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 Act 4 Scene 4 A million buzzing and clicking mites of malice

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Act 4 Scene 4 A million buzzing and clicking mites of malice Empty
PostSubject: Act 4 Scene 4 A million buzzing and clicking mites of malice   Act 4 Scene 4 A million buzzing and clicking mites of malice I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2015 5:34 pm

Cecilia is lying in a bed in one of the rooms of the Felchester Abbey mansion. She is dreaming and finds herself in an oddly distorted version of her present reality inside the mansion.
Cecilia:  It’s so gloomy, where are the lights?
The sound of flies buzzing seems to grow louder and Cecilia swats around her eyes. She tries to find the front-door but as she makes her away from her room the darkness around her thickens dramatically until she can only see the bedroom door and a staircase going up.
Cecilia looking up:  Seems to be light upstairs.
She makes her way up some spooky creaking staircase towards the light.
Cecilia: It seem to be brighter up here, maybe if I climb to the top of the house I can get on the roof.
She walks up the stairs and arrives upstairs but instead of being nearer the light she seems to have come upon a damp stone lined corridor which she follows and after a flight of mossy stone-steps, finds herself in what is unmistakably a stone cellar. Bewildered, she looks around in confusion. Then she spies a an old iron grill behind which a dim candle light flickers.
Cecilia: If I take this I’ll be able to find my way out of the house. Cecilia moves towards the candle which flickers as she approaches and changes shape, it’s not a candle at all! What is it? She peers closer and focuses her eyes Why, it’s a little person!
Cecilia tries to open the iron grill which bursts with electricity as she touches it.
Cecilia: Ow!
She now sees what appears to be a small cube of highly charged electricity which is a prison box for a small bright young woman, it is Naomi Spence.
Cecilia: It’s the soul of Naomi Spence. Why’s it in this box?
She smiles sadly at the spirit of Naomi Spence trapped in the box. 
Suddenly there are noises and the sound of footsteps on the stone steps leading up to the cellar.
Cecilia scampers off the one side of the cellar and quickly hides behind a row of wine bottles reaching up towards the ceiling.
Into the cellar walk the vague forms of Mr Hands. St Vile, the Grand Master and other members of the Trouser Knights. They appear dark and ghostly and their faces appear to be Dorian Grey portraits of their human faces, showing all the evil which is so well hidden by façade which they successfully erect in real life.
The group moves towards the trapped spirit of Naomi Spence and kneels down in front of it.
Grand Master: We approach you, O’ Oracle, for guidance and strength for our cause.
The other Knights then mumble the same formula.
Grand Master: We come to you for help. We complete our plans we need more power. You must help us with the girl Cecilia. We need her power.
Naomi-Spence in a weak tired voice: It is only possible to take her if you complete the ritual successfully.
St Vile: turns to the others Where is the little girl anyway? She might be here right in this cellar somewhere.
Hands: I don’t think so Johnny.
St Vile: But she might be.
Hands: Forget it Johnny she wouldn’t have ventured down here.
St Vile: Well I’m going to take a look. Johnny gets up to venture towards Cecilia’s hiding place
Cecilia is terrorized with fright at the thought of being discovered here with these demons spirits who now appear infinitely more evil and threatening than their merely physical form. Cecilia prays for Johnny not to find her and as if answering her prayer he continues.
St Vile: Maybees you’re right Mr Hands.
Cecilia breathes a stifled sigh of relief.
St Vile: But then again! I wouldn’t mind one of those wine bottles right over there, isn’t that where they keep the Petrus? My oh my, Petrus and a big fat cigar! What a little treat for all my exertions.
Cecilia is again terrorized as she senses Vile move toward her.
Johnny St Vile: Ahh, it can wait….
Cecilia  now, almost delirious with terror finds little relief or sense of safety or relief, merely a sort of animal reprieve from being immediately preyed upon.
Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, the darkness of Johnny St Vile moves straight towards her hiding place.
Johnny St Vile: sniffing I’m pretty sure I can smell something here Mr Hands, it smells distinctly like ‘little girl’ over here to me and I know very well what little girls smell like.
Hands: Come come Johnny, you’re imagining things…. All those little girls of yours have gone to your head. It’s probably all you can think of.
Johnny St Vile: It may be you are right there Handy Hands. Laughing a joyless cackle.
The malefic spirit of Johnny St Vile is directly above the place where the essential spirit of Cecilia has gathered herself.
Johnny: Hmmmmm, maybe I’m imagining things in my dotage.
Mr Hands: I expect so.
Cecilia senses a reprieve as Mr Hands and Vile’s attention moved away from her and now appears to focus on the spirit of Naomi Spence, or what they call ‘The Oracle’.
Mr Hands: Hmmm, now I think of it Johnny I can smell ‘little girl’ smell in here too.
Cecilia’s peace of mind is suddenly shattered.
Vile: Indeed Mr Hands, indeed indeedy Mr Handy Hands.
Mr Hands: laughing Cecilia, you didn’t for one second think we didn’t know you were there all along you very silly little girl.
Vile: We’ve been playing with you. Oh what fun to sense this frantic little mouse with thundering hammering heart as it scurries from one paw of the cat to the other, thinking it has a chance of escape.
Mr Hands: Game over for you little Miss Green.
Mr Hands and Johnny approach her in their discarnate forms. Cecilia cannot clearly see Johnny or Hands, so much as ‘sense’ them, completely invade her mind and reality field.
Cecilia: trying to hold on to some accusative authority What are you?
Johnny: We, young lady, are ‘the darkness’.
Cecilia tries to observe Johnny and pick out the colours of his shell-suit but can see only a shiny shimmering blackness. The form of Johnny St Vile seems to be undulating and moving, she looks closer and sees a sort of constant scuttling of something small and vicious swarming over the forms of Mr Hands and Johnny.
Mr Hands: Yes Cecilia, this is our true form. We have cast of the ghost machines and here you see our ghosts. Just like you Cecilia, though we will readily admit that you are a lot prettier and brighter. That’s why we need you Cecilia. We need your brightness. With that the darkness containing the Grand Master, Mr Hands and Johnny St Vile comes closer, scuttling and slowly swarming in a million buzzing and clicking little mites of malice.

Cecilia: Hey stop it you creeps! As the darkness moves closer light from Cecilia starts to get drained and drawn off as if slowly being pulled into a black hole.
Cecilia finds herself looking around a darkened void dominated by the figures of Hands and St Vile and the legion members of the Knights of the Sacred Trousers, as she looks further out into the darkness she can perceives a multitude of the souls captured by the Brotherhood, everywhere she looks they appear as small darkened blobs with the suggestion of individual human faces and even hair. Some appear as vague female shaped blobs with long dark hair, others, larger, clearly male figures. She saw one with glasses, old ladies’ glasses, the face a darkened oval. The darkened mass of human souls seemed to recede beyond the walls of the cellar, which indeed, no longer seemed to exist and instead Cecilia looked around at an infinite darkness filling the universe.
She saw the darkened spirits of the dead spread out through creation, from billions upon billions of planets, the multifarious inhabitants of hell, representing every advanced species capable of being consciously mislead into tumbling into this reality. She hears Mr Hand’s voice echoing from the void.
Mr Hands: Do not despair Cecilia, at least not yet. Allow us to entertain you.
With that, the void is suddenly populated by all the crazed Gods of the ancient mysteries along with their victims. A huge Zeus thunders into view with a tiny pre-pubescent Ganymede attempting vainly to run from Zeus’ attentions. Kronus with his scythe, slicing at his children and eating the pieces of their bodies.  The rape of Persephone follows in closely as the previous sight disappears. Cecilia’s vision is suddenly filled with simultaneous images of murder, rape and the pederasty of Greek legend.
Cecilia screams, but produces no sound and has no effect at all on the horror around her.
St Vile: Come come dear young lady, don’t make a fuss, it’ll be your turn once we get you in the box.
Cecilia sees herself pulled into a high energy electrical container similar to the one in which Naomi Spence appeared to be trapped. Despite her best attempts to run away she is slowly surely pulled in, and finds herself trapped on all sides by powerful bars of pure energy containing her in a small 6 foot square container. She screams soundlessly one more time and suddenly she wakes up.

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Act 4 Scene 4 A million buzzing and clicking mites of malice
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