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 Act 3 Scene 2 No you won't.

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Act 3 Scene 2 No you won't. Empty
PostSubject: Act 3 Scene 2 No you won't.   Act 3 Scene 2 No you won't. I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2015 5:10 pm

One of those ubiquitous pretentious London bars which pretend exclusivity but which ultimately lack the social cache of a McDonald's. The guarantee of eventual failure is that the bar doesn’t even really know whether it is a pub, a cafe or a restaurant and a result it is doomed to be neither.
John Hampton, sitting with a lady he had coaxed into drinking a coffee with him notices a friend as he stares distractedly out of the window wondering if this girl isn’t just a little too tiresome to bother with.
John knocking on the window as James Snippet passes by. John signals that he should come in. James enters and John rises to meet him at the entranceway.
James: Quietly checking they are not overheard Brother! What a surprise!
John: Where are you going?
James: A meeting of the Knights was called. Didn’t you know?
John: curiously Oh? First I’ve heard. Are you quite sure?
James: I was contacted personally.
John:  Surprised Were you? This is a bit irregular.
James: They said it was a general meeting.
John: confidentially Between you and me, I wouldn’t bother if I were you. I think there’s been a mix up, there’s no meeting scheduled this afternoon, and even if you miss one, it won’t hurt, no one will notice.
James: Oh no, I absolutely must go, I am going to be conferred a very special honour.
John: Raises an eyebrow Give it a miss old boy, let’s get a bottle of champagne, someone playing a trick on you.
James: I don’t think so.
John: jocularly It’s something they do to junior members. They’re going to make a fool of you. If you don’t go they’ll assume you were wise to them and they won’t try it again. Honestly, I’m an old hand. I shouldn’t be telling you this but you’re alright, I don’t want to see you made a fool of like the others. I admire your enthusiasm, no need to see it soured in my book. Cheerily Come on old boy, the Tattinger’s on me.
James: Eyes narrowing Ahh, I think I understand it now. You’re part of it. Laughs You’re trying to lead me astray. I’ve been given a noble and sacred assignation and you’ve been sent here to watch for me to try to distract me with champagne, when I have a mission with the knights! Ha! They told me to watch for infidels.
John: suddenly becoming serious No, no, that’s not it all. Don’t be daft. There’s no meeting tonight, you shouldn’t go. There’s something I have to tell....
James: hurrying away into the street Nice try. But I’m not listening. See you later.
John comes out of the road but there is no sign of James except a lone black cab speeding away.
John:  sadly to himself  No you won’t.

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Act 3 Scene 2 No you won't.
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