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 Act 5 Scene 5 Poison party pills

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PostSubject: Act 5 Scene 5 Poison party pills   Act 5 Scene 5 Poison party pills I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2015 5:53 pm

Docs: Did you hear that noise?
Steve: Likely a pheasant. It sure ain’t a copper and they’re our main worry right now after the highway to hell speeding adventure with cops and helarcopters and near certain death all the way out of London. Christ, I think I died twice from terror.
Crew: We made it here didn’t we? Just as like he said. I trust him implicitly.
Steve: Oh? The hitherto conspiratorial and dare I say, at times, slightly paranoid Crew suddenly trusts a man he’s never met before ‘implicitly’. What’s happening to you man? You’re going soppy.
Crew: Well, I trust him because he promised we woudn’t die and we didn’t die. I’m taking this step by step, like he said ‘don’t think about the future, only focus on the present’ that’s what I’m doing.
Docs: Let’s get down to action. Let me give you your weapons gentlemen.
Hands 10 special dual-action weed and Saint-John’s Wort joints to each man. Remember as long as you have one of these joints lit you will be safe. If your joint goes out or you run out of your joints you will be in serious danger from the 300 demon possessed buggery beggars in there.
Docs: What was that noise?
John Hampton: It’s ok, it’s me. John Hampton goes over and confiscates the joints. Suddenly behind John are hundreds of people who had all managed to approach the boys without being detected. They are all wearing a variety of awful and disturbing masks. Some are Frankenstein’s monster heads, some are aliens, others are simply grotesques images.
Grand Wizard: courteously Ahh, welcome guests. But our lodge is already full gentlemen. Therefore we will house you and clothe you in alternative accommodation. They are taken by the men forced to change into white-robes and taken to the cave temple where they see Cecilia.
Crew: Hey who are these jokers?
Steve: sardonically Why, isn’t it obvious? They’re all English Heritage gold-card members. They have permission to visit historical monuments after hours and conduct human sacrifices.
Grand Wizard: Hahaha Mr Funny. Very droll. But no, we are here with the kind permission of the land owner. Ordering take them away to the dungeon. To himself Ahh! I do soooo enjoy saying that. To Steve And maybe I can have a little fun with you too later Mr Funny, we’ll see how you feel at the sacrifice and perhaps you might sacrifice something to me and I will give something to you unconsciously touching his lips sensually with sordid delight at the thought of what he wants to give him and what he means to take away.
Steve struggles with the three men handling him towards the caves ahead at the bottom of the hill.
Grand Wizard: slowly and fruitily Ahh yes, the struggle. I do soooo love the struggle….. Appears to be getting quite emotional.
The three men are bundled over to the caves and forced to wear white robes. They arrive in a part of the cave system called ‘the dungeon’.
Waiting there is a face they recognize and one they don’t, an enormous, facially scarred psychopathic guard.
Crew: Why? It’s the little girl? Cecilia.
Steve: Never mind the little girl, take a look at the big fella.
Big Fella: Big Fella isn’t my name but it’ll do for the night. You boys watch yourselves.
Crew: But at least Cecilia is safe.
Steve: Safe? How’s being kidnapped and taken to an underground dungeon and dressed in a white robe safe?
Docs: She’s alive. I guess that’s what he meant.

Crew: calling out Hey Cecilia!

She ignores him completely.
Crew: waving Hey Cecilia, it’s us, pointing ‘the boys’!
Kora: Looks at them steadily. Slowly Are you talking to me?
Crew: Of course. It’s us, we’ve come to rescue you.
Kora: Laughing Oh really and who’s going to rescue you?
Crew: What’s going on little girl?
Kora: I am not a little girl. I am Kora the majestic queen of the underworld and daughter of a Goddess.
Steve whistles.
Docs: Maybe if we had the antidope we could bring her out of it.
Steve: Out of what?
Docs: She’s in a trance if you hadn’t noticed. Look at the lack of muscle control over the face: she has no facial expression, look at her eyes, she’s not even looking at you, she’s gazing somewhere past you. They don’t call me Docs for nothing.
Crew: Maybe you’re right. How do we snap her out of it?
Steve: Try to reason with her.
Crew: No, John said that wouldn’t work.
Steve: John? He betrayed us, he brought us here to be sacrificed or something.
Crew: Steve, we don’t know we’re going to be sacrificed, maybe we’re just being invited to the orgy.
Big Fella: That’s enough talking boys, you’re making me angry, and when I’m angry suddenly people develop broken bones.
Kora: interrupting Oh yes, you will be sacrificed.
Steve: quietly after the warning from Big Fella Oh great! We’re going to be sacrificed. Turning on Crew Orgy? Jesus listen to yourself Crew, there might be an orgy but it won’t be a fun orgy, it’ll be an evil orgy with those murderous Tailor men. Besides I haven’t seen any women, they might all be men and just us and Cecilia here. This isn’t a good thing Crew, we’ve got to bust the hell out of here, not sit around waiting for the bar to open.
Crew: humbled Sorry I lost control of myself a bit there, I guess I’m just trying to be positive.
Docs: So they’re going to kill us.
John Hampton makes an appearance and as he does so he motions Kora to depart.
Crew: Hey look it’s John, our savior.
He ignores them.
Docs: looking at John’s face Oh not him as well.
Steve: What’s your name?
John Hampton: slowly  I am Pluto King of the underworld. You will eat. He offers them some pomegranate seeds.
Crew: eating Oh great I love pomegranate…Steve knocks the plate of Pomegranate seeds out of Crew’s hand.
Steve: Don’t eat them you dummy. They’re probably drugged.
Docs: explaining In the mysteries of Eleusis Persephone is kidnapped by Pluto the Lord of hell, he offers her food and she eat 6 pomegranate seeds. She has received the devil’s hospitality and so must remain with Pluto for 6 months of the year.
Steve: How many did you have?
Crew: I dunno, I shoved in a good handful though… about 25 I reckon. Do you really think they’re drugged?
Docs: In all likelihood yes. You have likely been drugged, the mysteries such as these are well known for their use of various strongly psychoactive ingredients, usually something hallucinogenic and LSD like.
Crew: So am I gonna get high?
Docs: You might. Or you might go totally mental.
Steve: Would we notice?
Crew starts getting excited.
Crew: Woooah, I can feel it: I’m coming up!
Steve: Dude, you’re not ‘coming-up’ you’ve been poisoned, that’s a very different thing. What if that stuff in the pomegranate seeds wasn’t party-pills or disco biscuit but fast acting poison, like hemlock or witch hazel?
Docs: Witch-hazel isn’t poisonous.
Steve: What’s another poisonous one?
Docs: Mandrake.
Steve: Yeah, Mandrake, what if he’s eaten mandrake Docs what will happen to him?
Crew: Stop it man, you’re deffing me out and bringing me down, I’m trying to get my buzz on here, I’m feeling pretty up until you start talking about poison and hemlock and I go all cold and feel like I’m gonna die. Don’t let me die Steve.
Steve: Ah man, don’t say that, what if you do die what am I gonna do with myself with you laying that guilt-trip at my door.
Docs: Wait a minute, let’s be logical. How do you feel? And did you notice any strange tastes when eating the seeds?
Crew: I feel alright…. And no they didn’t taste funny at all. I feel kinda trippy.
Docs: He might be alright… Let’s hope so. It’s possible that the effect of drugging us was to make us less aware of the reality of what was happening around us,  a kind of sedative but we’ll have to see what else happens to Crew.
Steve: Well, if there’s any drugs to be found on a night you can be sure Crew will be there to hoover them up every time.
John Hampton picks the plate up from the floor.
Pluto: You will soon be sacrificed to me and I will take my bride.
Steve: John, John mate? What happened to you? I thought we were friends.
Pluto: I am Pluto, I have no friends.
Steve: Shit man, that’s deep. Y’know if we had any of that antidope we’d be able to fix all this I reckon. Get these two dummies out of their demon-trances.
Docs: Remember that John betrayed us even before he was put into the trance.
Steve: That bastard.

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Act 5 Scene 5 Poison party pills
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