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 Act 3 Scene 5 Things take a bad turn

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Act 3 Scene 5 Things take a bad turn Empty
PostSubject: Act 3 Scene 5 Things take a bad turn   Act 3 Scene 5 Things take a bad turn I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2015 5:22 pm

Mr Hands and James descend the stone steps into the chamber beneath, the trapdoor noiselessly closes above them. The area is lit by candles, there is the smell of incense and cigar smoke. At one end of the chamber there is a naked woman with the head of a goat standing behind a stone slab altar, at the sides of the chamber, lined up, are figures wearing grey robes. Their faces can just be discerned under their cowls and the presence of a famous rock n’roll singer, a television personality, a member of the royal family, diverse bankers and business men and Johnny St Vile smoking a cigar.
Johnny St Vile: Well done lad you made it! Johnny St Vile hands James a white robe. Put this on lad then you’ll be one of us.
James who is quite unsteady on his feet at this point is helped into the white robe by Mr Hands who dons a grey robe.
Mr Hands leads James up the altar, though he can scarcely even walk anymore.
Mr Hands: whispering to James bit tired he old boy? Can’t take your drink. Here, you’d better lie down and make yourself comfortable.
James is then gently raised on the flat alter slab while other hooded men take his arms and legs and quickly tie them to down the edge of the altar.
The naked lady with the goat head then speaks to James, while the assembled chant ave Satana.
Baphomet: close your eyes little one, for now you journey begins.
James, scarcely conscious at this stage closes his eyes. A large flint knife is raised by Baphomet who gently cuts James’ throat. James’ eyelids flicker but this is the only outward sign which he makes.
Baphomet: murming Come to me. Come to me.
The blood from James’ neck springs forth from his body and collects in a gulley which circumferences the stone altar.

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Act 3 Scene 5 Things take a bad turn
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