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 Act 3 Scene 3 Crew catches schizophrenia, then he smokes another joint

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Act 3 Scene 3 Crew catches schizophrenia, then he smokes another joint Empty
PostSubject: Act 3 Scene 3 Crew catches schizophrenia, then he smokes another joint   Act 3 Scene 3 Crew catches schizophrenia, then he smokes another joint I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2015 5:15 pm

[size=46]Steve:  She was a nice little girl wasn’t she? Don’t get many like that any more. They’re all mobiles phones and bad attitude these days.[/size]
[size=46]Crew: Yeah. Weird.Like she saved us or something. I don’t know what that was about. Maybe we’re just psychotic Steve. Had you thought of that? Too much weed, we’ve caught schizophrenia just like the Daily Mail said we would.[/size]
[size=46]Steve: Well I don’t feel very schizophrenic. I feel alright. Schizophrenia is supposed to be quite uncomfortable. I’m still high. I reckon it’s time to reload bro.[/size]
[size=46]Crew: I’m on it. Whips out four spliffs  Two each. In for a penny in for a pound.[/size]
[size=46]Steve and Crew now free of hostility are merrily smoking their joints down Thread Needle street which is now free of fog and is basking in pleasant sunshine,  and they make their way towards St Paul’s Cathedral.[/size]
[size=46]Crew: Look down at the floor Steve. What can you see?[/size]
[size=46]Steve:  Sort of lines radiating from a central point. What is it?[/size]
[size=46]Crew: It’s a sun symbol Steve. This is a ritualistically significant part of London. This the top of Ludgate Hill, the highest point in the old City of London. There was a druid temple here until the 6th century dedicated to  Herne the hunter. The name ‘Herne’ referring to his ‘horns’. The old pre-Christian druids would celebrate here in Ludgate Hill. Here the horned God was venerated, a God who was venerated all over the ancient world by the Minoans, the Canaanites and the Carthaginians.[/size]
[size=46]Steve: How do you know all this stuff?[/size]
[size=46]Crew: There was  a history programme on telly while I was tripping. The info is locked in.[/size]
[size=46]Steve: Oh.[/size]

[size=46]Crew:  His festivities  concluded with the sacrificial burning alive of infants, in Carthage he was known as Baal Haamon, lord of the two horns. To the Minoans he was ‘the Minotaur’.  To the Caananites he was Moloch. To the Greeks he was Kronos, to the Romans he was called Saturn. And to us, he is called Satan. The horned one.[/size]
[size=46]Steve: Satan, I’ve heard of that guy.[/size]
[size=46]Drifting from Paternoster square Crew and Steve find themselves outside the Errol Lynch Mob financial management offices. Crew looks up and reads a large Errol Lynch Mob billboard.[/size]
[size=46]Crew: reading Taking the ‘Bull by the Horns’. Look over there, into courtyard, their corporate logo. A bull![/size]
[size=46]Steve: Eh?[/size]
[size=46]Crew: When’s your birthday?[/size]
[size=46]Steve: 24th April.[/size]
[size=46]Crew: Yeah.[/size]
[size=46]Steve: And?[/size]
[size=46]Crew: Mine’s 9th of May. Mutters Taking the ‘Bull by the horns’.[/size]
[size=46]Steve: eh?[/size]
[size=46]Crew: Come on mate, you’re playing catch up. You’ve got five seconds to figure it out before I blast out of here in a paranoid huff and leave you to it. I can’t handle all this heavy knowledge alone.[/size]
[size=46]Steve: Er....Taurus the bull? Is that what you’re getting at? And all that stuff about horned Gods and the devil.[/size]
[size=46]Crew: Dude, I’m not getting at it, it’s there in front of us. Taking the bull by the horns. It’s a message.[/size]
[size=46]Steve: uncertainly I don’t know mate, Is it?[/size]
[size=46]At that moment as they stand outside Errol Lynch Mob high finance bandits head quarters three suited business men who were walking ahead of them[/size]
[size=46]suddenly spin around  and address Crew and Steve directly.[/size]
[size=46]Three suited business men:  in unison Join us![/size]
[size=46]Steve: Looks at Crew Dafuck?[/size]
[size=46]Crew:  starts backing away Hive mind. Something knows we’re here and is trying to communicate with us.[/size]
[size=46]Steve: Shall we talk to them?[/size]
[size=46]Crew: I’m scared.[/size]
[size=46]Steve: Not me I’m a Christian remember.[/size]
[size=46]Crew: Well, the only thing to fear is fear itself I suppose.[/size]
[size=46]Steve: Did Jesus say that?[/size]
[size=46]Crew: No, Roosevelt. You’re some Christian.[/size]
[size=46]Steve: I don’t see any of those dark figures lurking about.[/size]
[size=46]Crew: Is that a good thing?[/size]
[size=46]Steve: Dunno, it might be.[/size]
[size=46]Steve and Crew go ahead and approach the three suited business men.[/size]
[size=46]The three men are standing in a triangle with two men in front and the taller man standing behind.[/size]
[size=46]The word of God: Welcome to the Temple I am the Oracle, the word of God. Your eyes have been cleaned and now you can see what has been hidden from you.  This pillar is my witness Boaz indicating the man on his right, he is my strength  andthis pillar is Jachin, he is a witness  for God who is present with us in the Temple. Before you enter the Holy place[/size]
[size=46]The two men, Boaz and Jachin advance in unison towards Steve and Crew and stand just before them.[/size]
[size=46]The word of God: In order to enter into the holy place and the presence of God you must pass between my two witnesses and be tested for purity.[/size]
[size=46]Steve and Crew in unison: Purity?[/size]
[size=46]The word of God: Only the pure blood will be admitted into the Holy of Holies. You must wait until the appointed time and the table of the Lord before being admitted.[/size]
[size=46]Crew: What is all this about? Who are you?[/size]
[size=46]The word of God: I am he that is and these are my witnesses.[/size]
[size=46]Jachin: He is the word of God.[/size]
[size=46]Crew: What a load of bollocks. He’s got a shirt and tie on, I’ve never seen pictures of God with a shirt and tie on.[/size]
[size=46]The word of God: I am he that is. My coverings are irrelevant to what I really am.[/size]
[size=46]Steve: joining in the scoffing  What about that pen in your pocket? Why does God need a biro? And you’ve got a food stain on your tie, I can see it, looks like something fell out of your sandwich. Look! Steve points his finger under The Word of God’s chin, he looks down upon which Steve flicks his hand up catching The Word of God on the nose.[/size]
[size=46]Crew: Ha! I can’t believe he fell for that one. Word of God indeed! Fummery![/size]
[size=46]Steve: taunting  in an animated childish sing song Made you look you dirty duck stuck your head in cow-muck![/size]
[size=46]Boaz and Jachin now close in upon Steve and Crew  Boaz forcefully grasps them both by the wrists in a painful grip.[/size]
[size=46]Boaz: I am the strength of God. Now you will be purified and you will flow into your lord like the red juice of the sacred pomegranate.[/size]
[size=46]Steve and Crew: as they are sharply and painfully manhandled Ooof.[/size]
[size=46]Steve and Crew are marched to a nearby church tower which opens mysteriously as they approach it. More mysteriously, a small crowd of people converge on the church tower blocking the view of Steve and Crew’s struggling and crying out.[/size]
[size=46]The Word of God: Look above you errant bulls, he indicates the front of the Tower they are being led into Observe that you are being led into the very mouth of God himself. See his watchful eyes which never blink indicating the two windows behind which there is a sudden movement and his mouth which waits to take you into himself and to strengthen and sustain his glory.[/size]
[size=46]An elderly grey haired gentlemen opens his briefcase and hands Boaz a ceremonial knife. Two members of the crowd hold Steve and Crew by their necks while Boaz makes to cut their throats.[/size]
[size=46]Jachin: By death you will be purified and so shall you purify the Temple of our God with your blood. You will soon enter into the inner sanctum of God by the power of your blood and you will dwell with God in his majesty.[/size]
[size=46]Crew: Woah woah, what is all this? I only went out for a stroll around the city and I’m about to get sacrificed by a bunch of secret office nutters.[/size]
[size=46]Steve: Tell me about it Crew. I don’t mind admitting that next time we decide to get high we’ll just stay in and watch a dvd or something. Fuck this shit![/size]
[size=46]Suddenly as Boaz is about to strike with the knife there is a cry from behind.[/size]
[size=46]Cecilia Green: approaching filming the whole scene with her mobile phone what’s going on? Is this some form of  flashmob?[/size]
[size=46]Some of the accomplices see the mobile phone and make an attempt to snatch it away from her but are unable to approach her.[/size]
[size=46]Woman in the crowd: Get that phone![/size]
[size=46]Man in suit: I can’t get near her, she’s too bright.[/size]
[size=46]As Cecilia comes forward to Steve and Crew the horde scatter before her screaming and shrieking with thwarted rage. Some make futile snatches at her and the phone she is holding but their grasps fall way short.[/size]
[size=46]With a threatrical suddenness the knife disappears back into the briefcase along with the elderly gentlemen himself who also theatrically vanishes. Quickly the crowd seem to come back to their senses and return to their various places of work. Boaz, Jachin and the word of God take one look at Cecilia.[/size]
[size=46]Boaz quickly takes out a darning needle from his inside pocket and quickly makes a wound on both Steve and Crew’s foreheads.[/size]
[size=46]The Word of God: Now you belong to me. You are marked for death. Expect it.[/size]
[size=46]The three men then vanish behind the tower and along with the rest of the crowd they submerge back into the facelessness of the London workers.[/size]
[size=46]Crew: I don’t know how you do it young lady but you seem to have saved our lives again.[/size]
[size=46]Cecilia Green: I followed you. I wanted to see what you got up to.  You looked funny rolling around on the street so I thought maybe you’d do something else funny and I could put it on you tube. It wasn’t that funny this time though, but it was weird, what was it all about? Why did that man say he was going to kill you.[/size]
[size=46]Steve: I honestly don’t know. But we were about to get our throats cut when you broke up the party. I think it’s what happens when you talk to strangers round here. It’s a weird place.[/size]
[size=46]Cecilia: Welcome to London. Nobody talks to strangers here, serves you right for breaking the golden rule.[/size]
[size=46]Crew: Thanks for your sympathy.[/size]
[size=46]Cecilia: I saved your life apparently, haven’t I done enough?[/size]
[size=46]Crew: Clearly we have seen a hidden reality, we have been backstage behind the curtain and we very nearly didn’t live to tell the tale.[/size]
[size=46]Cecilia Green:  Well I think you’d both better go home and keep out of trouble and stop doing whatever it is that makes office workers want to kill you. I’ve got to go home now and I won’t be able to save you next time.[/size]
[size=46]Steve: I find all this highly strange. How come you’re hanging around the city of London on a weekday, shouldn’t you be at school young lady?[/size]
[size=46]Cecilia: Lucky for you I’m not.[/size]
[size=46]Steve: Are you twagging it?[/size]
[size=46]Cecilia: I’m between schools. I’ve been accepted to join the Virgin Woods drama academy for cute and attractive children and I’m going to be a star of some kind or other no doubt.[/size]
[size=46]Steve: A star? Like all those hectic messed up drug celebrities who came out of that place.[/size]
[size=46]Cecilia: You’re one to lecture me on drugs, look at the mischief you two stoners have got into.[/size]
[size=46]Steve: This doesn’t usually happen. It’s this weird  newstuff we’ve just got. Maybe it’s too strong or something and has a weird effect on us.[/size]
[size=46]Cecilia: Perhaps, but why would it have any effect on other people?[/size]
[size=46]Steve: Dunno, we’re clearly out of our depth here. We’re going to need some expert advice on this one. Takes out his mobile phone and makes a call.Hey Doc, looks like you were right, we need you, can you get back round to us tonight some time? Uhuh. Yeah. Ok great, see you later.[/size]
[size=46]Cecilia: Where do you ninnies live?[/size]
Crew: Cecilia, we’re not ninnies we’re just being persecuted by evil forces.[/size]
[size=46]Cecilia: Sorry, it was easy mistake to make. So where do you live?[/size]
[size=46]Crew: Why, do you wanna date?[/size]
Cecilia: Don’t be a paedo! I’m 14 years old. I’m gonna make sure you get home safely without pissing anyone else off.[/size]
[size=46]Crew: It’s dark forces Cecilia. You saw yourself. That guy had an ornate ceremonial dagger, it’s a cult of some kind.[/size]
[size=46]Cecilia: Well whatever it is I’ll check the video later. Still not sure you two aren’t a pair of stray schizos though.[/size]
[size=46]Steve:  We live just off Brick Lane Cecilia.[/size]
[size=46]Cecilia: Good it’s on my way.  I’m in Stepney, let’s get out of here.[/size]

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Act 3 Scene 3 Crew catches schizophrenia, then he smokes another joint
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