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 Freemasons sex abuse, the Illuminati and schizophrenia.

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PostSubject: Freemasons sex abuse, the Illuminati and schizophrenia.    Thu Oct 22, 2015 5:31 pm

There are mentally ill people who rule us and have always ruled us. They just give themselves different names and create different cults.

And there's us.

Anyone who is mostly sane is going to be inclined to natural good. Anyone insane is going to be inclined to confusion and slip into evil and darkness.

It's that simple. Good guys versus the bad guys (nutcases).

And that's it.

The trick is the bad people have learned ways to make other people crazy like them. So they sexually abuse children to make them schizophrenic, or they corrupt, stress and pollute society so their madness spreads out through the media and people start to see the world from their insane perspective.

That's why we have these ratbag superskank female popstars. They're just nutcases and they're trying to make people nutty and fucked up like them.

And when people start to emulate them and adopt their values (or lack thereof) then they are effectively using Illuminati firmware and often it's only a matter of time before they get formally sucked in to a local Illuminati chapter. If they're businessmen or professionals it will be the Masons, if they're young and artistic it will likely be the OTO.

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Freemasons sex abuse, the Illuminati and schizophrenia.
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