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 Act 5 Scene 4 Fraternal greetings

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Act 5 Scene 4 Fraternal greetings Empty
PostSubject: Act 5 Scene 4 Fraternal greetings   Act 5 Scene 4 Fraternal greetings I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2015 5:51 pm

John goes towards the top of the hill to the Mausoleum.  He immediately seeks out Johnny St Vile and the head Wizard.
John Hampton: Greetings brothers! I bring you a trinity guests to do with as you please. 
Johnny St Vile: All boys I suppose?
John Hampton: Yes sir.
Johnny St. Vile: asking the wizard is he a woofter? Why does he bring smelly boys?Are there no girls around here? I want to put some practice in.
Head Wizard: Remember the solemnity of the ritual Vile.
Johnny St.Vile: Solemnity of the ‘ritual’ poppycock! Putting on a particularly coarse Yorkshire accent D’you ‘ere me? You got that cocker? Poppycock I call it. Some people overhear and  turn surprised to look at him It’s an orgy cub no more and no less and you’re dressing it up.
Head Wizzard: Indignant It is no such thing, the revels and their pleasures are incidental, they are merely our reward for the hours of labor we put in. They are not and never have been the end in themselves. How can you not know this Vile? As grand wizard I begin to question your commitment.
Johnny St.Vile: Get off your high-horse there Merlin the magickal, I know who you are when you’re not in here lording it up. I know what you get up to too ‘cos I’m the mug who helps you get up to it.
Head Wizard: You are to speak no more Vile under risk of punishment. Vile suddenly turns silent then starts whistling and rolling his eyes in a comical way at John Hampton who doesn’t laugh.
Johnny St.Vile: operating in ‘dual-self’ mode and pointedly referring to John Hampton  If it’s not bad enough that he only likes kidnapping little fairy boys he doesn’t have a sense of humor either.
John Hampton: Sorry sir. I lived in Japan for too long.
Johnny St.Vile grunts an affirmation of a dismissal.
Head Wizard: Let us go out to these boys with our full assembly and laugh at their faces to see their supposed benefactor betray them. Oh how we shall laugh. Come!  Let us all  wear our revel masks both to protect ourselves and for extra mirth.
The assembly is called to order and instructions are given by the Grand Wizard for everyone to come down the hill into Bender’s wood and surprise them.

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Act 5 Scene 4 Fraternal greetings
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