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 The Schizophrenia Adrenochrome hypothesis.

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PostSubject: The Schizophrenia Adrenochrome hypothesis.   Sun Dec 28, 2014 1:36 am

A scientific study was made 50 years ago which showed that schizophrenics produce adrenochrome. Hence all the typical symptoms of schizophrenia. If anyone here has done acid, well that's what schizophrenia is like. But permanently. Until you take the Niacin and Vitamin C cure that is.

[size=13][size=13]The Adrenochrome Hypothesis of Schizophrenia
Townsend Letter, July, 2010 by Jule Klotter

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What Really Causes Schizophrenia

by Harold D. Foster

Trafford Publishing, Suite 6E, 2333 Government St., Victoria, BC V8T 4P4, Canada; [size=13]250-383-6864

Softbound; [c]2003; 257 pp.; $30; available as a free download at
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What Really Causes Schizophrenia, written by Canadian geomorphologist and professor of medical geography Harold D. Foster, explains the adrenochrome hypothesis. This hypothesis was first published by Drs. Abram Hoffer, H. Osmond, and J. Smythies in 1954. It asserts that excess adrenochrome, not excess dopamine, produces the symptoms of schizophrenia. Conventional drug treatments for schizophrenia aim to lower dopamine levels. These drugs reduce symptoms by "15 to 20 percent," according to Dr. Foster; and they also have serious adverse effects over the long term, including parkinsonian involuntary movement. Adrenochrome, a neurotoxic metabolite of the catecholamine adrenaline, apparently disrupts major biochemical systems in people with a genetic predisposition to developing schizophrenia. Anxiety, rapid mood swings, thought disorders, fatigue, and sensory illusions and hallucinations characterize this increasingly common mental disorder.

Unlike the dopamine hypothesis, the adrenochrome hypothesis accounts for many biochemical patterns common among schizophrenic patients. For example, chronic schizophrenics tend to have damaged thyroid glands. Adrenochrome and the hormone triiodothyronine are antagonists. Adrenochrome is known to damage the thyroid. Also, adrenochrome, a highly reactive compound, generates free radicals that need to be neutralized by antioxidants. Cornerstones of the body's antioxidant defenses--glutathione peroxidase, superoxide dismutase, and catalase--are deficient in schizophrenic patients. Doctors have long recognized that diverse factors can trigger schizophrenia in susceptible persons. Each of these factors--which include various kinds of stress, excess sugar consumption, and exposure to allergic reactions--"either stimulates the body's production of adrenaline or promotes its metabolism to adrenochrome and its derivatives."

Orthomolecular psychiatrist Abram Hoffer identified adrenochrome as a possible factor in schizophrenia when he developed paranoia after ingesting the substance. He and coworkers hypothesized that giving people with schizophrenia high doses of the methyl acceptor niacin would slow noradrenalin's conversion to adrenaline, thereby producing less adrenochrome. Niacin, a nutrient deficient in people with schizophrenia, competes with the methyl acceptor noradrenalin and has become one of the mainstays of orthomolecular psychiatric treatment. (Orthomolecular medicine employs high doses of supplemental nutrients.)

In addition to examining what is known about the biochemistry of people with schizophrenia, What Really Causes Schizophrenia discusses five unconventional but effective therapies for schizophrenia: controlled fasting, histamine therapy, thyroid hormone therapy, biochemist Dr. Carl C. Pfeiffer's protocols, and Hoffer's protocol. Fasting and restrictive diets (monitored by a doctor) have normalized urine catecholamines, histamine, and serotonin levels in schizophrenic patients. Restrictive diets also help identify food sensitivities that stress the body, causing increased production of adrenaline. Milk and grains are the most common contributors to schizophrenic conditions. Histamine abnormalities, elevated homocysteine, and high levels of kryptopyrrole in the urine are other biochemical patterns commonly found in schizophrenic people. Pfeiffer developed five orthomolecular protocols to address the various subtypes.

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PostSubject: Re: The Schizophrenia Adrenochrome hypothesis.   Sun Dec 28, 2014 1:36 am

This is the purpose of the terror based initiations.

And all 'serious' initiations are terror or fear based.
But to return to the question “What is enlightment?”, like any paradigm in this world society has created another anti-truth to combat it. If the dogma of materialism is not a sufficient deterrent for people who wish to find enlightenment in this world, then there is a final line of defence for the establishment. The fake enlightenment, the Illumination (commonly termed Luciferian). This step usually ends in absolute obedience to the establishment, in particular to the secret group which practiced this ancient piece of witch craft. The aim of Illumination is to break down the ego and create a change of brain chemistry in the member of their cult or an inductee. This is effected by creating great waves of stress, fear and uncertainty in the mind of the person targeted by this technique, what follows is a chemical reaction, as uncertainty grows fears become irrational and a panic starts to rise, a flight or fight paradigm, chemicals are released by the brain to supercharge the body to get out of the perceived dangerous situation, adrenalin is released for the duration of the panic and if the panic can be sustained and a sudden shock comes into play, then a permanent chemical imbalance takes place, the adrenalin in the blood breaks down and is converted into adrenochrome which if you remember, Hunter S Thompson rather illicitly obtained some which he hoped to use as a psychedelic.

Hunter, intriguingly comments that his attorney obtained it from a Satanic cult group from the body of one of their human sacrifices. However it doesn't work if you ingest glands or other nonsense, it just poisons you, the way to feel the effect of adrenochrome is for your own body to produce it, and this is the key of the rituals, initiations and so called 'enlightenment' of the secret order groups.

The effects of Illumination are very similar indeed to LSD consumption except LSD eventually wears off and you can go to sleep and break the spell. However the Illumination is not designed to wear off and is the reason why masonry and witchcraft has degrees, it is a continuous process, mind control must be reapplied, the narrative of the person in questions psyche must continue to be moulded by the secret society and its agents.

Adrenochrome in the blood has many effects on the human body, these include: inability to sleep, hallucinations and heightened senses. The brain works much faster as the adrenochrome has an amphetamine type effect on the brain, so thoughts come very quickly and there often different thought paths occurring at one time, the result of this is to make connections and be more aware of things that most people wouldn’t notice or perceive. The person becomes much more able to read a person by looking at their gestures, movements, even their sweat reveals information that the quickened mind can detect.

The senses eventually become overcome with the onslaught of information and the associating thought patterns continually being drawn, suddenly a veil is lifted and the sight that the ego protected you from, namely all the boundless fear and pain in the world, is seemingly absorbed into them, the world becomes a nightmare and a permanent bad trip, the broken ego cannot rally its forces and create sense of the chaos of ideas associations and hallucinations, madness follows. They are then put to work. These Illuminated people are extremely useful in an empire. They will pledge themselves to any group which will protect them from the uncertainty and perceived dangers of the outside world and the associated fears they have. If they work hard they will be richly rewarded when they retire and will be able to pass their madness in relative luxury and ease. Many world leaders have been said to have heard ‘voices’ including Winston Churchill who was told where to sit by this voice at important meetings of world leaders. George W Bush was said to ‘speak to God’ . This is the solution to a major mystery and I pray that others may use this information for an insight into what has happened to them, or to prevent others from foolishly rushing into a life of bonded slavery and insanity.
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PostSubject: Re: The Schizophrenia Adrenochrome hypothesis.   Sat Oct 14, 2017 2:24 pm

They tried this crap on me but it didn't work. Some people cannot be hacked. Interestingly, while they were trying to scare the crap out of me and get me declared legally insane, intuitively I must have known the cure, as I was not eating anything, but drinking Power Aids, which contain mega doses of Vitamin B.

There are demons but there are good guys too. The good guys work through your intuition. The bad guys work through your brain.

Is it in your head or in your heart?
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The Schizophrenia Adrenochrome hypothesis.
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