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 Quatermass and the Pit..The truth in plain view?

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PostSubject: Quatermass and the Pit..The truth in plain view?   Sun Dec 28, 2014 11:31 am

Quatermass and the Pit..The truth in plain view?

Just finished watching this 1967 Hammer horror movie about the legendary fictional rocket engineering hero Robert Quatermass and his encounter with something very similar to Icke's alien race.

The movie investigates the connection between lore of demons and satan and the existence of an ancient insectoid alien race which came to Earth millions of years ago and genetically engineered modern humans.

However, the aliens were insectoid and prone to murderous purges and 'cleaning of the hives', and these alien beliefs gradually became part of the human psyche and political methods in warfare and social control, and so the film shows, the murderous frenzy of mass bloody murders such as Communism and Fascism, are in fact an echo of the methods of our alien creators and also a way for these now discarnate beings to manifest on earth.

Look at Nazism and it's black and red, the same colours associated with satanism.

It kills a few hours. 

See you at Hobbs end tube station!


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Quatermass and the Pit..The truth in plain view?
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