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 Act 4 Scene 1 First day at school

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Act 4 Scene 1 First day at school Empty
PostSubject: Act 4 Scene 1 First day at school   Act 4 Scene 1 First day at school I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2015 5:29 pm

Cecilia Green’s first day at the Virgin Woods drama academy for cute and attractive children.
Miss Lookaway in the classroom of Virgin Woods drama school just before the students enter for an English lesson. With a shaking hand and tears in her eyes she takes out a bottle of pills from her bag, takes one and swallows it, then considers for a moment and takes another. She closes her eyes for a moment and the shaking seems to stop. But suddenly a slight muscle tick in her right eye is apparent. She looks over a piece of paper with a set of instructions on it, she glances over it then quickly puts it in her bag. She cleans the tears from her eyes and applies powder to cover the redness. She takes a deep breath and readies herself for the entrance of the next class.
Miss Lookaway: Come in my dears! Right eye muscle tick.
The class file in and stand behind their desks.
Miss Lookaway: Sit down class! The students all sit down quietly. Now my dear dears, the first thing I would like to say today is that we have a new student coming to join us another tick. Please stand up Miss Green! At that moment, on cue, Mr Hands walks into the room and engages Miss Lookaway in a fatuous and pointless conversation leaving Cecilia standing up awaiting whatever announcement Miss Lookaway intended to make.
Mr Hands and Miss Lookaway hold their conversation just within earshot of the class, their conversation has been carefully managed to be more or less indecipherably except for a few choice words and sentences which include the phrases ‘very disadvantaged’.... ‘she has some real problems’ ‘what a pity’ ‘hopeless’. All this while Cecilia is still standing, the aim of course is for the students to overhear the conversation and with Cecilia still standing up, for them to draw the conclusion that it is she they are discussing.
Cecilia  then makes a decision that she is bored of standing up and is about to sit down, at which point Miss Lookaway turns to her and Mr Hands promptly vanishes out of the room.
Miss Lookaway: Very sorry about that Cecilia. Do forgive me for keeping you standing there, you must be feeling pretty silly. Turning once again to the class Now where was I? Ah yes, little Miss Green.
There are a few titters of amusement at the term ‘little Miss Green’ as Mr Hands and she has anticipated, they had worked hard coming up with a likely nickname they could subtly encourage the students to use, ‘little Miss Green’ with a strong accent on the word ‘little’ and name green was neither too obviously offensive but just slightly ridiculous enough to become something which they anticipated would catch on with the other students.
Miss Lookaway: Now my little Miss Green.... The door now opens a second time in as many minutes and Mrs Woods herself  now enters, upon which all the other students stand up.
Mrs Woods: Primly Please be seated.
Cecilia Green herself has also decided at this point to sit down, and as a result Miss Lookaway now enacts the scenario which she had planned for this event, had she remained standing there would have been another, though different contingency used in an attempt to embarrass Cecilia.
Miss Lookaway: turning quickly to Cecilia just as she had sat down Miss Green, not you Miss Green. UP UP UP! There are further titters from the class as Cecilia is once again made to stand up.
Mrs Woods gives Cecilia a critical look, then whispers some unheard nonsense to Miss Lookaway to give the clear impression that she is talking about Cecilia.
Mrs Woods: Our dear little Miss Green, I do hope you’re not too with special emphasis ‘disordered’ by your first day at your new school.... Mrs Woods gives Cecilia a look as if she expects an answer.
 Cecilia who smiles sweetly and opens her mouth to reply when Mrs Green talks right over her, revealing after all, that she didn’t expect or require an answer after all.
Mrs Woods: A rhetorical question my dear little Miss Green!  A rhetorical question. A question which does not require an answer. Turning to Miss Lookaway Of course, your class are familiar with such terms, but perhaps for Miss Green it might be wise to give her a bit of learning support.
At which point Cecilia interrupts:
Cecilia: No Miss, I know what a rhetoric question is of course I do.
Miss Lookaway frowns and stony faced tries to stare down Cecilia. Mrs Woods makes a public show of turning her whole body from Miss Lookaway, like a Dalek rotating on its wheels, to address Cecilia, if Mrs Woods were armed with an exterminator then it would be pointing at Cecilia and waggling menacingly.
Mrs Green:  You must excuse me Miss Green but I was in the midst of a conversation with Miss Lookaway here. You may tell us what you do and with special emphasis know and do NOT KNOW, at a later interval.
At this point Cecilia starts to feel mildly embarrassed.
At which point Mr Hands comes back into the classroom and along with Miss Lookaway and Mrs Woods, make a point of staring at Cecilia in order to produce a sense of discomfort. The students also follow their lead and start to stare at Cecilia. This continues for ten seconds in total eerie silence.
Cecilia starts to feel extremely uncomfortable and starts to turn red and she senses a slowly building sense of scorn toward her, building up in the other students. The room starts to seem to buzz with static and she almost sees strange shapes floating around the corner of her eyes like shadows.She suddenly feels very weak indeed and quickly realises that she is in some strange sort of danger and  must do something to subvert what is clearly a very bad turn of events for her and a pretty bad way to start her first day.
Cecilia then has a brain wave, she knows that if she sits down now she will be asked to stand up by Miss Lookaway, so she makes a pretence as  if to sit down, but she anticipates Mrs Lookaway by a split second and makes a show of suddenly jumping up to attention before Mrs Lookaway has the chance to get her words out. Cecilia then manages to do exactly the same thing a second time, making a show of sitting down, then suddenly springing up again, leaving Miss Lookaway spluttering and confounded and the class laughing riotously. Cecilia looks a picture of innocence.
Cecilia: knowingly as a final provocation May I sit down now? She then turns to the rest of the class milking her moment of glory for all she is worth and putting on an exaggerated cockney accent Y’see  I’m gettin’ a bit ‘disordered’ standin’ up ‘ere all on me own.
At which point Cecilia goes from being a new girl and becomes a new class hero. Mr Hand’s plan has badly backfired. Miss Lookaway is beaten but Mr Hands and Mrs Woods try to continue their pretence but the classroom laughter has made them look ridiculous, Mrs Woods is keen not to make an out and out enemy of Cecilia but they also realise that this encounter has been lost so Mrs Woods lays on the charm and bows out gracefully.
Mrs Woods: I’m so sorry Cecilia. We’ve been unforgivably rude, please do sit down, you can tell us about yourself at another time. We had no intention to cause you any discomfort you poor girl, ‘up and down up and down’ like a yoyo. At which point Mrs Woods turns to Miss Lookaways and squarely lays their defeat on her shoulders How can you have this poor girl jumping about on her first day Miss Lookaway?
Cecilia: Innocently That’s a rhetorical question isn’t it miss? I learned them at school. Fellow students smile and Miss Lookaway tries not to appear flustered or angry.
Mr Hands: whispering to Mrs Woods It didn’t work, she’s too strong, Time for plan B.
Mrs Woods: Cecilia, would you go to Mr Hand’s classroom after this lesson. He has your timetable for you. I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it here once you settle in. You have  a strong character and that is something we deeply admire here.

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Act 4 Scene 1 First day at school
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