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 Act 3 Scene 1 Steve and Crew are cleared for take-off

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Act 3 Scene 1 Steve and Crew are cleared for take-off Empty
PostSubject: Act 3 Scene 1 Steve and Crew are cleared for take-off   Act 3 Scene 1 Steve and Crew are cleared for take-off I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2015 5:07 pm

Crew and Steve emerge from their Brick Lane council flat in a cloud of cannabis smoke which billows out after them.
Crew:  Droopy eyed and stumbling Man! I am so high right now. This is like when I flew back from Amsterdam.
Steve:  And you didn’t even take the plane.
Crew:  laughs Haha. Yeah.
Steve:  stretches  I am cleared for take-off.
Crew: Cruising at 30,000 feet.
Steve: What’s the in-flight movie?
Crew: closes his eyes Er. I think it’s Charlie Chaplin. Some funny looking guy bumbling around.
Steve: Sounds like you. closes his eyes as well I'm watching Moving coloured blobs.
Crew: I haven’t seen that movie.
Steve: Eyes still closed Well It’s pretty entertaining. Like being inside a lava lamp.
Crew: Cool.
Steve: Where we going?
Crew: Let’s just have a wander about. Head towards the city I reckon. Takes sunglasses out of pocket and puts them on Dark glasses deployed.
Steve:  Also puts on sunglasses Roger that.
Crew:  Let’s taxi out of here.

Crew and Steve move out of their estate and enter Brick Lane. As soon as they do they are completely astonished by what they see.
Steve: Holy peat smoke Batman! Can you see them?
Crew:Wide eyed. Uhuh!
As they look down Brick Lane they see the usual toers and froers of students looking for a cheap curry, drinkers looking for an expensive beer, and the local Pakistani community going about their daily shopping. But there is something else which is most unusual.
Steve: What are they?
Crew: I’ve got a terrible feeling this may be connected to what we saw in our flat.
As they look they notice that as well as the busy people engaged in their various activities, there are also some other  things seemingly busily engaged in some activity. They see darkened shapes, semi transparent, like a fog, but moving busily and seemingly engaged with the people, close to them and often apparently moving between them.

Crew: How shall we play this?
Crew: Casual. Take it easy. Let’s harvest data but let’s do it slowly and gradually. Gentle observation. No need to shake the tree if you only want one apple.
Steve:  Eh?
Crew: Take a look over there at that bloke. That’s weird.

Steve: He seems to be surrounded with those dark shadow. There’s loads of them. You can hardly see him.
Crew: Come with me Steve. Just keep your  eyes open and see what happens.
They cross the road and approach the man who seems to be in a sea of dark shadow.
Steve: Alright mate. You ain’t gotta light ‘ave ya?
The man turns to Steve.
Man:  Eh? The man appears distracted as if he can’t hear.
Steve:  A light for my fag?
Man: Suddenly enraged Who you calling a fag y’cunt.
Steve: hurriedly holds up his cigarette in explanation No No, a light for my cigarette.
Man: No, piss off.
Steve: I’m out of here buddy. No problem.

Man: If I see you again, you're dead.
Steve and Crew hurriedly cross the street.
Crew: What a loony.
Steve: But he was surrounded by those dark shadows. He seemed to mishear when I spoke to him. In fact he didn’t hear me at all when I first spoke to him. Like he was literally enveloped by those beings.
Steve: quoting Now we see through a glass, darkly.
Crew: Eh?
Steve: It’s from the Bible.
Crew: The Bible?
Steve: I’m a Christian after-all.
Crew: Since when?
Steve: Since now. These shadowy dark demon things give me the runny tummy shits. I want some backup if I’m gonna get mixed up in stuff like this.

Crew: You’re gonna start quoting the Bible at me now just because we run into some minor metaphysics.
Steve: I don’t call that nutter ‘minor metaphysics’. He was 6 foot of solid dangerous old school Newtonian Force equals mass times acceleration. That’s physics in action right there! As in the Force of that fist Mass as it Accelerates down on you and squashes your hooter. We’re in dangerous territory now. These shadowy beings seem to have a negative effect somehow on the people they’re with. That guy was in a cloud of them and he wasn’t quite a happy cheerful sunbeam. Something’s afoot here and it might just be that the only people who can help with this stuff lived thousands of years ago and wrote books like the Bible.
Crew: And the Koran. Don’t forget the Koran, they talk about the Djin. Those ‘hidden from sight’.
Steve: How do you know about Djinn?
Crew: Well, I’m interested in aliens.
Steve: And?
Crew: Well sometimes, there’s a bit of a crossover. Maybe aliens are demons and demons are aliens. Noone really knows. Except something’s going on.
Steve: waving his arm at the shadowy figures in the street and raising his voice in mild panic Well yeah, I’m getting that.
As Steve waves his arm some of the shadowy figures peel their attention from the people they’re with and start to converge on the other side of the road and seem to be taking notice of Steve.
Crew: You’ve done it now. I thought were playing this casual. Ok let’s roll out of here, quietly calmly and above all CASUALLY!
Steve: casually You got it. I’m gonna be so casual you’d think I was wearing blue jeans with turn-ups a navy blue polo neck and brown hush-puppies with grey socks.

Crew: speaking quietly so as not to attract any more attention as they move away: the Djin it is believed were commanded by Solomon to build help him build his legendary Temple.
Steve: His legendary Temple eh?
Crew: Using words of power he was able to command the Djin and protect himself from them. The Testament of Solomon is one of the books of apocrypha which details the Djin’s relationship to humanity. These beings could suck out your life but Solomon was given a magic ring to allow him to master the Djins. The head demon who helped him build his temple was none other than Beelzebub himself.

Crew: In Islam there are different types of Djin. The bad Djin are called Iblis, or demons and they attempt any way they can to torment and lead humanity astray. According to the Koran they are powerless except in their power of suggestion, to whisper evil ideas into people’s minds. Quoting  "We made the evil ones friends only to those without faith."
Steve: Don’t tell me you’re quoting the Koran now?
Crew: Aliens and demons. That’s what I’m into.
Steve: Let’s roll quietly. Not a word until we get out of here. If anything ‘weirder’ starts to happens run away.
They manage to walk away and the shadowy figures appear to lose interest in them. They walk out of Brick Lane and head into the old city of London.
Crew: Phew that was a close one eh. I didn’t like that very much. Whatever you do, pretend you don’t see them.
They head past Aldgate, stopping to go the local newsagents for some sweets.
Steve: indicating the newspaper he is reading Hey look at this. Reading aloud The mystery man found wandering naked by Polish border police in Białowieża Forest two days ago has been successfully identified as  record producer Tommy Sugarspoon who mysteriously disappeared one week ago and was feared to have been abducted. It is believed Mr Sugarspoon has no recollection of leaving his London home and is not able to account for his condition in Poland on the border of Belorussia border. It is believed he was questioned by Polish military officers but was unable to explain his arrival in Poland.
Crew: Phew that’s a relief. Now he’ll be able to finish his taters.            
From Aldgate they walked down  into the old financial district of London. Ahead of them, the street appears to be shrouded in a grey mist.
Steve: Is this real? What is that mist, is it a fog? There’s no fog here, how can there be a patch of fog just ahead when it’s a clear sunny day just here.
Crew: What do we do? Go ahead or turn back.
Steve:  Well, we’ve bitten into this apple. Can’t throw it away uneaten, it’d be a waste.
Crew: Thread Needle street. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.
Steve: Jesus?
Crew: You’re getting there.

From out of the fog emerge the daily finance workers who make this part of London their temporary home.
Steve: Dude I can’t see anything, I’m lowering the shades. I’m almost blind in this fog.
Crew: Ok.
From out of the fog the workers seem to pour upon the street and Steve and Crew, who seem to be going against the current, have to repeatedly dodge and step aside to avoid being knocked about by the sour faced scurrying workers of every shape and size.
Steve: quietly Look at their faces, they seem so miserable.
Crew: The fog, it’s not a fog, there are faces in it.

As Crew speaks people seem to pour out of the fog and directly into Crew’s path. A women emerges with a furious expression on her face and shoves Crew.
Finance exec: Shut up. Shut up and die.
As she pushes Crew is unbalanced and is sent falling into the road, from out of the mist a double decker bus comes speeding just as Crew stumbles out into the street. Rapidly Steve lunges for him and brings him down just as the bus roars past which would no doubt have killed Crew instantly.
Crew: What the hell was that?  
Steve: The number 8 to Liverpool street.
Crew: Jesus, I was nearly killed by it. That woman tried to kill me!
As Steve and Crew scramble on the ground more figures emerge from the mist, as they walk past they make a point of kicking hard at Steve and Crew who are getting bruised and battered and are having trouble orienting themselves. Gradually a circle starts to form around the two men made up of angry men and women with murder and hatred in their eyes. Arms are outstretched and are grabbing at them.
Old Man in pinstriped suit: Beating Crew with his umbrella Unworthy! Profane! Die die!
Woman with glasses: Stamping with her high heels Hissing You have no business here. You’ve seen too much.
Young office worker: You know the secret and now you must die!
Steve: panicked I’m still feeling pretty high Crew, but it occurs to me that I we could very well get killed by these maniacs.
Crew: Death by office suit. Not exactly what one would have predicted. I always thought it’d be lung cancer or something comparatively benign.
Steve: This won’t do at all Crew. We’ve got to do something.
Suddenly the mist breaks and the workers scurry away screaming in terror.
Crew: Look the fog is clearing, and they’re running away terrified. What could it be that scared them so much do you think? That IS weird.
Steve: Dude it’s already weird and it only got weirder. We’re in need of a whole new lexicon to handle the events of today.
As Crew and Steve slowly stand up and assess their wounds someone approaches them and the fog breaks as they pass.

Steve: Whatever it is, here it comes.
Girl: Hello there, I’m Cecilia, Cecilia Green. I saw you guys on the floor. What was all that about? Are you two drunk?

Steve: It’s a bit more complicated than that.
Crew: Well I’m a bit stoned if I’m going to be perfectly honest. It still doesn’t really explain what just happened to us though.

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Act 3 Scene 1 Steve and Crew are cleared for take-off
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