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 Act 6 Scene 5 One Star Feedback

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PostSubject: Act 6 Scene 5 One Star Feedback   Act 6 Scene 5 One Star Feedback I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 14, 2018 9:17 pm

Naomi Spence unnoticed had mingled into the group of cultists dressed in white robes. Suddenly she starts singing.

Pl-Attitude:   I think it’s time.
                   To kick you out
                   I’m gonna shout
                   And slap you about
                   You’re a loser, and an abuser,
                   But I’ve got news for ya
                   I’ve picked myself off the floor
                   And opened the door
                   So get out, go on, get out.             

Alien Cecilia: starts humming despite herself  What is happening Mr Hands? I seem to be losing control of this human. You gave me a guarantee that this kind of thing wouldn’t happen.

Pl-Attitude also starts dancing and Alien Cecilia starts dancing the same moves.

Alien Cecilia: I have lost motor-control of this human body Mr Hands. Why is this happening? You have sold me a faulty product.

Pl-Attitude: Get out! Get out you lousy cheap skate lout, Get out! Get out, your bullshit is fishier than an old dead trout, get out!

Alien Cecilia: singing along with the chorus Get out! Get out! Get out!

Mr Hands: Stop that now Songbird! 

Naomi Spence: That’s not my name.

Alien Cecilia: singing and dancing Get out! Get out! Mr Hands, I demand a full refund! Waaaaaaaa!

Mr Hands: addressing the alien consciousness I am very sorry that you have had an unsatisfactory experience, we hope it won’t prevent you from booking with us next time. We appreciate your custom and we will issue you with a full refund as a courtesy to you and a free possession when you book with us in the future.

The alien consciousness is sent hurtling back to the Xhurakoooopoot.

Cecilia Green: Anther dissatisfied customer. I don’t think she’ll be back you know.

Mr Hands: with strained false sincerity How nice to see you again Cecilia.

Cecilia Green: I wish I could say the same.

Mr Hands: Typically undiplomatic, you’ll never get on in life will you? But you see Cecilia, I’m always one step ahead of you, the aliens have been expulsed, that’s no big deal, that was just a sideline and they just get a karmic refund that’s all. But our agenda will continue, and this world is ready to burn because the instructions have been given, there’s only one thing left to do before we can set the world on fire with war and the beautiful fireworks of bombs and mass death.

Cecilia Green: What is that?

Mr Hands: Your own ritual sacrifice my dear.

Cecilia Green: Is that all you can do? Sacrifice this, sacrifice that? Why don’t you sacrifice some toothpaste and clean your teeth, your breath is rank Mumbling under her breath you weird operation Yewtree refugee.

The alien consciousness inhabiting Steve: You told me this was a secure possession.

Mr Hands: It is, don’t worry. You’re perfectly safe.

Alien consciousness: It’s not good enough, when we travel half-way across the galaxy we don’t expect to get shaken out by singing and dancing girls, get in contact us again when and if you’ve got things in control.

Mr Hands: There’s no need for you to leave, it was just this girl, she’s got a slightly unstable history. 

Alien consciousness:  Unstable isn’t a word us advanced beings when it comes to cosmic travel. Would you step into one of your airplane things if they told you that you could be thrown out any moment because the technology is still a little unstable. I think not. We’re leaving, expect one star feedback. 

Mr Hands: There’s no need for that. These things happen, I’m sure we can come to some arrangement. 

Alien consciousness: No, we want nothing from you. If I could leave half a star I would.

The aliens leave vanishing in a flash of light leaving Crew, Steve, John and Docs, shaking their heads as if waking from a heavy sleep.

Mr Hands: Angrily Welcome backs idiots. Would you like some baked beans for your tea?

Crew: Considering, I am pretty hungry, have you got some?

Mr Hands: No, we’ve got better things to do than heat up peasant foods for you. We’re going to kill your friend Cecilia Green instead, how do you like that? 

Crew: I don’t like it at all.

Mr Hands: Good, that brings me some small measure of consolation. Calling to aids Bring the girl to the Well of Despair.

Steve: They’re taking Cecilia to the well.

Crew: Well well well. Steve and Docs give him a strange look. I bet this won’t end well.

Steve: What are you doing?

Crew: Trying to maintain a sense of humour.

Steve: Well don’t do it when someone is about to be killed, this is usually the appropriate time to be pissed off and or sad.

Crew: What are we going to do?

Steve: Well cursing himself, Crew laughs. Once we stop cracking jokes why don’t we think about it?

Crew: I already thought about it, we’re all out of ideas. There’s nothing we can do. They’re going to kill our friend Cecilia. 

Docs: I think he’s right.

Mr Hands: Of course he’s right, I’m sure we can scour the pantry for some baked beans to reward his perspicacity and if you can convince yourself that the fresh blood of this fresh young girl is tomato sauce, then we might be able to make something of you in our organization, and you need never want for baked beans again, but believe me, we’ve got something better than beans.

Crew: Wow really? You want to recruit me?

Mr Hands: Well, I wouldn’t go out of my way but since you’re here, that shows a certain amount of shrewdness and ability, if you join us I’m sure we can put you to good use and amply reward your service.

Crew: Cool.

Mr Hands: Yes, it is cool isn’t it?

The others look at Crew with utter dismay.

Steve: What are you doing? You can’t join them. 

Docs: With a tone of medical authority he may have lost his mind, it could be a reaction to the trauma of the present situation.

Steve: But you’re on our side. You’re my friend.

Crew: Looks at Steve with a sad air Maybe you could join as well. We might as well. It could be awesome. These guys have got all the power in the world, they can do things we could never even have dreamt of. These people can make all my dreams come true.

Mr Hands: Yes, you’re quite right, we can do anything you want. Any dream or ambition you wish for. We can make you famous almost instantly. No experience required. He laughs.

Crew: What about my friends? Can they join too.

Mr Hands: Coming over, cheerfully Ok, why not? 

Crew: Joyfully Great. 

Steve and Docs appear non-committal.

Crew: So that’s it. Just like that, we’re on your side and you’re not the baddies anymore.

Mr Hands: Yes, just like that. It really is wonderful isn’t it?

There is a pause after which several seconds pass in silence.

Crew: So…. What happens now?

There is another long silence.

Steve: I still feel a certain lingering tension in the air, why?

Mr Hands: smiling Well there is someone amongst you who I don’t think we can have on our team. Someone standing among you who has personally betrayed me and trampled  my great mercy into the ground. A man who I could never readmit to my confidence and who indeed would in all likelihood not wish as much. 

They are puzzled for a moment, then it dawns on them.

Crew: John? Of course, John!

They all turn and look at John without saying anything.

Steve: clearing his throat and adopting a serious propositional tone So what do we do with him?

[size=38]Mr Hands: [/size][size=38]quickly and off-handedly[/size][size=38] You must kill him.[/size]

[size=38]Cecilia: What a cliché. Trying to reason with them. You can’t even think of joining these people and you can’t even think of killing John either, he’s trying to save the world.[/size]

[size=38]Mr Hands: There’s nothing left to save Cecilia. It was ours from the start and it will be ours when it burns and even the ashes will be ours.[/size]

[size=38]Steve: Turns to Mr Hands So how do we do it? He’s quite a strong fella you know.[/size]

[size=38]Mr Hands: We’ll sacrifice him into the Well of Despair along with our mutual friend Cecilia.[/size]

[size=38]Steve: Do you have to sacrifice Cecilia? Can’t we just kill John and let the girl go?[/size]

[size=38]Mr Hands: I’m afraid not, Cecilia is a very special person, aren’t you Cecilia? Her death is going to be the final insult to nature which brings the whole house down.[/size]

[size=38]Docs: Looking up What does that mean?[/size]

[size=38]Mr Hands looks at Cecilia silently for a moment.[/size]

[size=38]Mr Hands: I believe she doesn’t even know it herself. They never do. Only when it’s too late.[/size]

[size=38]Steve: What do you mean?[/size]

They move off towards the Well of Despair, which they reach by ducking under a low cave wall. The cave is lit by red candles which makes the cave walls appear to flicker red. At the end of the cave is a well hole around which small totemic images of people are displayed. Most of them appear to be those of little girls.

Mr Hands turns around dramatically.

Mr Hands: This is how it works you see. The world is something which exists as a shadow, we are in that shadow, but some people, they are born on Earth and they can make the shadow real, they give it life. They make the world work and hold things together, just by being there.

Docs: Isn’t that something like quantum physics?

Mr Hands: I believe that’s what they call it now, but they haven’t really a clue what the implications are, we have always known. He pauses for effect. The workings of the universe are no mystery to us because that’s how we’ve always gained our historical advantage. You could call it a con-game of sorts. We’ve always been the ones to confuse and feed disinformation, telling people the World is flat or God is divided into three parts, or that the Earth is the centre of the universe, and people will believe anything you tell them, meanwhile when they’re bumbling along following all our false paths we’re on the yellow-brick road digging up all the gold, privatizing the truth and making all the money we can out of it. 

We can control people’s minds, which is why that silly girl so idolizes this silly pop-strumpet indicating Naomi Spence but we can’t control who and what they are. We all look the same, approximately the same human form, two arms two legs, one head and two eyes, but inside we are vastly different creatures, yet we all find ourselves in similar bodies. I think this is probably to protect the special ones because if they looked different they would immediately be discovered and we would kill them as soon as we spotted them, but as it is, we have to search for them, or lure them and trap them.

Naomi-Spence: I resent being called a pop-strumpet.

Mr Hands: But that’s all you are, we needed you to bring the ultimate prize, Cecilia Green. You’re just bait to bring the children to us, and now we have Cecilia Green and now we’re about to imprison her spirit by draining her blood into the Well of Despair, we will have loosened the very blocks of intent that hold the world together and all will return to chaos and shadow: all will return to our realm and we will be masters over all.
They stand before the well with the small effigies of the little girls. Mr Hands is given another doll, he holds it up and shows it to Cecilia.

Mr Hands: A good likeness don’t you think?

Cecilia: Turning to Steve and Crew I don’t blame you for joining them since your life is on the line, but after a few months with these people you will look back and wish you had chosen death. Life as one of these people is the nearest thing to living hell I could ever think of. At least their victims die, but they live on.

Mr Hands: Pooh pooh, don’t let her put you off. It’s not that bad you know, you get used to killing and in fact most people learn to enjoy it. Don’t forget, it’s not all killing he winks lewdly.

Mr Hands is given two ceremonial daggers and hands one to Steve and the other he keeps.

Mr Hands: You see, this well is rather unique, it was used by the ancient Druids for religious purposes. During times of drought they would sacrifice here. They believed if they watered the well with blood they would be able to save their crops and have an abundant harvest. In their own silly way they managed to achieve some kind of primitive magical act, although they considered themselves thoroughly scientific, seeing the blood as a source of life and they thought that if they returned that life into the Earth and mingled it with water, then Earth would produce more life in the form of rainfall which they needed for their crops. It was kind of science by association but the thing is, they found it worked and worked consistently. It’s easy to mock them for their simple beliefs but what they didn’t realise was that their believing in the efficacy of the ritual alone was enough. In fact they didn’t even need to sacrifice anyone in order to bring forth rain, they only had to believe that they could bring rain with a magical act or even the power of a thought and an intention. But something like human-sacrifice seemed to bring the correct amount of gravitas and significance on which they anchored their intention. And so, with their certainty that killing someone and draining their blood into this well would certainly bring the rain, their intention created the outcome and it rained, and it rained and rained and rained.

Then they had another problem, it wouldn’t stop raining. The fields were flooded and disease was ravaging their crops, so they had to repeat the process again with another victim, this time of course the sacrifice wasn’t associated with the well because obviously that was a water-rite. It was probably preferable to be the victim of the water-rite since the rite which was designed to evoke the sun and dispel the rain clouds involved being burned alive on a giant-bonfire. You see how their minds worked, but because they believed that their magic sacrifice would work, it did work. And now Cecilia, it is not to end the drought and bring life that we sacrifice you this night, but to destroy all life and allow the reign of the shadows to take this Earth, because we know who and what you really are. You are a gift to the Earth from our detestable foe and we will do all we can to destroy his works.

He raises the knife.

Cecilia blinks once, and when her eyes open she is no longer Cecilia but is now Kora.

Kora: I am not Cecilia. I am the Goddess, get on your knees and beg for my forgiveness or you will die.

Mr Hands appears unperturbed.

Mr Hands: I think not. In fact the sacrifice wouldn’t work without your presence. The murder of a Goddess is the greatest affront to the high throne of heaven and we mean to shake the pillars of the world down into the abyss. With your death Goddess, we will cast the Earth into the fire of our damnation and our revels and glory in the blood and the dust will never end.

Kora tries to move but finds she is frozen, she tries to exert her power but finds herself powerless.

Mr Hands: You have no power here Kora, you see they call this the Well of Despair for good reason. Mr Hands looks down the well. Those that were sacrificed here never left and are trapped here for ever, and anyone who ventures here is gripped by their endless despair.

Steve: Wait a minute. What foe?

Mr Hands: Clutching the ceremonial dagger I beg your pardon, I'm just in the middle of something here, I'll get back to you in a moment.

Steve: No, I insist, who is your foe? What do you mean by that? Who could oppose you in all your power and organisation here on Earth? Who are you scared of? Who could ever threaten you?

Mr Hands turns and looks at Steve with his eyes narrowed. There are whispers and murmurs among the assembled cultists.

[size=38]Steve: You dare not even say his name?[/size]

[size=38]Mr Hands suddenly erupts with a wild roar of hatred. He turns to look at Steve and his eyes are no longer those of the creepy, odious but essentially human Mr Hands, but are now those of a non-human entity. He opens his mouth and snaps at Steve as if to bite him, then losing all restrain he throws himself at Steve.[/size]

[size=38]Mr Hands: You stupid human dog, what can you know about the war in heaven? How dare you even seek to know? [/size][size=38]Mr Hands in a wild grimace of rage tries to bite Steve and there is a protracted fight of wrestling while Mr Hands, now some kind of animal is attempting to gouge and bite the throat out of Steve. Steve managed to take the knife he had put in his belt and stabs Mr Hands in the heart.[/size]

[size=38]Mr Hands is no longer a human being but a demonic animal from the hierarchy of hell which is now screeching with a demon’s voice, but still animated with strange evil life comes after Steve, ranting and raging strange blasphemies.[/size]

[size=38]Crew: Oh my God, you stabbed him?[/size]

[size=38]Steve: sarcastically Sorry.[/size]

[size=38]John: I suppose he didn’t see you as a threat, even after having given you a knife to kill me with, he must have had a very low opinion of you. He made a fatal mistake, never underestimate people who smoke weed and eat baked beans.[/size]

[size=38]Crew: Do you think I can still join? Just kidding.[/size]

[size=38]Steve: I’ve never killed anyone before. I’ve read Crime and Punishment though. I wonder if I’m going to fall into a prolonged delirium, I haven’t got that kind of time. [/size]

Mr Hands picks himself up from the ground and slowly moves towards them. 

[size=38]Crew: It’s ok, he’s not dead.[/size]

[size=38]Steve: What? But I stabbed him in the heart.[/size]

[size=38]Mr Hands: But I don’t have a heart.[/size]

[size=38]Steve: Great, so I’m not a murderer yet..[/size]

[size=38]Steve: Great, so I’m not a murderer yet, so I won’t start fainting from a guilty conscience anytime soon?[/size]

[size=38]Mr Hands: And now….You WILL die. The cultists draw knives and advance towards them.[/size]

[size=38]Suddenly there is the sound of sirens.[/size]

[size=38]Mr Hands’ eyes narrow and his pauses. The sirens draw louder and closer, audible even in the recesses of the cave.[/size]

[size=38]Mr Hands: They’re too late. They won’t get here in time. I will kill the Goddess and unleash HELL.[/size]

[size=38]He raises up the knife to strike at Kora and is frozen. He emits a stifled grown then falls over, dead.[/size]

[size=38]John: It seems Mr Hands did have a heart after all, he just tried not to take any notice of it.[/size]

[size=38]Steve: So I am a murderer?[/size]

[size=38]John: Well without trying to send out morally ambiguous messages I would say that technically yes, but you are also a hero who has saved the Goddess Kora and the Earth from supernatural rage but you have also saved our friend Cecilia’s life. [/size]

[size=38]At the death of Mr Hands and the sound of the police sirens the cultists panic and start running around in an attempt to escape. John, Steve, Crew and Kora emerge from the underground chamber to find occultists running around in a state of disorder, some are trying to hide and others are running towards the manor house, until the police are seen entering the house causing the occultists to change direction and attempt to find somewhere to hide.. After a while black smoke and flames are seen emerging from the manor house of Felchester Abbey and the police are seen carrying the body of PC Ellis. The police are making themselves busy harvesting the occultists and putting them in the back of several large secure police vans.[/size]

[size=38]John: It looks like the police are wrapping this business up, we ought to make ourselves scarce. There’s still the small matter of my rather excessively precipitous run into London and I’d rather not bring too much attention to myself, the police tend to be a little over zealous in circumstances like this and we could all end up in their net and spend rather longer there than might be comfortable. Let’s get back to the car.[/size]

[size=38]Cecilia: No wait. I’ve just remembered something. I have to go back to the house.[/size]

[size=38]John: It’s too dangerous. It looks like there’s a fire and you’re certain to be stopped by the police.[/size]

[size=38]Cecilia: I must, I made a promise to someone.[/size]

[size=38]John: Who?[/size]

[size=38]Cecilia: You go back I’ll meet you wherever you’ve parked the car.[/size]

[size=38]John: Docs, take Naomi Spence back to the car and stay there until we arrive. He hands Docs the keys. The rest of us will come with you but we’ve got to be careful, try not to be seen, I hope this is worth it.[/size]

[size=38]Cecilia: I made a promise to help someone who helped me, I have to fulfill that promise no matter what.

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Act 6 Scene 5 One Star Feedback
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