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 Act 3 Scene 6 Dimension X

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PostSubject: Act 3 Scene 6 Dimension X   Act 3 Scene 6 Dimension X I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2015 5:23 pm

Dimension X. James is alone with the shadowy being.
James: What happened? Where am I?
Demon: You have been sacrificed to me. Now you are mine. Welcome to my world.
James: What? Sacrificed? So that was all a big con, the friendly history tour with the grand master? The nip of scotch....drugged!
Demon: Laughing Consider yourself a snack. You have been duly delivered to me by my agents sniffing appreciately Tasty human souls.....  yum yum!
James: But what have I done to deserve this? I only ever wanted to learn about tailoring, I had no wish to get mixed up in world domination, and being served as a soul food takeaway to someone like er......something like you is not what I had in mind.
Demon : You’re here now, it’s too late. Prepare to die....AGAIN.
James: No I’m not having it. Suddenly the darkness appears to clear and the Demon shrieks. I may look like a silly nobody to you but my mum told me all about you when I was young. I know exactly how to deal with your sort. At that a bright light appears just above James’s head and the Being shrieks and backs away.
James himself dissolves into the bright light and disappears from Dimension X and into the Light. The Being is left growling with thwarted rage which dissolves into sobbing.
Demon: I just can’t seem to keep anything down these days.......

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Act 3 Scene 6 Dimension X
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