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 Act 5 Scene 3 Nil desperandum auspice deo

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Act 5 Scene 3 Nil desperandum auspice deo Empty
PostSubject: Act 5 Scene 3 Nil desperandum auspice deo   Act 5 Scene 3 Nil desperandum auspice deo I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2015 5:49 pm

John Hampton: We’ve got half an hour before the ritual begins and 1 hour of road to travel. So that means we’re going to have to move fast. Really fast. Better make sure your seat belts are on in the back.
With a screech of tires they pull carefully out of Brick Lane. Suddenly as they turn onto Shoreditch High Street the 500 HP Super Fiesta fires into life and with a fiery roar, they charge to Old Street in a second and onto the City Road, they follow the city belt, as if skirting some kind of old city wall, after roaring past Kings Cross a policeman takes a lively interest in their manner of their mobilization. He takes the radio from his pocket and calls his colleagues.
Policeman: Paddington-Green, Black  Ford Fiesta seen running a red light and driving at excess speed at Kings Cross station, will pursue at distance, request surveillance information and tracking. Over
Steve: We’re going too fast through London man, we’re going to get busted.
John Hampton: They’ll never catch us. I’m a better driver and this car is a better car. Once we hit the Westway I’ll really show you watch she can do.
Steve: No please, don’t. We’ll never make it there alive.
Policeman: on the radio Target is driving West, possibly out of London onto the Westway, have pursuit cars standing by ready.
At Paddington Green Police station two Ford Focuses  pull onto the Westway and turn on their blues and twos as soon as they hear the roar of  the  black Ford Fiesta.
Steve: hearing the siren Oh nooooo. That’s us. They’re after us, we’ve had it.
John Hampton: Nil desperandum…… auspice deo.
Crew: Latin?
John Hampton: Don’t worry, we’re on a mission from God….roughly.
Steve: That’s not Latin that’s the Blues Brothers.
John Hampton: rapidly turning the wheel and a screech of tires as they narrowly avoid a horrific accident involving an articulated lorry. Auspice deo….Didn’t you do Latin at school?
Steve: Surprisingly no. Normal people don’t do Latin at school.
Docs:  Mīsit equitēs ad īnsequendum
John Hampton: Except they’re not on horses and we’re not running away.
PC Parker: driving Jesus he’s really hammering it. Either his wife is having a baby or he’s had some kind of breakdown. Let’s get him. They follow the Ford in the relatively quiet evening traffic.
They follow in pursuit now driving at 70, 80…90
PC Slater: He’s a maniac, looks at the speedometer he must be doing a ton. Bloody hell, all the same go easy. I’ll radio an intercept. If they get there on time. Into radio White-city, black Ford Fiesta with 4 males driving down Westway, approx 2 minutes from your location. Intercept black Ford Fiesta travelling at speed. You’ll be able to hear our sirens, we’re running at about 10 seconds behind target.
They black Ford roars past the two police-cars waiting at Bentworth are shocked as the car arrives before they seem to hear it.
PC Jones: Bloody hell! That wasn’t a Ford Fiesta. I didn’t even see the bugger.
PC Ellis: I did, I don’t care how fancy his engine, I’m having this bastard.
The Ford is now being pursued by four police-cars. Two are 500 metres behind while the other two are about 100 metres and 300 metres behind respectively all lights and sirens.
The Ford races on ahead past Gerard’s Cross where four police cars are deployed and a police helicopter are deployed to continue the chase.  Further down the M40.
John Hampton: We turn off here.
Steve: we’ll get arrested

John Hampton: No we won’t. Everything is in our favour. We know where we’re going; we are travelling in the dark; We have a better car.

Steve: What? It’s not better than that helicopter though.
John Hampton: Don’t worry about the chopper. They’re not able to land in woodland.
Crew: We’re going to hide the car in the woods?
John Hampton: uhhuh.
Steve: That’s if we get there in one piece.
John Hampton: Don’t worry, I have a secret weapon.
Crew: Awesome, what is it?
John Hampton: Ghost-car!
Crew: supremely excited Coooowuuuul
Steve: What’s ‘ghost-car’?
John Hampton: This! John turns off all the car’s lights suddenly the road ahead is in total darkness and their way now lit only by starlight.
Steve: This is crazy! You can’t see!  
John Hampton: And can’t be seen. The car is now no longer visible at all to the police helicopter as it makes it way down the dark country road. Now we’ll slow down and take it easy; nothing to see ladies and gentlemen.. Let’s turn off here into the woods.
Steve: But don’t they have those infra-red cameras these days?
John Hampton: It won’t do ‘em much good. The car is coated with a special protein derived from colour changing squids… It absorbs infra-red. We are completely invisible.    
The police are left fuming as they search for any trace of the phantom Ford Fiesta.
PC Ellis: I’m gonna stay up all night and all morning finding that son of  bitch. From Walter’s Ash to Radnage, I’ll scour the country for that fancy little black shit banger.
The car is well hidden from view, hidden behind a thicket off a narrow bridle path just across a ditch from Felchester abbey.
John Hampton:  I just need to make a quick phone-call. John walks into the bushes and makes a phone call. After a couple of minutes he returns. You guys wait here. I’m going to scout it out and see if what we can do. Starts to walk off
Crew: Shall we go mushroom picking?
Steve: Magic mushrooms?
Crew: Wrong time of year, might find some Saint George’s mushrooms, they’re yummy.
John Hampton turns back briefly intrigued by the mushroom conversation.
John Hampton: Morels, that’s the stuff, won’t grown here though, the air’s too dirty…walks off towards the house
Crew: Even here?
John Hampton: Too close to London. Walking off.

Steve: Well I'm keeping my eyes open. I love wild mushrooms.

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Act 5 Scene 3 Nil desperandum auspice deo
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