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 Act 1 Scene 1: You only die once, unless it's Vegas.

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PostSubject: Act 1 Scene 1: You only die once, unless it's Vegas.   Tue Nov 17, 2015 4:21 am

Act 1 Scene 1

Crew  is wandering through a mist which rolls at his feet and seems to be surrounding him.

Crew: Bloody hell. Where am I?

He moves forward and sees a dim light source deep within the mist. As he gets closer he starts to be able to make out a human shape and a bright light. He is smoking and appears shrouded in smoke.

Crew: calling out to the figure Hey how’s it going?

The figure turns around smiling.

Bill Hicks: putting on an English accent Hello mate.   

Crew: Hey... You’re Bill Hicks... You’re awesome.

Bill Hicks: Yeah.... I was pretty cool wasn’t I?

Crew: Where are we? And what’s going on? Is this real?

Bill Hicks:  We are standing outside the gates of heaven and they won’t let me in. What can I say? I just can’t give em up. They won’t let me unless I quit.

Crew: Wow.

Bill Hicks:  Might be here some time. The ways things are going universes can begin and end and I’ll still be right here smoking myself to....

Crew: Death?

Bill Hicks: You only die once...  Unless it's Vegas.

Crew: So why can’t you go in? indicating the light Is God like one of those annoying non-smokers who insist you step outside if you want to smoke?

Bill Hicks: God is perfect and self sufficient. So is everyone in there. Ol’ Billy Boy is stuck out here because he isn’t perfect. The cigarettes are just an outward manifestation of my lack of perfection.

Crew: Wow. So how do you get perfect and get in?

Bill Hicks: I don’t know.

Crew: Did you summon me here to find a way to help you get to heaven?

Bill Hicks: chuckles Dude, you’re still stuck on Earth down there waves vaguely downward I’m a lot nearer to heaven than you are?

Crew: So why am I here?

Bill Hicks: Because there’s something you need to do.

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Act 1 Scene 1: You only die once, unless it's Vegas.
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