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 ACt 3 Scene 4 Not much longer now it'll all be over

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ACt 3 Scene 4 Not much longer now it'll all be over Empty
PostSubject: ACt 3 Scene 4 Not much longer now it'll all be over   ACt 3 Scene 4 Not much longer now it'll all be over I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2015 5:18 pm

Later that day at the London headquarters of the Knights of the Sacred Trousers. James Snippet approaches the entrance and is greeted by Mr Hands.
Mr Hands: Welcome Brother James. So glad you received the instruction. Come along, we are all assembled.
James Snippet is lead forward by Mr Hands, as they enter the building the door noiselessly closes behind them.
James Snippet: looking around Am I early?
Mr Hands: Not at all.
James Snippet: self consciously There’s no one else around. It’s pretty spooky, the whole building seems deserted.
Mr Hands: Indeed it isn’t. We’re having a special meeting, not in the main hall but in a special room we have for these most solemn and significant occasions. This is your chance Brother to really help us in our work, and as a reward you will be taught all these is to know about fashioning clothing fit for a gentleman.
A  hidden door in the wall swings open noiselessly from which the grand master emerges.
Grand Master beaming: Welcome Brother James, we await your presence with utmost alacrity.
James is led downstairs by the Grand Master with Mr Hands following silently behind.
James: I’d never noticed this door before.
Grand Master: It  is not designed to be noticed. After a pause.   This entranceway dates back to the second world war and was used as a bomb shelter for our members.  The walls at this level are decorated with London Subway tiles for added effect. They got them from the same company in the potteries. They even agreed to one of our little jokes, down there on the left see?

James: reading  It looks like a subway station ‘Scratch lane branch’. What does that mean?

Grand Master: Oh it’s just a joke, one for the enthusiasts of Kipling’s more obscure works.
James notices a closed door to the left.
James: Where does that door go to?
Grand Master:  Well, that door communicates with the real underground railway system. There were some very important people called to meetings over the years and doesn’t always pay to be seen above street level. This just provided a little more security.
They continue to descend and pass through an open door on the way down at which point the character of the descending passageway changes a little.
James: Where are we going?
Grand Master:  Bit of a history lesson dear boy. Don’t worry, we’ll get there eventually. Now the fun begins. The Scratch Lane tunnel above is a relatively recent addition to this network , notice those rusted hoops on the wall. It’s a bit macabre but it adds a touch of folklore eh? Stirs the imagination somewhat? You see convicts were chained up here prior to being transported to Australia, all the more ironic consider this was once an old smuggler’s tunnel, it branches off over there and reaches all the way to the Thames following the river Fleet. See indicating a darkened unlit tunnel ahead, but we must continue on our downward journey. Now if you notice the character of the tunnel is becoming all together more rustic. These crumbling stone walls were once at medieval street level these steps are now taking us below the at which the actor Shakespeare’s would have walked little suspecting he would now be revered as having written the plays he only acted in. See this chamber  to the side? James looks around through a stone archway into a deep recess which is full of human bones.  Plague pit. Nothing to fear now of course the pestilence has long lost its vigour.  Now as we continue just a bit further down and you will notice these pretty shoddy  chalk blocks and the thick mortar? Bit of a hotchpotch work really.  This is part of the  Crypt of the old Greyfriars monastery, of course nobody except us lot know it’s here. In fact you’re about to be let into the brotherhood’s most closely guarded secret. They built their monastery on what was by then already well known holy site. You  see, there is doorway in the floor over there. Used to be a secret stone but we replaced it with a far more convenient wooden trap-door.You must descend and you will be on the final step of your journey. Before you  go any further let’s sit down and have a drink to refresh ourselves. They perch themselves on a jumble of stone blocks and admire the vaulted roof. Got this rather fine 50 year old Mcallan I keep for occasions like this. Here offers James a drink from his flask.
James: waving his hand I’m fine.
Grand Master: I absolutely insist. This isn’t fire-water, it’s one of the finest and most expensive scotches in the world. James Bond’s favourite apparently, here I’ve got a couple of  these clever little telescopic  cups, let’s do it properly eh? James takes the cup which is filled with whisky and drinks appreciatively.
Grand Master: Now you took my eye dear boy when you made a noise during our meeting, and you insisted on learning about the hidden secrets of gentlemen’s tailoring, and I promised to teach you, well soon you will know all the secrets of this world which we must scrabble in the dust to discover but soon you will know everything there is to know. Now you’re ready for your final steps with us my dear boy.  The trap door opens from below and an eerie chanting is heard. Now we are far below London, so far as to no longer really be in London at all. We are also moving far into the past, we are buried by the ages but we have unearthed the sacred past and we live there still. Under our feet lie the final level upon which our city rests. The Greyfriars  discovered the building below and built their entire monastery above it, resting upon its axis.  They accessed the lower chamber by means of a swivel stone which could only be moved by the right amount of pressure at the exact point. Thus the room was to all intents a secret known only to those whose purpose it was to know it. After a contemplative pause. Then, the chamber was forgotten again after the monastery’s dissolution by Henry VIII and the final destruction of the buildings in the great fire.  For 300 hundred years the earth has protected  its mysteries but our chance bomb tunnel revealed this historical network. But there is no chance or mystery in the movements of our great tailor in the sky, it was all preordained that it should be so, the lower level merely waited for us to reach it.  Go now. I must remain here. I am not fit to enter the devoilement of the final mystery but Mr Hands will accompany you.
James: looking behind suddenly notices the presence of Mr Hands whom he had forgotten and is slightly surprised.Oh hello. Stand up unsteadily. Phew I don’t feel too good, that whisky really hit me hard, I’m seeing stars.
Mr Hands: Don’t worry, not much longer now, it’ll all be over. Leads him through the trapdoor.

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ACt 3 Scene 4 Not much longer now it'll all be over
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