew: Ok here you go Jim. We’re just gonna put this under the Moonlight and you enjoy yourself.

Crew: This is weird Crew. I feel like I’m feeding an invisible alcoholic horse or something. And you sure Jim won’t mind drinking out of a bucket?

Steve I didn’t think about it. I don’t think they make whisky glasses big enough for 10 bottles though.

Crew: Yeah but we could have used our imaginations. Like we could have filled a, ooh, I don’t know, a special ornate urn or something.

Steve: Have you got a special ornate urn?

Crew: No.

Steve: But we do have a bucket. See how things work out?

Crew: looking at the bucket of whisky Shush Steve, something is happening to the whisky.

There is a disturbance like a little whirlwind at the point the photons bounced off the moon interact with the surface of the whisky. Suddenly and incredibly the whisky surges suddenly and the whisky coalesces into the form of a man: Jim Morrison which surges and pours around him continually, glinting in the light of the moon.

Whisky Jim Morrison: Weird scenes inside the Goldmine. Raow! Yeah! Raow! Uhhhh yeeeeeeaahhhhh. Jim Morrison is dancing around in whisky joy singing and making various rock-star noises.

Steve: This is no good he’s pissed and senseless already.

Crew: I wouldn’t mind a drink actually, I don’t know why we didn’t buy a bottle for ourselves.

Whisky Jim Morrison: Wanna drink boys? Singing Show me the way to the next whisky bar. Whisky Jim Morrison puts his whisky hand in front of Crew’s mouth drink my finger, it’s 100 percent proof.

Crew:  I can’t believe this! I’m actually going to drink Jim Morison. Do you think it’s safe, you know, to drink spirits. He winks. 

Steve: Tell me what it’s like and I’ll have a go.

So they both have a double of Jim Morrison each and after a boozy moment commentating on the smooth peaty taste of Jim Morrison’s whisky fingers they get down to business.

Whisky Jim Morrison: It’s like this guys. The hootchie kootchie man is planning a special surprise for all the loyal flag waving citizens of planet Earth. He laughs drunkenly. Your whole wild world is going to be invaded by all the massed forces of evil and bitterness who have been trying to destroy humanity for many many years since the Lizard kings ruled the planet. And it’s all going to start in your country. Hiccups drunkenly At the Hic hic hic hype Aid concert. I don’t know the technical details but it all revolves a place which is neither in space nor in time, they call it the Deadfield and they intend to create a kind of crossing point between the Deadwood and your world and the only people who can save your world are dead rock stars baby.

Crew: I know rock stars are cool and that, and that dead ones are even cooler, but how come you’re the only ones who can stop this, what can you do that we can’t?

Steve: It’s hard enough getting them a drink.

Whisky Jim Morrison: We’re the only ones who can stop this because we’re the ones who set the snake loose.

Crew: You started it? How?

Whisky Jim Morrison: Black magic, Ouija boards, Kaballah. We opened the doors. 

Crew: hahahaha Doors.... do you get it?

Whisky Jim Morrison: Yeah man, I got it. We were young, that’s why voodoo rock n'roll stars never lived past 27 because that’s the age at which you get a heavy conscience about the choice you made. Young people make mistakes and they don’t care about making mistakes because they’re cool and they can do just whatever they want.

Crew: So you opened the Doors?

Whisky Jim Morrison: We blew them wide open. But nobody could see what was coming through and once they’re open there’s no closing them. Well, there is only one way and that is what we’re going to do. We have to get all the old dead rock stars of the 60’s who opened the doors to hell and close them again.

Steve: Ok then let’s do it. Where are they?

Whisky Jim Morrison: Well that’s the difficult part baby. They’re lost rock n roll souls. They rode the snake to the lake but the lake was dry and the sky was burning.

Crew: But you’re here and you’re a lost rock n roll soul.

Whisky Jim Morrison: Because the righteous man Bill Hicks found me and said he would help me get a drink.

Steve: So you’re here just for the booze and not to save the world?

Whisky Jim Morrison: I’m a rock n’roll star baby. If it’s time to burn it’s time to burn.

Crew: But I don’t want to burn.

Whisky Jim Morrison: That’s because you’re not a rock n’roll star. If you were a rock n’roll star you always burn, everything burns. The universe comes from nothing and consumes itself in fire and light for a trillion years, then it goes back to nothing. Burning is the nature of the universe.

Crew: Sounds weird.

Steve: Yeah I agree.

Whisky Jim Morrison: You need to find your friend John. He knows what’s happening but I can’t reach him.

Crew: Why not?

Whisky Jim Morrison: because he doesn’t touch whisky any more starts laughing. That cool cat used to have his doors wide open too, but then twelve years ago he closed them tight forever. He hasn't had a drink for twelve years.

Strange ghostly sounds heard in the air. It sounds like a combination of a flock of birds and someone dragging a heavy desk along the floor.

Crew: Wow, not had a drink for twelve years! That's incredible. He says, drinking two fingers of Jim Morrison.

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Act 1 Scene 6 The serpent owns the whisky bar and he won’t serve me a drink.
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