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 Act 3 Scene 8 The seasoned psychenauts regroup

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Act 3 Scene 8 The seasoned psychenauts regroup Empty
PostSubject: Act 3 Scene 8 The seasoned psychenauts regroup   Act 3 Scene 8 The seasoned psychenauts regroup I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2015 5:28 pm

Back at Steve and Crew’s Brick Lane flat. The Docs, Steve and Crew are deep in conversation.With Cecilia looking around the living room at their sideboard knick knacks.
Docs: I don’t like it man. I would think you two had lost your marbles to the cybernet if I myself didn’t warn you about it myself. But no one has reported misadventures quite as lethally dangerous as yours. A few people said they thought they saw somethings out of the corner of their eyes and heard voices, but they blocked it out. Seasoned psychenauts. Anything too weird comes along they just turn their backs on it. But you two got stuck right into it eh?
Steve:  resignedly  I guess so.
Crew:  brightly We were researching the phenomenon.
Docs. thoughtfully Research is a fine thing but very few professors get their throats cut in broad daylight over it.
Crew: Well we’re still here and we’ve acquired some startling and fascinating data.
Docs: You have indeed man. But at what cost? You’d better keep a low profile from here on in. I certainly urge you not to step within the precincts of the city of London, at least not on weekdays. Clearly you walked blindly into the very nest of all things malefic which this potent herb had sensitized you to to an extreme degree. I would say that this weed is spiritual, but that is not always necessarily a good thing. The demons too are spiritual beings, as are their human proxies.
Steve: You’re right Docs. We’re going to keep it on the low low. As for that weed….Jesus! Still you get a good buzz of it though. Can’t do much harm to cane it all in the comfort and safety of our own cockney council flat castle can it.
Docs: You should be alright. Not many of this suited devils would venture this far off their natural hunting grounds. From what you said of that opening church tower it is clear that these people are always present in various strategic locations and that they control the whole space. They can make anything happen whenever they want it to happen, there must be a million signs of non verbal recognition, a hand sign, a hand brushed several times over one of their eyes. Even a look from their eyes.
Crew: I’ve often noticed that when looking at someone you can sometimes tell what they’re thinking to some extent, perhaps it’s by reading something in their eyes.
Steve: Eyes are very expressive.
Crew: My favourite eye is the third eye.
Steve: Thought you were going to say ‘brown eye’ for a minute there.
Crew: Come on take this seriously!
Steve: To be honest, I’d rather not. I don’t think I could handle this stuff if I took it seriously.
Docs: The doorway to another dimension.
Steve: Doorway? After a curry  mine’s more like a cat-flap, swinging in the breeze.

Docs: Ignoring Steve,  The all-seeing eye, the awakened third eye of the initiate, the symbolic token of recognition of the nefarious Illuminati. A good thing turned against its master. A corrupted secret which is the true birthright of every human that was ever born, and the lack of it gravely wounds humanity to commit one ruinous and disastrous folly after another.

Steve:  “The Pharisees and the scholars have taken the keys of knowledge and have hidden them. They have not entered nor have they allowed those who want to enter to do so.”
Docs: “They are like a dog sleeping in the cattle manger: the dog neither eats nor lets the cattle eat."
Steve: Indeed dude.
There is thoughtful silence which is interrupted by a knock on the window. Crew screams.
Russet walks straight into the flat with a liveliness which seems like a whirlwind among the bongs and smoke of the living room. However Steve instantly perks up and is joined by Crew once he has realized what is going on.
Russet: Excuse my face, I’m a bit glossy, I’ve just lathered it in cucumber and dog seed to mitigate against the effects of London free radicals.
Steve: Yeah those university art projects annoy me too.
Russet: No, no, that’s not it,  they’re little particles which kill you somehow.
Dog seed: Are they? Thoughtfully Cool…..little  death-particles. And Dog-seed protects you against death particles? Is that why you look so shiny?
Russet:  Yes, how did you know? It’s mildly astringent, it really tightens the skin.
Steve: I bet it does!
Russet: What do you mean? are you being blue? The seed of wild dog flowers has remarkable health benefits.
Steve: Well, it could do with a rebadge in my view. Might lead to misunderstandings.
Russet: Only in your silly mind.
Crew: to Russet Did you manage to make telepathic contact to the Pleiadian star men and warn them about that stray reptilian? You have to breathe in, breathe in, breathe in, then breathe out – breathe out.
Steve: Hang on, that’s three breaths in and only two out, where does the surplus go? Sounds like hot air to me. Excuse me but what is all this aliens claptrappery?
Crew: How can you mock after what we’ve been through Steve?
Steve: From what I’ve seen lately of the spiritual world,  it’s a bad idea to make contact with anything out there. It’s a mad house of old men with hidden knives.
Russet: That’s just why I must contact the Pleiadians and inform them of what you have witnessed as well as the Reptilian I saw..
Steve: You saw a reptilian? Russet nods assent Were there any witnesses apart from yourself to this other worldly apparition.
Russet: Yes, there was one other witness apart from myself.
Steve: Who?
Russet: A nine year old boy. Good character, very trustworthy… 
Steve: What’s his name.
Russet: Bowie. He's perfectly trustworthy, he doesn't steal biscuits. He's very lively though and he jumps up and down whenever he sees people.
Steve: Nine year old David Bowie was there too and he doesn't steal biscuits. Whistling Oh boy we’ve hit the motherlode.
Crew: Admonishing Steve.
Russet: Bowie is my dog.
Steve: Oh that’s a shame. I was hoping it was the real David Bowie.
Crew: Take no notice of him, he’s just showing off, he wasn’t quite so jaunty when we were up against some beings from who knows where.  Buy you  must make a telepathic connection to the Pleiadian star people and 'tell' them what you and your dog witnessed. And also contact them asking for a little help against whatever crazy mouldy ghostly old cast of characters we’ve come against.
Cecilia: In my experience, attacking these people puts THEM on the back foot and YOU in the position of power. There's an odd hidden element to the harassment though. There seems to be a vibrational element to it. If your vibes are low, you're feeling vulnerable
Steve: Or stoned!
Cecilia: Indeed, so if you find yourself vulnerable or stoned,then somehow they know 'when' to strike.
Crew: Maybe that would explain the paranoia you get on weed sometimes. That immense sense of irrational fear which comes over you. Perhaps that paranoia is a sign of their presence.
Steve: It was really scary. I nearly lost my mind when the door in the church tower opened up as if they were expecting us, like it was all set up. How the hell did they do that? It’s like I’m not in control of my own destiny any more, how can you fight about opponents who are already one step ahead of you?
Cecilia: It isn’t quite that bad, they’re not really all that powerful. These people you met today are actually connected to a Luciferian hive-mind so they act only when they get the 'impulse' to do so, when they hear their evil master’s voice. That’s how the tower door opened from within as if they were expecting you. The man behind the door received the psychic instruction to open the door. If you had. It's like a psychic switchboard and the demonic entities are connecting all the calls.
Steve: How do we defend ourselves against them?
Cecilia: There ARE ways to defend against and prevent these attacks. 
 You need to turn the tables on them.  What I suggest is that any future harassment you try to turn to your advantage by using them as information gathering. Glean info, take photos. Then publicize the information any way you can. That’s why I filmed them
Crew: How do you know all this? you’re fourteen!
Cecilia: I’ve been hunting them for years. I saw something I wasn’t supposed to as a kid and now I devote my life to exposing them and bringing them down.

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Act 3 Scene 8 The seasoned psychenauts regroup
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