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 Act 3 Scene 7 Amateur hour at the Satanic lodge

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Act 3 Scene 7 Amateur hour at the Satanic lodge Empty
PostSubject: Act 3 Scene 7 Amateur hour at the Satanic lodge   Act 3 Scene 7 Amateur hour at the Satanic lodge I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2015 5:25 pm

Baphomet: Now we are ready.
The chanting in the room increases in fervour as the surface of the blood puddle starts to ripple and move. Shapes are seen to be forming the blood, firstly small indistinct forms appear to be raising and falling, until a solid red shape appears from the blood and raises in the middle of the room. A being, formed by blood is standing in the midst of the hooded men.
Johnny St Vile: Master. We are honoured.
Demon: Angry Put that cigar out Vile, how many times have I told you? I can’t stand those bloody things.
Johnny St Vile flicks his cigar into the blood pool where it fizzles and disappears.
Demon: suddenly towering and burning with rage I didn’t tell you to flick into my blood pool. You are on very thin ice my boy! One more slip up Vile and I don’t care how many marathons you’ve run, you’ll be next on the slab for an early lunch. Do you hear me boy?
Johnny St Vile: head bowed with childlike contrition Sorry sir.
Mr Hands: The girl, she's too powerful, we’ll need some extra help in harnessing her abilities. She made an appearance in the street today and sent us scattering. We can’t face her directly and how are we going to lure her down here she doesn’t trust me in the least.
Demon:  What a hopeless waste of time you people are.  You don’t need a servant of the demonic hierarchy, you need a kindergarten teacher to help you with your colouring. And for your information that soul you just gave to me managed to escape. He was poorly vetted, unluckily for you he was full of the holy spirit and it blazed at me on my own turf so now I’m cross AND I’m still hungry and you know how I get when I’m denied a meal.
Mr Hands: suddenly panicking Er, we had no idea, we thought he was one of ours through and through.
Demonic being: Well he wasn’t, he had  a little trick up his sleeve. I’m just going to have to make this a self service meal. The Demon Being reaches out a red hand and signals to one of the hooded figures. Come here my little chicken drumstick against his power the hooded figure is drawn toward the Demon.
Jimmy St.Vile: Eh eh eh! That’s not on! You don’t just comes here and helps yourself. We’ve got a system arranged with the boss down below.
Demonic being: System my red eye! I’ve nearly had enough with the lot of you. There are other brotherhoods out there who guarantee a more filling and more reliable  catering service. Now I’m having this one, on the house.
The hooded figure starts wailing and jabbering as he is dragged closer to the demonic being.
Jimmy St.Vile: Don’t forget your stiff upper. Don’t worry you won’t feel a thing. See you on the other side lad.
The Demon bites into the neck of the hooded figure who after a short moment of feeding, is thrown away.
Demon:  With a grunt of satisfaction. That’s better. Throwing the robed dead body into a corner Someone put that rubbish in the bin for me. Must keep Britain tidy.
Jimmy St.Vile:  Master, if I may burden you with our problems for one moment, The little girl, she’s more powerful than we thought. She disturbed some of our number when they had caught a couple of green looking fishes, fit enough for sacrifice they were. She came upon us and cast us to rout.
Demon: Yes yes, clearly the ‘enemy’ was directing her steps to rescue those couple of green fishes of yours.  It’s hardly surprising, that’s precisely why you need to stop her. All the while you think you’re chasing her perhaps she’s coming after you too.
Mr Hands: But how can we snare her? Get her to put her guard down?
Demon: Use your imagination Hands, that’s what you usually do, when you’re not using your dirty little hands. You’ve still got that popstar servant of mine prisoner haven’t you? Your special little girl holds her in great esteem. You only have to lure her in using the popstar. Amateurs!
The Demon retreats back into the blood pool then disappears. 

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Act 3 Scene 7 Amateur hour at the Satanic lodge
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