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 Act 5 Scene 2 The final, final solution

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Act 5 Scene 2 The final, final solution Empty
PostSubject: Act 5 Scene 2 The final, final solution   Act 5 Scene 2 The final, final solution I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2015 11:40 am

Secret meeting of the Chapter of the secret pockets of the Knights of the sacred trousers taking place at  Felchester Abbey. A video is playing. The room contains the 300 most powerful people in the world.  They are all masked.


As the people in the room sit down an unseen voice address the audience.

Unseen voice: And so  we reach the final phase of our plan which I am sure you await with the utmost alacrity.
A screen descends and a short video begins showing planet Earth from space.

The Planet Earth. 5 Billion years old. All of the life presently living on this planet, and almost all of the human beings on this planet have been here much much longer than their life span of some 70 years....  The image of Earth fades to a shot of a fun-fair and people going to and fro, there is a long limgering shot on a musical merry go round. As the merry go round stops, people get off and others get on and the music starts again.

Unseen voiceThis represents the planet Earth, and the people respectively quitting or taking their places on the backs of the various fantastical animals represent the newly departing or incarnating souls. The new arrivals climb into their seat, their new human body, all very unfamiliar and new to them, and the ride takes them through their life, on it’s steady preset course, up and down, side to side, but never erring from its preset trajectory. What humans call ‘free will’ is really a chimera which doesn’t exist. From one moment to the next, humanity is controlled by its genetic heredity, free will simply does not exist.
The merry go round is a distraction from the ‘real life’ which exists in the pure spirit and which our master has prepared for us, for our comfort and pleasure and the time has come for our master to release the birds from their cages and allow them to fly home and perch where they will. At this, the image of the fair-ground is replaced with the original shot of the Earth, which starts to turn and weave in a rotation designed to echo the merry ground round shown before, at the same time the same carnival music starts to play.
And do it goes on, and on and on. But not for much longer. The Earth starts to increase its spinning and the movement appears to become much more erratic, the music speeds up to a frenzied pace.
The image we can see now is our preset chaotic and apparently rudderless Earth with its 7 billion human souls, it’s poverty, wide-scale environmental destruction, it’s a world of sin, it’s pious hypocrites and wolves in sheep’s clothing, a picture of Johnny St Vile appears on the screen.
Johnny St Vile: proudly audible from the back of the assembly Hey that’s me that is!
Unseen Voice: Sordid entertainments, secret atrocities hidden behind a million locked doors. He pauses and the images continues to increase in pace and the music continues to increase in frenzy Until.......The Earth suddenly explodes in a huge fireball.  We act!
There are several surprised gasps which are suddenly stifled.
Finally the orders are known, like our Jacobite brothers under Lucifer, the Magogs running through that uncertain reign of Queen Anne’s protestant England we shall go out and bring this final destruction to this accursed carnival and bring all finally home to our Master in the deep skies. Our justice comes up from the very cracks in the street. We are a vapor which raises up when the temperature is just right. In bright weather we linger in the stark shadows, a Planck’s length only separates us from the street and action, but we must hold close to the night contained in the stark shadow for we can not venture out into the high-twelve brightness, but give us space for invisible thought and we can lower the blind and blind that  oppressive vision which we are doomed to resent. Give us still air and a sudden coldness. A bad smell, something gritty in the eyes, the miasma rolls in, bringing us and our eternal siege. But eternal no more, for soon we shall be free. The time is Now. Send the message far and wide to every centre of power local, national and international. The time is Now. The suddenness, the speed and coordination of our fatal mission will awe and cow down any opposition. They will marvel at the organizational skill and some will think It is their God himself ordering affairs. Indeed, many of our greatest allies in this enterprise are under the strained but persistent delusion that it is their God who does our work.
Ha! Fools and imbeciles not fit for life. As if their God has the necessary malice to achieve such a task. How they insult us with their base assumptions which we feed at every opportunity. How glad we will be to see their final apotheosis of horror as they see with the clearer vision of the next life and see that they were horribly mistaken. And then we will ambush them and lead them in chains of their own fashioning. What mirth, what sport could be better for such as we? So see to it. The time is Now. This is the final order. The final, final solution to the problem of humanity.

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Act 5 Scene 2 The final, final solution
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