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 Act 1 Scene 2 Hype-Aid and the Dark Circus.

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Act 1 Scene 2 Hype-Aid and the Dark Circus. Empty
PostSubject: Act 1 Scene 2 Hype-Aid and the Dark Circus.   Act 1 Scene 2 Hype-Aid and the Dark Circus. I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 17, 2015 4:24 am

Act 1 scene 2

The Dark Circus comes to town. A field in Hampshire. Sarah Clarke who is camping nearby has struck up a conversation in the local pub with a rigger taking a beer and fag break from setting up the stage.

Rigger: Oh Hype Aid. it’s gonna be amazing man. Boner and Dog Beard are amazing men. The most fucked up demon stars like Lard Gagger and Smiley Mindless are gonna be performing a special OTO charity ritual will culminate with a special psychotronic lazer show specially engineered by US Nazis based on a design by Nikola Tesla.  It’s just gonna take lazers to the next level.

Sarah Clarke: Level 2 lazers. Awesome. Power-up makes a noise like PacMan eating a powerpill So it’s gonna be like Jean Michel Jarre or something?

Rigger: Better than that, it’s gonna be like when Philip K Dick saw that beam of pink light. We’ve got a special crystal that generates that same special pink light, but keep it a secret because it’s a bit of a first. It’s going to be deployed here for the first time in the world. It’s a world first.

Sarah Clarke: Is it? Pink’s a bit girly isn’t it. Is it a special gay-light to celebrate homosexuality and gender equality?

Rigger: No, you don’t get it. It’s not a gay-light. It’s an information rich psychotronic lazer beam. It isn’t pink because it’s gay or a woman. It’s pink because....well in fact I don’t know why it’s pink, but it is. The crystal makes it pink.

Sarah Clarke: So will it look nice to go with the giant Rainbow I saw you setting up won’t it? Sounds like fun.

Rigger: It’s not supposed to be fun, it’s for charity.  It’s Bono and Dog-Beard’s Hype-Aid. The Dark Circus are going to be there too.

Sarah Clarke: The Dark Circus? Aren’t they the ones whose fans go out and murder their girlfriends?

Rigger: You can’t blame the music for their actions.

Sarah Clarke: Forgive me but isn’t there a song of theirs which goes ‘I’m gonna stab you, then put you on a meat hook, swing you around and beat you because now you’re just too cold to fuck’.

Rigger: That’s what people thought when they heard Axel Rose was going to be performing at the Freddie Mercury concert. People thought Axel hated homosexuals and was a dangerous wild man, but the rest is history and a world class arena performance from a band which had just grown up and reached their plateau.

Sarah Clarke: So The Dark Circus are going to reach their plateau eh?

Rigger: It will be the CULMINATION of their career and so much else besides. Has a sudden idea Hey maybe you could join us. I could get you a backstage pass for you and me if you become one of us. I can be your backstage handler.

Sarah Clarke: Backstage handler? What like a reach around? If you don’t mind I’ll continue to handle myself.

Rigger raises an eyebrow and Sarah Clarke laughs.

Sarah Clarke: demurely So what is this ‘one of us’? What are you part of?

Rigger looks around then leans in to Sarah and for a second she thinks he is going to kiss her, instead he whispers in her ear.

Rigger: The children of the Temple. That’s who we are, but you mustn’t tell anyone about it because it’s a cool secret and that’s all the fun. Besides, you get cursed if you tell anyone.

Sarah Clarke: Oh I’m already one of them. My grandmother got me to join when I was a kid.

Rigger: impressed Your grandmother was a member? Wow, you must be very old bloodline, I’m honoured to meet such a distinguished Sister and I wish to be considered for my honoured Sister’s sex-schedule.

Sarah Clarke: Sex schedule?

Rigger: But of course. You know you must serve the order three times a week for sex alchemy. Some chapters only insist on two, in France they insist on five sex days out of seven, those French sisters must be worn out but that’s all the French really think about. Returning to his theme So we’re creating a portal to the Lovecraft dimension, we’re going to have The horde of the dead on Live TV link up.

Sarah Clarke: The Horde of the Dead? Is that a death metal band, seems a bit heavy.

Rigger: We’re going to achieve  total global worldwide possession, the dark circus Burlesque style, the mantra’s gonna be ‘feel the darkness, the sexy blackness’. Hey maybe we could do it now. We could fuck for the order and unite our streams.

Sarah Clarke: Oh that? I don’t think I fancy that. I’m a Christian.

Rigger: suddenly pulls a grimace and spits on the floor Excuse me he is apologetic but is clearly trying to conceal a mixture of anger and fear You can’t be one of us sweetie. Sorry, I’ll have to just wish you a quick goodbye, I shouldn’t even be talking to people like you. But you said your grandmother made you join? 

Sarah Clarke: Join what?

Rigger: starting to become nervous and exasperated The Children of the Temple.

Sarah Clarke: The Children of the Temple? Was it that she made me join? Appears to be thinking No, I got it wrong, it wasn’t the Children of the Temple it was the Girl Guides. Kind of similar I suppose, apart from sex days or whatever.

Rigger: Opening his eyes wide and suddenly struck with the terror at his own indiscretion, he considers murdering her right there but he realised he would soon be caught and this would jeopardise the whole operation. Instead he dashes off furtively. Oh I see, well goodbye.

Sarah Clark: Auf weidersehen.

Rigger is suddenly struck with a final look of total fear and secretive paranoia before he runs out of the pub to the stage to continue work setting up.

The Barman is watching Sarah and Sarah perceives his morphogenic field involving itself with hers and she realises she is being stared at. She turns around.

Sarah Clarke: Busy guy.

The Barman says nothing but continues to stare at her while cleaning a pint glass, she notices that he is wearing a white t-shirt with a triangle and a circle inside it. Sarah knows what this means so she laughs, finishes her drink and leaves.

When she returns to her tent she quickly starts packing her things together, as she is doing so she hears someone walking up behind her. It appears to be a tramp. He eyes her up and down.
She looks up and smiles at the tramp.

Sarah Clarke: naturally sweetly Oh hello there. Let me give you something.

The tramp is disarmed by Sarah’s nice smile and her issuing him with a ten pound note! Enough for three pints in the pub like a gentleman. He’d have to wash his underwear in the stream first and hope he can dry them out before the sun sets.

Tramp: Thank you for your kindness mam. As a reward I will give you some advice, You’d better get out quick madam. There’s something strange going to be happening aroun’ here soon. I’ve heard them talking about it. Something about the special diet fizzy drink product they’re going to be ‘deploying’ they call it. It’s going to have something to do with the pink crystal light and something else I can’t remember. All that carrying on with fizzy drinks and pink brain lazers isn’t like the music I remember. I like R&B, The Animals, John’s Little Sister, The Yardbirds, Eric Clapton, Sausage Sam. That’s real music. They didn’t need no fizzy drinks and lazers, just four on the floor boom tish tish with the highhat ts ts ts he starts playing air drums but is making all the right sounds for the drums with his mouth.

Sarah Clarke: Ok, I’ll leave you to it. He continues his air drumming as she packs.

Sarah Clarke: Bye then.

The Tramp is still drumming and says ‘goodbye sweetie’ between a beat on the tom.

As she is hiking away with her tent in her rucksack she hears his voice behind her leave her with one last message:

Tramp:  Beware the ghosts of the deep black rock n roll star. I prefer R&B. Rock n’roll is the Devil’s tune.

Sarah hurriedly leaves the camp site and jogs up to the main road in the hope of getting a quick bus out of there. She hurriedly trots up only to the see that the bus has arrived on the road but she is still a quarter of a mile away. She runs all the same in the vain hope that the bus might be loading a disabled passenger and so would be there for several more moments but this was quickly dashed as the bus drives off. She gets to the main road too late and finds herself alone on a country road, in the middle of nowhere for the next half an hour at least. She takes out her notebook and quickly starts making notes of all she has heard.  She does this for a while accompanied to the sound of bird song.

Suddenly she just discerns the sound of a car engine coming from down the road. The engine suddenly grew fainter as it turned the corner and was quietened for a while, then it turned the bend and the engine noise and the car was almost upon her.

A Black Ford Focus suddenly appears and slowly come to a stop next to her. The front window winds down but it the inside of the car and the driver is obscured.

Man from inside the car: What are you writing there?

Sarah Clarke: Oh, just some notes about the, she looks around, field.

Man from inside the car: Oh it’s an interesting field is it?

Sarah Clarke: It is if you’re a the field.

Man from inside the car: Come in Quark.

Sarah Clarke: John is that you?

She gets into the car and sees John for the first time. He explains to her that it’s a prototype photon absorbing device.

John Hampton: Works by magnets or something. Sucks out all the visible light and so all you see is darkness. University friend made it for the army but he’s giving me a go on it. Test trails. He needs the data. It’s a symbiotic relationship. What are you doing here Sarah?

Sarah Clarke: I’ve been camping, looking for magic mushrooms. This is the magic patch, I’ve been coming here for years around the same time. Always find hundreds. Found more besides, some weird guy going on about French Sisters of the children of the Temple being forced to hire themselves out five times a week. Except during August I suppose. The French don't do anything in August.

John Hampton: Oh, you’d better be careful who you talk to about that, the only people who are supposed to have that information are the members themselves, any non-member or profane, who blasphemes the secrets by uttering them should be put to death. You could have been killed. This whole area of ‘olde Englande’ is full of it, you should be careful where you go mushroom picking Miss Clarke. There’s a copse over yon field where all sorts of things take place. The Deadwood they call it. You have to go through that wood to get to the Deadfield.

Sarah Clarke: Why would you want to go to the Deadfield?

John Hampton: It’s one of their cult traditions. They say you have to pass through into the Deadfield in order to become a witch.

Sarah Clarke: But you just got through the Deadwood right? Can’t be that hard.

John Hampton: But you only find the Deadfield under certain conditions. You can walk through that wood all day long and you’ll never find your way into the Deadfield, only if the Wood wants to let you in will you find yourself there. And once you’re there life will never be the same again.

Sarah Clarke: John what on Earth are you doing here? How did I bump into you out here?

John Hampton: Same way as witches get let into the Deadfield, because something wanted me to be here. I’m just riding through visiting cider farms trying to find a premo fresh farm cider. Sarah looked into the back of the Ford Focus and saw the back was stuffed with several wooden barrels of cider.

Sarah Clarke: Why aren’t they in the boot?

John Hampton: You haven’t seen what’s in the boot. Besides, they’ll get jostled in the boot. So we’re you headed with your magic mushrooms.

Sarah Clarke: Back to Gospel Oak in fact. You can drop us at the station.

John Hampton: Not at all. I’m on my way back to town anyway. This is fortuitous indeed. Let’s drive back into town together, a breeze late summer road-trip in a car full of cider. You get yourself a drink back there Quarkie, I’ll just drive and fantasize. Might pull over somewhere scenic in half an hour and stretch me legs. Let’s make sure we get well clear of here though.

Half an hour later they arrive at Stonehenge and they share a glass of cider while the sun sets behind the stones.

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Act 1 Scene 2 Hype-Aid and the Dark Circus.
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